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  1. Maybe, but I'd lean towards the Rewards app simply continuing to be flaky. They've added a punchcard for earning an Achievement in Mass Effect and it refuses to activate for me, just like the NieR one before it.
  2. In the brief window that they were switched on – with the release of the malignant, save-destroying update – I ran across numerous other players' corpses. It's a shame they haven't reactivated them yet as I found they were another means of getting good weapon drops; I chose to spawn and fight a mini boss every time, but presumably you'd get the same loot in exchange for Ether instead.
  3. I doubt that's the issue. For one there's numerous ways to get around it – shipping equipment, arranging local recording somewhere, etc – but also if it was a temporary fill-in I suspect they'd have addressed the change up front as opposed to... hoping people don't notice? Earlier I was standing near Ikora whilst sorting out my inventory and they've even re-recorded old incidental lines with the new actor.
  4. He's still at WWE, far as I know. I believe he doesn't want to talk about it because that company will pursue anything they perceive as profiting off their brand, so it's better to keep any side projects as far from their clutches as possible. I blame Giant Bomb for me somehow having any knowledge about wrestling.
  5. My initial impression, having been disconnected following the introductory mission: why is Petra Venj pretending to be Ikora?
  6. I imagine trying to patch in mid-run saves must be a nightmare. There must be so many factors that hadn't previously been considered, or old design decisions that need to be reassessed, so even if they decide to do it it's probably weeks off at least. My hope is that they at least manage to checkpoint people's runs when they first enter a biome. I figure that strips out a lot of variables/potential issues as the player can't backtrack to the previous area – so essentially you're just snapshotting their current inventory/Proficiency – and whilst it isn't as good as a proper save sta
  7. Sure, but for me it's less a question of quality – the seasonal stuff is basically an 'excuse' to engage with the core mechanics, which continue to be fun – and more if the game's going to start to feel like work again. There's enjoyment to be had with logging in every few days and ticking off a few things, but I find the spell is easily broken when it's pushing me to queue up for Crucible playlists that I've no interest in or I'm staring at a quest log brimming with Catalyst quests that won't be finished before Destiny 3. GaaS isn't really for me as I've completionist tendencies,
  8. I wasn't feeling particularly enthused about the new season but there's currently an overlap in Microsoft Rewards deals meaning you can get 5,000 Reward Points back for buying 1,000 Silver. Combined with the 10% Game Pass discount that makes the effective price about £3.50, so why not?
  9. In theory it could help reduce motion sickness by simulating the vibration of footfalls/movement near your ears. I swear I read about Sony researching this exact topic, although now all my searches are just bringing up people reporting the new rumours.
  10. I think the current cheapest for 12 months is ShopTo at £42.85. You can usually get a year for ~£37 if you buy it at the right time. It could be a while before such offers will roll around again, though; official discounts typically hit late November.
  11. You can actually preload the game via the Xbox mobile app, even if you don't own it. It's a handy feature, albeit a bit inconsistent in my experience; sometimes it works fine, others it's refused to work.
  12. I can hear the fan on mine if I take my headphones off but I'm not sure I could pick it out if I had audio coming from the TV. It's more noticeable than my Series X but quieter than my One X. On a completely different note, you know how when you're moving a PS5 game to/from external storage you can't back out of the copying screen without cancelling it? Well, rather than going through the actual Storage menu you can just press Options on a game's tile from the Library and queue its transfer in the background instead.
  13. I do, although it isn't the best for flying foes. The trick to it is that it doesn't reload, its projectiles return to it; if you miss you'll be waiting longer for that shard to return. As such it works better at shorter ranges to reduce travel time, but it can shred things up close without any downtime.
  14. I'll be playing as Sheploo, as I was... Shale* the last two times I played the series. Or so I say now. Naturally I'll end up playing it exactly the same way as before. *You know, like Jennifer Hale. Doesn't really work, but default female Shepard isn't based on a real person.
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