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  1. Is the totally egregious amount of repetition across face to face conversations, IM etc still the same? I've already bought it but would be good to know. Thanks.
  2. I'd love a complete version of Persona 3 with direct control and all the content. Maybe remade in the P5 tech.
  3. I can't help but feel somewhat undermined here.
  4. Pyromancer with Master Key to start. Get Endurance up to 30 Then get Vitality and Dexterity up to 30. Get Int to 12. Steal Lautrec's ring, put it on and never take it off. Kill Havel for his ring. (Suicide?) Grab Elite Knight set from Dark Root Garden/Basin. Fight Hollow Knights until you get one of their shields OR kill Black Knights to grab one of theirs. (100% physical protection) Fight Balder Knights in the Parish or preferably on Sen's roof until you get a Balder Side Sword. Head down in to New Londo Ruins and get some chunks. Buy all the noob scorceries from the guy you rescued from Undead Burg...you did rescue him, right?! Bring DeX and Int to 40. Buy all the big boy scorceries. ...or listen to Moosegrinder.
  5. danbot

    Xbox Game Pass

    A bitter fanboy manbaby. Damn, that's a bit of a shame.
  6. That's more than a little hyperbolic. Whatever way you look at it, it's a solid game. I loved it though.
  7. I'm hoping that it's more related to the first two games than Infinite.
  8. My friend Adam and I used to play on his C64. One day he got me to promise to keep a secret. He then took me in to his big brother's room. Slowly gently and quietly opened a drawer under the small portable tv, removed a fancy looking dust cover to reveal a shiny black Master System. I had never seen anything like it.
  9. We got a Master System with Hang On, Safari Hunt, After Burner, Thunder Blade, Space Harrier and Wonder Boy in Monster Land for £80 from Brick Lane market when I was around 9. Years later I got a NES and got in a decent amount of trouble for not doing any homework for ages because of Mega Man 2.
  10. Theres good stuff in it. I like a bunch of the elements like camping, crafting hunting etc.I just wish that if games have these features, that they are woven in to the gameplay in a more meaningful way. I'd have loved it if using food and modified ammo had a more pronounced effect. I found the story annoying in that rockstar way. Taking all real agency away so that you stay on strict rails is bad enough, but it's even worse when your character seems to know and resent the fact that they're serving an idiot/shithead. Not to mention the missions themselves aside from the window dressing were quite boring and repetitive. I greatly preferred Redemption 1.
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