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  1. I had to wrinkle my nose at the PS Plus Collection announcement. Not that it's bad – great selection of games if you haven't played them – I was just hoping we might see a bit of movement regarding first-party titles on PS Now, which seems less likely given they're tying games to their other subscription service. Frankly my main takeaway was to not expect any pleasant Plus surprises any time near launch; if they were confident in Plus's value I don't think the Collection would exist.
  2. As far as I can tell there isn't an explicit source for £69.99; the PlayStation Blog post listed pound prices for the consoles but not software or accessories. I'm not sure if Eurogamer are just assuming based on retailer listings/conversion rates or got separate confirmation.
  3. Bit of a long shot, but does anyone know if you can apply Microsoft Store credit to a pre-order after placing it? Ideally I'd like to pre-order an XSX from Microsoft, trade in my XOX at GAME closer to launch, convert all that new store credit into the Microsoft/Xbox kind (better return then cash), then use that towards my pre-order.
  4. Nope. There's a page to register your interest, but I'm guessing that won't be much use; something like Stock Informer would probably let you know sooner. My advice would be to make sure you have an account and payment method registered and ready to go.
  5. Argos pre-orders don't open until tomorrow. Highly doubt they'll force you into buying a bundle and there's probably a decent amount of stock; might even take a few minutes before they're sold out.
  6. My stance is that this kind of pricing takes the piss. I get the shift to $70 in the US, as their prices have been stagnant for a long time, but do publishers think the rest of the world hasn't noticed their prices creeping up through the past generation? Not counting the prevalence of microtransactions, DLC, needless 'special' editions, etc. If Sony's games are going to cost £70 digitally that's a £15 price hike; both TLoU2 and GoT launched at £55 on PSN. That's a pretty big ask unless they've some means of mitigation they haven't shared yet, like a rewards point scheme or even di
  7. They have, but it remains to be seen whether it means anything. The second one retailer breaks rank it's another free-for-all, just as we've seen with PS5; pre-orders weren't supposed to open until today, not last night.
  8. Yes. Every game released since the Pro launched in November '16 should have some form of enhancement; usually a resolution boost, sometimes additional/improved graphical effects or better framerates.
  9. The trailer has been reuploaded. I didn't realise we were seeing the 60fps mode on the original stream, making the footage all the more impressive:
  10. Looks like Currys pre-orders might be open, although it's not working for me currently.
  11. I think it's hard to say without knowing how they might have rebalanced it. For example, in the original release starting as a Royal made progressing a lot easier because magic was powerful and you started with a ring that replenished MP. Two things that might help are: The game's broken up into distinct areas, rather than one contiguous land mass, that you can mostly tackle in any order. (I think; it's been awhile.) As such, if you run into a wall there's usually somewhere else you can explore, level up, get new equipment, etc. If you're buying it at launch finding oth
  12. It's the kind of mistake that shouldn't get through, but hey, we're in a weird situation where everyone's working from home. To me it just seems off in comparison to the other trailers, with no matching asterisk and divergent wording. Obviously I might be wrong, but I'd seek clarification before shouting anything from the rooftops.
  13. As I said in the other thread, pretty sure that footnote on the trailer is a mistake and it is a PS5 exclusive. Coming to PC? I could maybe buy that, although it would make more sense to leave it at least 6 months or so. Other consoles? Nope.
  14. To me that's clearly a mistake in the trailer. Setting aside the whole Sony-owned-IP thing, it's a footnote without a paired asterisk.
  15. I'm tempted, but... no. If Facebook let me continue to use my Oculus account in peace I could deal with it, but all this forced integration is a clear sign that I should get out now. I wish them luck in helping to push VR forward.
  16. Are you thinking of the current gen, when Microsoft shot themselves in both feet and Nintendo was busy undoing their success with the Wii U? All three are in a great place, currently.
  17. I don't think there's any reason to, people are just worried about their expensive accessories becoming obsolete. And they kind of are, just not in the sense that you need to go and buy something else. That said, I hope Sony implements a sidetone feature into the OS like Xbox has. It's a small thing, but not being able to hear yourself speak is disconcerting.
  18. Whilst we await more news tonight, a couple of niche snippets: According to Astro the PS5 doesn't have optical out, as they're releasing an HDMI-to-optical adapter. Not too surprising – the XSX doesn't, either – but a bit of an annoyance for some. For those using headphones I imagine plugging them directly into the DualSense will be the easiest solution. However, apparently the PS5 will support Wi-Fi6. Not relevant to most people, but as someone with a suitable router – and for who Ethernet isn't an option – I'm glad it'll be using the latest standard.
  19. I wouldn't be too surprised if the GBP prices in particular are a bit odd. For example, let's say the Digital Edition is US$399 and €399, but in the UK it's £379 rather than the £349 that the PS4 was.
  20. I'd say it's very unlikely that Valve would port Alyx; current PSVR would probably be less work, and I don't see that happening either. Whilst significantly more powerful than the original, I expect most of Quest 2's horsepower to go into pushing more pixels – probably at a higher refresh rate – rather than drastically upping other aspects of visual quality. As a wireless PCVR headset it should be pretty great: its chipset can handle video decoding significantly better plus it supports Wi-FI6. I imagine Facebook will release their own Virtual Desktop equivalent.
  21. Facebook have accidentally revealed the Quest 2 ahead of Wednesday's announcement. The video doesn't cover everything people might want to know, but the main revelation is that it'll use the Snapdragon XR2 chip. That is around twice as powerful as the CPU/GPU in the current Quest and over 10-times better at AI processing; that should improve things like hand-tracking a lot. The display is pushing ~50% more pixels, too. It looks like a good upgrade but I'm not sure I want to stay in the Oculus ecosystem.
  22. I could see Godfall turning out decent, but it definitely hasn't shown well so far. The latest trailer is better, although I'm still not a fan of the gaudy visual style: My pick for surprise PS5 hit would be Destruction AllStars. I could see Destruction Derby mixed with Titanfall gaining some traction with streamers, and the studio making it was made up of a bunch of ex-Bizarre Creations people; no idea if that holds true.
  23. That's essentially dumping the contents of RAM to the SSD, so I don't think the game itself running off an external HDD should matter. I suspect people aren't going to want to go back to traditional load times once they've gotten used to running games off an internal SSD, mind.
  24. So, price and date at the very start or the very end? Going to be one or the other. Roughly 40 minutes long, then. Not sure how much new stuff they'll be able to cram in around another half-hour of Godfall, but I'm guessing we'll see some 'maybe in 2022' teases, like GoW: Subtitle or a new Naughty Dog IP. To be honest I'm more curious about things like the UI, service changes, backwards compatibility and the hardware teardown, which will properly be separate videos at a later date. Looking forward to seeing Demon's Souls, though.
  25. The theory is that it'll look the same as on an Xbox One S. Whilst the Series S is generally more capable than an Xbox One X, its RAM pool is smaller and slower. It's possible Microsoft has some kind of workaround for this – i.e. can force Xbox One games to render at a lower resolution or with certain enhancements disabled – but I don't know if that's even feasible; Xbox One games might not have the same tweakable emulation layer as original Xbox or 360 games.
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