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  1. Given how impressed people are with the DualSense, I've high expectations for Sony's new VR controllers. Haptics are a given, but I'm also wondering if they could engineer something similar to the adaptive triggers to allow variable per-digit resistance. My guess is that the headset will be wireless but not standalone. As in you'll be able to play it anywhere in the vicinity of your local Wi-Fi 6 network, but you can't just take it to the park or whatever as all the heavy lifting is done by the PS5.
  2. Bluepoint just don't get it, man. Their enemy designs simply don't have the sombre intentionality of From's, like when they solemnly Ctrl+Ved this guy from Enchanted Arms and gave him an axe: When it comes to art style I'd say the original Demon's Souls was a weird hodgepodge slathered in bloom. This certainly gave it a charm of sorts, but if we want to talk about tonality and 'character' I'd say that was more down to the audio. Much as the game design doesn't lead the player by the hand, the absence of music outside key moments is highly effective in stripping away an
  3. I'd assume the 'exclusive' items are just reskins of equipment already in the game, e.g. Red-Eye Knight Armour has the same stats as Fluted Knight Armour. Not that I'm trying to excuse the rip-off that is the Digital Deluxe edition.
  4. I don't believe Bugsnax has been on sale, outside the Epic Games Store. Pretty sure they hadn't even announced a price for it on PlayStation, so it's likely always been planned for Plus.
  5. I found the camera adapter submission to be extremely flaky. It kept giving me an error despite my triple-checking that the serial was correct. Oddly it accepted my code first time when I tried it in an InPrivate/Incognito window. Not sure if that was just a coincidence, but might be worth a try if it's throwing you errors.
  6. The "full RDNA2" thing? Pretty sure MS are leaning on semantics with this one, but as they aren't specific it's hard to tell. Although perhaps their lack of specificity is in itself telling. To give an example of what I mean, the PS5 doesn't support Mesh Shaders but has Sony's equivalent in its Geometry Engine. Who knows if either feature is better or they're effectively the same, but it's still technically an RDNA2 feature that the PS5 doesn't have.
  7. Should be fine if you don't have a cat. The PS5 draws in air from the top-front and expels it out the back, so I don't imagine it needs a riser.
  8. It appears European outlets are just receiving their PS5s, so I'd expect it to be at least a few days before an embargo lifts for anything meaningful. Personally I don't see the point in unboxing videos, but a lot of people have made a dedicated career out of it so clearly there's demand for such things.
  9. I think it's safe to assume it's a two-month window to claim it, as that's how Plus has always operated. They're also refunding people that have bought it, which would be a bit odd if it were just a time-limited trial. Absolutely the right move for the game, which I maintain looks like good fun. Given it's a PS5-only, multiplayer-focussed launch title I was baffled by it releasing at full price, whereas now it's guaranteed a decent shot at a healthy player base.
  10. My purchase was £55.16 (originally £68.95) from TGC, but they seem to have sold out. At the time it wasn't much more from Boss Deals, but they've hiked the price in the last half hour.
  11. Yeah, I'm even seeing some prices creep up since I posted. Still probably as cheap as most games will go before launch, though.
  12. You can take the edge off some of the launch game prices using an eBay code at present: POPUPOCT20 The Game Collection is one of the participating retailers – I ordered Demon's Souls for a hair over £55 – as are Boss Deals, although I've never used them before. Oh, the code can be used three times per user.
  13. Minor news: there will be a PS5 version of Share Factory. It'll support 4K HDR footage and can also be used for editing screenshots. If you've never used the PS4 version, it's a surprisingly capable editing suite featuring a bunch of off-the-shelf effects, transitions, etc. It's pretty easy to put together something decent looking, so I'm glad it's returning.
  14. You can disable various features in Rest Mode – turning off USB charging, crucially – so I guess it depends which settings they're comparing, and which hardware revision; you can see Sony's official figures by model number here.
  15. Perfect Dark is a funny 'series': you have the first release on N64, a purported prequel on GBC, a reboot/reimagining/prequel on 360 and now presumably another reboot on the Series consoles. It's probably the Microsoft IP I'm most interested in seeing as who knows which direction they'll take it next.
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