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  1. That looks amazing. I know the weathering is gonna look great too, but there's a bit of me that hates the idea of that being messed with. Great work man.
  2. Dude, Control yourself.
  3. @Darren It doesn't matter at all. That lucky dip of challenges will always populate. Relax.
  4. Yeah. Good if you have, but absolutely fine if you haven't.
  5. Replying to Talk Show Host But most expected praise...and then some. Any backlash, though expected by some of us, is in stark contrast to the years of hype and expectation. It's all just fairly pointless theatre though. It's not life or death. I reckon it'll be a thoroughly decent game within six months.
  6. I think I suspend disbelief very easily and enjoy my idea of Gerald so much that I actually really enjoy the combat. Whether it's effortlessly Cutting down a band of terrible humans, or being the consummate professional Monster hunter, it all just goes toward the telling of one of my two favourite bad motherfucker Dad stories.
  7. The original xbox is the only console that I have got on release day. I was working all day so I asked my brother to pick one up for me. I got it with Halo, Amped, DOA3 and JSRF. Was quite a thing getting home to that lot.
  8. danbot


    Fix and clear as many roads and bridges as you can and then make a start on the first available contract. Remember to use AWD on the Fleetstar you get early on (I didn't). Fit the best tyres for mud that you can asap.
  9. danbot


    I'm still loving this. At level 21 now and deep in to Russia and Alaska thanks to the Tayga (see below). I'm pulling ridiculously large and unwieldy loads across properly unfriendly terrain. Think I'll have to grab the season pass as soon as it's in a sale again. Anyone else still playing? Need some assistance maybe? I still haven't touched the multiplayer.
  10. I bought mine for Bloodborne. I also bought Far Cry 4 and Alien Isolation. I got it all on a work day so I played a bit of FC4 first as a low risk, keep my job type option. Still haven't properly played Alien. I'll probably finish up with Cyberpunk. No doubt I'll dip back in to certain things that I'm already playing, like Snowrunner.
  11. You're absolutely flying Squirtle! Nice work.
  12. I'm with you Kev. Really enjoy the feel of the fighting in this. Something about it feels weighty and fun. Also feels a lot mor like I'm cutting something than a lot of other games.
  13. Oh yeah. True. Whet he said. But regardless of unlocks, anything you directly select on the map, like a village, a question mark etc, will be tracked by the wind.
  14. You select a target type from a list on the map screen Hot Springs (not actually worded like this) Bamboo Strikes Etc. Then get back in game and keep the wind at your back and you'll end up where you want.
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