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  1. Surely you have loads of menu issues? and it is just laggy as hell. If it was me why are my other games not laggy?
  2. Well gone back to Cold War. This game is shite. Even with a wired 1gb connection still have loads of connection issues and yet Cold War is fine. Nothing to do with connection. Game is just broken. What a shambles. Used to love the infinity war versions but this and the last one prove I hate their updated approach and it is sh/t
  3. Why is this so broken??? the lag even of free for all is just not acceptable for an online game. I mean it is way worse than any other version. I just played a FFA game an literally walking no through wallls shooting people who just vanish in front of me then kill me. I am on virgin media 1gb speed so not my connection. just utter shite.
  4. Playing this tonight and it is a laggy buggy mess!! Ffs. after all these years hey can’t they just get the basic connection sorted. was enjoying yesterday but tonight a lag fest.
  5. So played for a few hours and actually surprised how much better than the beta this is. still bugs and lagging but a more solid game. Why is there no hardcore mode? And how the hell do you figure out how the gun upgrade system works and how to unlock guns?? Feels like you have to solve a puzzle!!
  6. True! My annual service to you all. 😂😂
  7. Utter shite. for me it’s only the black ops versions worth getting now.
  8. Buy from Turkey store for £30 and worth getting for that price. Looks a fantastic upgrade and agree £70 is too much but happy to pay the lower price.
  9. I have the Xbox ones as wanted to use on both ps5 aswell. Works wireless across both. You have 2 usb cables in the box to connect both consoles to the hub you have. Everything on the hub can be controlled via the volume wheel on the headset. Takes maybe 10-15 mins to get the hang of but dead easy now to swap between sources and custom sound modes.
  10. So had a full evening with them last night. They are very comfortable, light and look more like proper headphones than just gaming ones. Initially I was slightly underwhelmed when on flat setting but then realised I had the microphone on which means it picks up all ambient sound. Once I figure the settings they have really good. For gaming- Cod was excellent compared to my old 7x and Audeze Penrose Returnal - good but not as good as the penrose. The sound seems slightly muffled for some reason. Probably need to amend the custom sound. Bluetooth music- played Apple Music from my iPhone and really good sound. Similar to xm4 but not as good as my AirPods max ANC - again really good, surprisingly so tbh. Again not quite xm3 or AirPod beating. Overall - definitely keeping these to replace my arctis 7x and they are better than these. Love the fit and custom sound changes. not as good as xm4 or AirPods max for ANC but music not far off. If you just want one pair of headphones for both then these are excellent. Great sound. A definite upgrade from 7x and the best headphones for multi use.
  11. Is it enhanced on the ps5 the same as the Xbox version?
  12. So just ordered the new Arctic Nova Pro wireless headphones. Got the Xbox ones as these also work with PS5. Will let you know what they are like when I get them tomorrow but they are reviewing well already.
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