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  1. I've been wanting to try The Forgotten City, so that's a nice addition. Around the time Twelve Minutes came to Game Pass I was wishing they'd bagged TFC instead.
  2. I'm pretty sure Achievements – and any kind of progression – are blocked in solo mode. I'd say just give it a try with matchmaking, though: there's no friendly-fire damage on Recruit difficulty, and you can probably net three Achievements during a single map in ~15 minutes. If you're somehow so bad that people quit, they'll be replaced by bots. Here's a few low hanging fruits: heal a teammate, drop ammo for someone from your inventory screen, revive a teammate. I think you get an Achievement for returning to the hub after making it through your first map, too; the description isn't very specific.
  3. Historically I don't think Achievements from 360 games have counted towards punch card promotions; I guess they're tracked differently on the backend. I know that Dead Space 3 is explicitly part of the promotion, but I suspect it won't work.
  4. I think this move to a subscription makes a lot of sense, as most of the criticisms of the site in this thread can be pretty directly attributed to Eurogamer relying on ads to continue existing. The transition period will be dicey, though, as for the foreseeable all of the bad stuff will need to stick around to keep the lights on whilst there's no extensive back catalogue of exclusive content people might want access to. Personally I won't be subscribing as I don't even visit the site much these days, much less have any kind of connection to the staff or their output. However, I happily pay for Waypoint+ as the benefits to both me and their wider audience were clear, so I don't see why the same couldn't also be true for Eurogamer. Granted Waypoint's audience is almost certainly a lot more engaged than Eurogamer's, but the latter's reach is also much broader so they'll only need a fraction of their readership to open their wallets for it to be a worthwhile venture.
  5. Well, at 30fps each frame is on screen for 33ms. At 60fps that halves to 16.6ms, whereas at 120fps it would be 8.3ms. In other words the response time improvement at higher framerates diminishes the higher you go so the difference is going to be more subtle, especially if you're using a controller; you'd feel it more using a mouse or looking around in VR. Personally I think 60fps is the sweet spot for console gaming. Just make sure your TV is using its Game Mode or equivalent so it isn't padding response times with a bunch of needless image processing.
  6. That's a shame. I used the UK code just before posting. Some people on HUKD are saying that deleting and retyping the final character of the code made it work, sometimes taking a few attempts. Not sure why that would be the case – some kind of concurrent usage limit? – but worth a try if anyone else gets an expiration message.
  7. You can currently get 50% off this digitally by using a promotional code. It's the first time I've seen something like this with the PlayStation Store, but apparently the deal is in partnership with the YouTube channel EZScape. Note that the discount codes are case sensitive. You'll see a field to enter them during the checkout process. UK/EU Store: F2GH2LJ4BM US/LATAM Store: BJHFN468DR That brings the UK price to £30; slightly less if you buy discounted credit. The cheapest it's been previously in digital sales is £42.60.
  8. Annapurna showed it off a month ago, so I'm not surprised it wasn't at this event. It's supposed to be out early next year.
  9. Given the Spider-Man games let you play as Peter in his pants and low-framerate Spider-Verse Miles, I imagine you'll get your wish. Probably not until 2024, though.
  10. I am fairly certain we'll see gameplay of the new GoW, a GT7 trailer with a release date, a trailer for Forspoken and something about the TLoU remake or the standalone multiplayer, possibly both. Oh, and the contractually obligated GTAV showing, whatever that is. A trailer for the Alan Wake remaster would make sense, as it's new to PlayStation and out soon. Kena would also be a likely candidate. Maybe some of the third-party stuff coming early next year, like Saints Row or that new Borderlands? You can actually rattle through quite a lot of trailers in 40 minutes. As for new announcements, I'm not expecting too much as Sony seems less inclined to announce things years in advance these days. We know they have a lot of irons in the fire but I'm not sure what's likely to be out in the next 12 months; maybe Spider-Man 2?
  11. I think some defining characteristics – such as the modal behaviour switching – just don't make sense in a modern game. However, you could really expand on a concept like the Magic Ball for things like physics puzzles, having it gain new abilities as you progress that unlock access to new areas; for example, maybe you could manually control the ball and use it to access restricted areas via vents and such, then have Twinsen teleport to it once inside. Basically, I think a 'faithful' sequel would do very little for most people. Mechanically speaking they really need to start fresh and consider what the originals were trying to achieve in terms of player expressivity, and how you would tackle that today, as opposed to recreating 25-year-old solutions. On a related note, a Kickstarted symphonic soundtrack covering some tracks from the first two games was released recently: You can purchase a physical or digital copy here.
  12. Not as far as I know. Seems to work for me via the Subscriptions section.
  13. Unless they've specifically decided not to allow that, yes. Don't believe you'll even need to download Hitman 2 after claiming it, just grab the starter edition of the third game and claim the second's content pack from within it.
  14. Some flavour of accessibility menu, ideally with toggles for enabling audio descriptions or other audio visualisations. Also, you should be prompted to choose your preference the first time the game boots, before you start a new game.
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