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  1. Is it enhanced on the ps5 the same as the Xbox version?
  2. So just ordered the new Arctic Nova Pro wireless headphones. Got the Xbox ones as these also work with PS5. Will let you know what they are like when I get them tomorrow but they are reviewing well already.
  3. Anyone who has pre ordered the digital version, there is an update file today. You can download this now to save have to wait when it is live later.
  4. Top tip for anyone who bought the PS4 version from Turkey. It is live to download now and includes the ps5 upgrade already live so you can choose which version to download! Got about 40 mins to go!
  5. Apologies should have put in the original thread. agree the gameplay is not as strong as the overall presentation but I suppose it’s a game that is there to take you on a journey unlike say something like a shooter like returnal, which is also awesome!
  6. So played through this for the second time. Replayed on my PS5 in 60fps. What a stunning game this still is. I had forgotten just how massive this is. It is a amazing piece of gaming and one of the best experiences I have ever played. Despite the controversial choices for some I just think this is an amazing piece of escapism. About to replay both Uncharted games in 60fps too and just makes me think how lucky we are to have such great pieces of gaming from Naughty Dog. Let’s not forget just how awesome it is to be able to enjoy our gaming hobby.
  7. So after really enjoying Cold War and. It liking MW Or the beta I thought I would give this pass. but after all the positive comments I have been seeing I thought I would get it as not a lot of new stuff out on PS5 this Xmas. Well single player looks amazing but by the numbers so far but enjoying it. Played an hour of MP and it is just a run around mess. It looks nice, sounds rubbish, and just feels floaty and wrong. Think I know now that black ops style is the version for me and just need to ignore these versions.
  8. 50 now and still love games. Playing Ratchet and Clank, Returnal and CoD at 120hz is awesome. Like many others less time but wfh helps and kids getting older. Still sometimes have a feeling that am I wasting my time (imagine some people saying ‘at your age, playing games!) but so much better than watching Netflix trash etc etc.
  9. Is it just me or does the sound on headphones seem blurry and not right in 3D? messed with the settings but can’t seem to get it right
  10. Played the beat a few times. The two maps aren’t great, sound is awful and graphically not as good as Cold War. lots of latency issues but it is a beta I suppose. Not overly enamoured yet but I prefer Cold War to modern warfare style.
  11. Just done another couple of hours and the complexity is just building. Just like Hades but far more so. Decided to switch off for a bit and okay something easier as it started just throwing too many things at you. but the concept is one day and 4 times of the day to kill all 8 characters and then build your skills, weapons. Just getting a stage where you can access some stuff to help reduce the impact of death. (You can die three times a day before kicking back to the beginning) it doesn’t feel as action as the trailers suggest yet but in time it probably is.
  12. Yeah played a couple of hours too. but crazy bonkers but in a good way. it’s striking me that it is a complex game so if you leave it for a couple of weeks it’s one of those where you won’t know what you’re doing. But enjoying it so far if a bit confused. graphically nice in 60fps and only real issue is the see as said before.
  13. Same here. Do you think it will turn up tomorrow? Not sure how good game collection are for delivery.
  14. A 7 for ratchet and crank is utter nonsense. Where are they getting that score from?
  15. Manage to play this earlier today. I only had 45 mins free but decided to cancel a meeting and do nearly 2 hours. This is AWESOME. I am totally stunned by the graphics and how fun and engaging the whole game is. yes, it is very similar formula to previous versions but with the Rifts, story and all the triple A quality with the visuals, sound and haptics, Wow! A stellar experience so far. Really impressed.
  16. So I haven’t played this now for over 2 weeks despite getting to Biome 4 finally. Trouble is this game needs to be played in the dark I think. And with the better weather and light nights I just cant find the right amount of time to play. Going to have to come back to this maybe late Sept I think. Unless they bring some kind of save facility so I can play other games in the meantime.
  17. So I know I said I was giving in until a save… but it just has its hooks in me this game. And finally managed to get past biome 3 today!!!! Come on!!!
  18. Just started after updating and came across another player body. Said I would avenge and the massive monster just totally destroyed me in seconds. WTF!!!
  19. Well I have had enough. Level 3 is just a twat. It is really addictive but just proper getting fed up of restarting and taking an age to build up and try level 3. going to wait in hope that a save facility might happen.
  20. Well just bloody wasted another 2 hours building up in 1&2 just to get arse kicked yet again with a ton of sodding flying robots in 3. I just can’t afford to spend this amount of time for nothing despite how much I enjoy playing this. Going to wait for a save facility of some kind as I only get 4-5 hours a week gaming. Level 3 is just a joke. Any tips on best gun for level 3 robots? Just to be clear I am enjoying this but just getting fed up of building character up and then bam all gone. If I was young single and no commitments then bring it on but family, job, etc etc this is cruel game without any save.
  21. Love this game but it needs a save option desperately and also now really pissed you can’t increase your health back at the ship. ffs housemarque how hard are you making this for people who actually have lives which prevent Playing ps5 for 4-5 hours a day! For the first time ever feel like complaining to Sony for c£50 spent on this digitally
  22. Well, spent an age going through level 1 building up my gun, health etc. Go through to biome 2 and managed to really perk up the health, get gun to level 10 but had to head out for the evening just before the boss fight. So pauses my game and puts in rest mode. Come home a few hours later and my son decided to have a quick game if fortnite on his account while I was out. FFS!!!!! Nearly 3 hours of work lost. Housemarke please patch this to have a save facility of some kind!!!!!!!
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