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    Xbox Series X

    I'm curious how much cheaper Series S can be unless Microsoft are just going to eat a big loss. The GPU will be cut back and they can probably drop a few GBs of RAM, but I don't know how much of a saving that actually amounts to in terms of manufacturing. They could drop the disc drive, with a view to making more off digital purchases down the line, but then if the S is the 'entry level' model I'd argue that being able to play/trade disks is more important to the price conscious audience.
  2. Outside the malting thumbstick rubber of the initial launch batch, can't say I've run into any issues with any of the DualShock 4's I've used. If I gave them a clean the only real sign they'd even been used would be wear on the sticker at the back. In general I think controllers are far better built than they used to be, despite being a lot more complicated in construction.
  3. In theory I like the Battle Pass model – nice sense of progression without affecting game balance, have a goal for each play session, etc – but when every other game features one it's counter-productive. For example, I enjoyed playing Apex at launch but I didn't 'invest' in any of its Passes as I didn't have time, but now putting any time into the game almost feels like a waste because I know I'm not going to make any (meaningless) progress and I've already missed out on a bunch of fluff the completionist inside me wants to tick off. It would be interesting to see how much of Fortnite's fortune stems from outright purchases rather than Battle Pass sales. Feels like the former is the actual money spinner.
  4. The odd thing about that case is that it was explicitly a 12-month timed exclusive, so ostensibly Capcom could've added PCVR support years ago. From the wording I'm pretty sure this VR mode will be on PC, as if it were a timed or indefinite exclusive feature I think they'd be more explicit about it. Probably just being vague for now as I'm guessing Sony supported/funded the VR development in some capacity.
  5. It's likely. Microsoft are looking to improve gamepad support for Chromium – the foundation of Chrome, the new Edge, etc– and part of their deal with Facebook Gaming following Mixer's demise was integrating click-to-play functionality, allowing people to easily launch a game that they're watching someone stream.
  6. It's quite possible that Godfall is a decent game, but that wasn't the way to show it. The above aside, lot of cool things in that presentation. The Pathless stood out to me because it's vaguely reminiscent of the movement in Galleon, a game I haven't thought about in a long time; in reality I suppose it's more akin to Shadow of the Colossus.
  7. Yeah, I think PS Now compares pretty favourably to Game Pass these days. Obviously Microsoft have been laying on the price promotions thick to get people through the door, but the actual/eventual cost of Game Pass is £96 for a year; Ultimate is £132. Meanwhile PS Now is £50. (Naturally both can be found cheaper than the RRP.) The big differentiator between the services is that Microsoft are doing day-one first-party releases, a move Sony is unlikely to mirror as the numbers don't make sense. However, if they better integrate Now into the PS5's OS I think a half-step with their first-party titles – like consistently adding them to the service once they've hit Greatest Hits status – would be enough to garner a lot of interest. I'm toying with the idea of buying a few years of Now whilst it's cheap, as I'm guessing it's an area Sony will be investing in pretty heavily over the next few years.
  8. Ferine

    Xbox Series X

    Given a defining feature of the XSX is the massive vent at the top, that redesign would also be nostalgic for early Xbox 360 owners.
  9. As I obviously haven't used one it's hard for me to be specific, but let's say you have a section in your game where the character's torch gives out and you're cast into complete darkness. The player traversed the area when fully lit a little earlier, so they'll be familiar with the texture of the correct path – maybe it's a bunch of planks over a spike pit or something, and the rotten ones that will give way are noticeably more 'squishy' – meaning the player can navigate back to the entrance by using feel. If you need to support a DualShock 4 that section either never gets past the whiteboard stage or extra work has to be put in circumvent it for those using an old controller. To give a less novel example, consider the variable resistance triggers. You add a bite point to the accelerator – akin to the GameCube's full squeeze click – which activates a vehicle's boost. It feels great and frees up one of the face buttons for another function but people using a DS4 keep accidentally activating the boost and messing up their racing. Do you remove the feature? Relegate it to an option? Add in extra UI and sound effects to try and make up for the DS4's lack of tactile feedback? If you want people to experiment and try new things, telling them they also have to account for the old way of doing things is a great way to stifle creativity.
  10. If Sony claimed you could play PS5 games with a DualShock 4 then it becomes a commitment, something that has to be part of certification; even if a developer is making a single player game they still have to account for someone using a DS4, undermining the inclusion of any DualSense features. Microsoft's new controller is functionally the same as the previous one outside the addition of a Share button, which isn't something developers would have to account for anyway. I wouldn't be too surprised if PS5 games like Overcooked will be able to support DS4s as additional controllers but it would be opt-in rather than a requirement, much like integrating arcade sticks or racing wheels.
  11. Senior Editor at the The Verge, ladies and gentlemen. Even the Boozy of yesteryear was more subtle.
  12. Technically demonstrating backwards compatibility on PS5 isn't an announcement. (I don't actually expect this, although it'd be a sensible venue.)
  13. Actually, I think xCloud/Xbox Game Streaming being added to Ultimate in September gives credence to the rumour, as it would essentially be taking Gold's place in terms of the value proposition. I do think they'll drop the online paywall, if only because there's no way they could introduce one on PC. I guess you sell the move to investors by pointing to the potential extra revenue cut Microsoft will be getting from a presumed influx of new players buying skins/hats/seasonal passes. Not sure what they'd do about the legacy of GwG. Maybe require an active Game Pass subscription to play any of those titles you 'own'?
  14. Pretty sure that feature was mentioned in one of the Wired articles, and I believe there were some patents kicking around. I'd guess it's also one of the things that'll fall under the Create button, essentially acting as a system-level hook for custom time trials or score attacks you can send to Friends.
  15. Sounds like a more historically accurate depiction of samurai, really.
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