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  1. I thought it was far less fun than the first two. A real disappointment.
  2. Don't worry about other peoples' numbers. As long as you're enjoying the game just keep trying. Hang in there man and good luck.
  3. Hades I didn't want to play this much at first, it just seemed too quick, demanding and stressful. My son got deep in to it and I finally got tempted and it's great fun. Also still playing Cyberpunk. Third run. Corpo Hacker/Tech Sniper.
  4. While you're here @Qazimod I just wanted to say that you talking years ago quite lovingly about these strange games about school kids fighting demons at night using the power of their relationships really piqued my interest which gave me one of my favourite series of video games. Cheers for that!
  5. What are the chances of stadia hardware improving. I've had a great time playing cyberpunk to completion but would also love the prospect of an upgrade to ray tracing etc.
  6. Have you got the right trailer selected? I've had it before where I haven't noticed that in the load/unload screen, my empty flatbed/sideboard bed is selected rather than the external trailer.
  7. I'm getting poison chance every time.
  8. It says "Crafteditem will gain a random stat. Then there's a list of possibilities.
  9. Hey. When I upgrade iconic stuff the random stat isn't changing. I've tried quite a few times on the widowmaker. Am I missing something?
  10. I'll follow later today. At least I'll learn to play Subnautica.
  11. I just bought Resident Evil 8 for this. It said I'd receive an email about my free Premier. Any of you guys know how long this takes?
  12. God it really is. It got more than a little ridiculous many hours and countless life threatening missions in and the camp still doesn't trust me enough to SELL me a shotgun.
  13. They'll still be good and well worth playing.
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