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  1. It's not a recent change, officially discounted subscriptions have been listed differently for years. I've a receipt from 2018 listed the same way.
  2. I don't think it's hard to believe that it was a technical oversight, as if you buy an officially discounted year of Plus it's listed differently in your subscriptions; mine is “PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership - 25% Off”. I'm guessing the sliding scale upgrade cost was set to the remaining percentage of the original price paid, so if you had 9 months of 12 left you'd essentially be refunded for 75% of the cost listed in your purchase history as opposed to the standard list price of a year of Plus. That approach might initially seem sensible if you're making a one-size-fits-all solution for the various regional stores and currencies.
  3. Bend have shared some interesting info: Sony's had patents regarding adding Trophies to classic games for ages, so perhaps we're seeing those realised. Of course this doesn't necessarily mean every game will have them, but it's a neat incentive to check out older titles. Obviously we're still waiting to see how good the emulation will be. I am presently surprised to see Sony seemingly putting some effort in, though.
  4. Last I read redeeming PlayStation Now codes does work, it's the stacking of Plus that Sony have disabled. So unless you already have several years of Plus pre-paid for, you won't be able to make the most of the conversion. The issue with Now is one of supply: codes were dwindling well before the announcement of the new service, so when there was a rush on them they sold out in most places and are now going for way more than before; last year I could reliably source a year of Now for £30.
  5. The closest method I can see would be a two step process: redeeming a bunch of credit for Currys PC World, John Lewis or the Microsoft Store then buying a year of Microsoft 365 from one of them. That would require you to save up at least 91,200 Rewards points, though, unless one of those retailers have an offer on. You're probably better off just buying a cheaper code with actual money, as they're available fairly often. Not what you asked for, I know, but you'll get better returns on your Rewards Points from other items.
  6. Note the wording is mine, not Sony's. I wanted to provide a succinct description to fit the table but I wouldn't say anything's changed, it's more we aren't privy to all the details. My understanding is that timed trials will: Be available for every game carrying a traditional retail price. Won't necessarily be available at launch, as publishers can defer them for up to three months; makes sense for network-heavy games that might melt due to an influx of players. Offer at least two hours of play, but can be longer. Require minimal developer input, as they aren't separate demo builds. Apparently Sony is largely responsible for the implementation. Presumably developers of lower cost games can opt-in to the service if they'd like. When it was first reported on it hadn't actually been presented to developers yet, so I imagine more comprehensive details and requirements are now out there for the people they actually affect.
  7. I don't think it's actually that complicated, the information has just been presented like a legal document rather than an easy to grasp feature comparison. Essential Extra Premium Online Play ✔ ✔ ✔ Cloud Storage ✔ ✔ ✔ Monthly Games Need to be claimed each month, then can be played so long as you have an active subscription. ✔ ✔ ✔ PS4 & PS5 Games Catalogue Don't need to be claimed, but may change over time. Will include Ubisoft+ Classics collection. ✔ ✔ Classic Games Catalogue A mix of original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP games. ✔ Game Streaming Ability to stream both Games Catalogues. Also includes PS3 games, which are only available via streaming. ✔ Time-Limited Game Trials Ability to play selected full games for a couple of hours. Progress carries over to purchased version. ✔ Not the best presentation, but that may be the first and last time I use the forum's table tool. Painful.
  8. The Blog post that people are repackaging says it's “an early look at the selection of original PS3 games available”. That certainly suggests it's incomplete, or at least will expand over time. Also they previously announced the Premium tier would have “up to 340” classic games, which is an odd way to phrase it but would suggest we're currently seeing a fraction of the launch line up. Presumably everything included in the new version of Plus requires renegotiation. I'm guessing there might also be regional differences given how messy publishing/distribution rights used to be. In other words, I'm expecting the expanding of the classic games library in particular to be a process. Another footnote in the Blog post was that the Extra and Premium tiers will include Ubisoft+ Classics, which is a subset of a subscription that hasn't launched on consoles yet but effectively means those on the new Plus tiers will also have access to a bunch of older Ubisoft games.
  9. You likely just needed to explore some more. By spending time/dice at various map nodes you'll unlock additional surrounding points of interest. Basically any time there's a circular gauge on the interaction screen filling it will cause something to happen. Typically new locations open up when you hit certain thresholds, so like 25%, 50%, etc. The game could perhaps call this out a bit better as the only real notification is nodes appearing on the map.
  10. I don't know where that image is from, but in the footage I've seen his spine is still lit up like a Christmas tree. As for visual changes, I think the original can look very flat by modern standards. It comes from a time before physically-based materials meaning there's a uniform, cardboard-like look to what are predominantly dull metal environments. So yes, the remake will look vastly different, but the actual architecture and visual design seems very faithful. In fact it's actually a bit too faithful for me, as I've never been a fan of Dead Space's monster design. I was hoping they might dial things back a bit, lean into their unsettling human origins a bit more, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  11. I think the charged jump gives you more overall height, but the double jump is more versatile and fun to deploy. If you do need a bit more verticality you can usually jump up onto something else first, like a lamppost or one of your vehicles.
  12. The guy has a real skill for putting his foot in his mouth. I can't speak to his suitability for the job more broadly as I've no insight into his actual efficacy, but he has a public track record of abysmal communication. You'd think expertise in this area would be a requirement for CEOs at this point, although I suppose we have copious evidence to the contrary. That said, it's hard for me to get too angry about an e-mail I haven't read. For example there's a pretty significant difference between respecting differences of opinion on abortion itself and utilising that same phrase in relation to abortion rights: living your own life considering abortion to be 'wrong' is one thing, saying women shouldn't have the choice is quite another. Not that I want to be too charitable to Ryan, but I'm wary of the link to women's rights being drawn by Bloomberg as opposed to the actual quotes; context could be the difference between bumbler and bad actor. Whatever the case it's an awful e-mail and I've no idea why he even broached the subject if vague conciliations are all he had to offer. Whilst cowardly I can understand a big company not wanting to take a stand on societal issues that aren't directly relevant to their core business – although obviously such things will affect their workers – but if that's the case it's probably best for everyone that you don't say anything at all.
  13. It's just another way of exploring the current Game Pass library, specifically. So if, for example, you were looking for something to play that takes under four hours to finish and can be played via cloud streaming you can easily filter the catalogue to see which titles fit that criteria.
  14. The (unofficial) resource you're after is gamepassport.net, which allows you to easily see games' HowLongToBeat completion time and even filter the catalogue by hour ranges. I agree that it would be cool if the consoles surfaced some of the statistics they're gathering, though.
  15. I use Edge on PC (Chromium based now, if you're only familiar with the rubbish old version) and that has a built-in Rewards menu widget which always seems to register click-throughs on the first attempt. By comparison clicking the links on the dashboard website would often take two or three tries.
  16. Elden Ring is significantly better but the game's performance is so uneven that it can dip below the VRR window. At this point I'm doubtful From will improve things, although they're supposed to be adding ray tracing at some point which you assume would necessitate some intensive optimisation. Playing the PS4 version on PS5 remains the most performant way to play. The current gen version is okay with VRR, though.
  17. Historically there hasn't been an obvious limit on PlayStation subscription stacking. You could pre-pay for Plus up to 2030 if you really wanted to. Rather than them deciding to drastically change their policy without notice – which would carry potential legal ramifications, I imagine – it seems far more likely that something's gone wrong with the redemption system as they make backend changes.
  18. I don't think it will. For one Bloodborne targets 30fps – I believe the standard lower bound of the VRR window is 40 – plus Sony haven't said anything about PS4 games being supported; not a huge issue if not as basically every PS4 game runs smoothly on a PS5. Even if it could be enabled I'm not sure VRR would fix anything as Bloodborne technically delivers its 30 frames per second, they just aren't paced properly so you get too many non-unique frames in a row. In short, the game either needs a patch (clearly never happening) or a re-release (money on the table, so not sure what the holdup is). On the upside, VRR should clean up Elden Ring nicely. Obviously From still need to patch the game into a better shape for the vast majority of players without an HDMI 2.1 screen, but I'm looking forward to finally getting back to it.
  19. Games being patched to be VRR 'aware' is neat. Essentially that could allow a game like Forbidden West to target ~50fps in Performance Mode, meaning it doesn't need to scale down resolution as strictly. (I should specify Guerrilla haven't said anything, it's just an obvious candidate.) As a potential side benefit, games being coded to support arbitrary framerates might be good news for potential future backwards compatibility or PC versions. On a related note, Insomniac have patched the Spider-Man games with 40fps modes for those with 120hz screens. Pleased to see this as Ratchet's implementation is great – looks very close to the Fidelity Mode but feels noticeably better – so although it's a niche feature I hope it gains more traction.
  20. They've just released a trailer focussed on customisation, which is looking more extensive than ever: It was part of a longer presentation which went into a few more specifics. Probably the biggest news from that is that they'll be releasing some means of creating your character pre-release.
  21. I find it hard to get too excited about this because there's so much baggage attached to the franchise, especially as Square-Enix are probably already drafting their did-not-meet-expectations letter to shareholders. Primarily, I actively dislike the latest incarnation of Lara. I was very much on board with the initial pitch, but outside of her visual design I ended up disliking pretty much every creative decision they made; the casting, the interminable daddy issues, the needless physical punishment with zero lasting repercussions, etc. I have no problem empathising with flawed characters – both protagonists of TLOU 2 are fantastic, for example – but there has to be some kind of charismatic core that you're looking past the bad stuff for. I mean, if I was Jonah's friend I'd be staging an intervention as the guy needs to cut her loose. That said, they can effectively soft reboot Lara by just having her be a decent bit older in the new game. Technically is it the same character as in the last three games? Sure, but outside of some decorations in Croft Manor or a returning character or two we can move on, leave the mass murder behind us. I doubt we will be leaving the murder behind us, though. It might not be what I want from the series, but at this point a focus on neck-stabbing will be expected by a good chunk of the audience; that has been a major part of the series for the last decade. On top of that, I'm not sure how you pitch a big-budget game to a publisher without a prominent combat component. (You could pivot to a less lethal acrobatic martial art focus, but then that feels at odds with current Lara's history of readily inserting arrows into enemies' windpipes.) At this point I think I'd be more interested in a revival of the Lara Croft sub-brand. Something lower budget, more stylised with a focus on exploration and puzzles. I'm not sure the type of game I'm looking for is compatible with 'AAA' budgets and such a generational jumble of audience expectations.
  22. The first volume is getting one in the next few months; I don't follow vinyl releases, just remember seeing it as it looks cool. Seems like pre-orders are sold out but there is an Amazon UK product page, so maybe it'll be readily available on release. Stands to reason they'd also do one for the second volume of the soundtrack, although probably not imminently given the first is coming out over a year after the game.
  23. Speaking of the music, they've officially released a second soundtrack which covers boss tracks, the DLC and other prior omissions.
  24. As a reminder, the new Plus's Extra and Premium tiers will include at least Miles Morales and Returnal when it launches around June. Probably worth waiting to see what else might be available, if only for the inevitable price drops to said inclusions should you want to buy physical copies.
  25. Something about Control that doesn't seem to get a lot of attention is the fantastic environmental destruction and debris. I often found myself wishing there was some kind of slow-mo mechanic to fully appreciate everything that was happening on screen, so I'm guessing this game will look pretty spectacular in motion. I'm not fussed about them being faithful recreations, so long as the Remedy tone is there. Rockstar's clear desire to make Max Payne 3 a Michael Mann game didn't do much for me, as well realised as it was in many respects.
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