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  1. Then I suggest not reading it. Although if my football team hadn't won a trophy since before Elvis died I don't think my main source of football depression would be the vague and often incoherent ramblings of the fans of another team.
  2. Oh I dunno Rooney got a bit of attention for clearly looking for a penalty when he went over Almunia earlier in the seaon even though most pundits put on their serious faces and pointed out that Almunia had no right to be there and didn't touch the ball so it was although a bit iffy it was basically the right thing to do for an england player blah blah professionalism blah. What gets me is Gerrard never used to dive, I think he only started it against Sheff United on the first day of the season 4 seasons ago was it?
  3. Hello Liverpool fans. Was much made of Gerrard's dive in the game on saturday? I caught just the highlights with the sound down on MOTD so didn't hear anything. Comments? Opinions?
  4. And at West Ham that american rapper 50 percent is going to be in the united end I hear, I didn't realise he was building up loyalty points and entering the ballot.
  5. So NOW the club is claiming Ljajic wasn't signed because they couldn't get a work permit, or at least that is what Phelan has just said in the press conference. It seems they will try any lie to try and cover up the fact that there wasn't the money to sign this lad.
  6. Its not like winning the lottery at all, Ronaldo was worth 80 million easily, silly transfer talk has linked Rooney to barca in a similarly priced deal this summer. He was the team's best player by a country mile and a huge marketing draw as well as his prodigious on pitch performances. United are not a PLC. Yeah okay, guilty. Its the fact that other kids that united might try to sign up in this way might look at the example and tell them to get knotted, sends a sign that the club are a shambles. United coming in for you and then running out of money is not the way that top clubs should be doing business.
  7. I like Valencia, for me he brings more to the team than Park or Nani do (on a side not how frustrating is Nani in the fact he seems to have everything, Pace, skills and a great shot but just doesn't seem to be able to produce the performances) and although I think we paid a touch too much for him Dave Whelan seems to right by United and Fergie at almost every turn so I suppose I don't begrudge the pie munchers their money. Its just that if you now look at the team line ups he seems to have been the positional replacement and so he is inevitably going to be compared no matter how unfair it is. As for Owen I think as he cost nowt and has already repaid his years wages with that goal then anything out of him is a bonus. I also hear he's on a decent appearence bonus but lower wages in a semi pay as you play sort of deal so the club weren't too stupid in signing him. Luca Toni and Joquin was a bit of blue sky thinking just to show what a club could do to try and get a bit more strength in a club with that money rather than a proposal, Toni will on the cheap now he's fallen out with Van Gaal (sp?) now as well
  8. Nobody could have replaced Ronaldo, I think that is pretty obvious but money could have been sprayed around to strengthen the squad after the loss of him. If all the rumours are correct (and folk in Spain seem to think they are) the price agreed for Ronaldo was done so a year before he left so united could have made provision for that. Maybe not signing Berbatov and trying to find a more orthodox target man style striker in the style of Luca Toni for example and then when Ronaldo left picking up a more orthodox winger like Joaquin. These aren't signings I'm saying the club should defiantly have made but just giving a flavour of what you might want to do with a good lump of money. Maybe look at picking up some of the Madrid cast offs as they went on their shopping spree, Schnieder was always a class act and was binned very quickly, Van der Vaart has real quality but then his wife's cancer is an issue, hell even Van Nistelrooy is on the cheap and could get on the end of a few things. All of this is all very well but its football manager talk and we could gas about it all day, all I'm saying is there were options out there and I didn't even manage to mention the obvious football manager names of Aguero and Ribery. Doh!
  9. Fair point, I like Valencia and admire his hard work but only with red tinted specs so thick they might as well be a blindfold would ever dare to suggest that Valencia does the job that Ronaldo did. That I consider the squad weakened at the expense of the bank balance strengthened (or the inevitable postponed).
  10. How does the Ronaldo transfer skew anything? United sold the best player in the world and replaced him with the best player in Wigan and trousered 60 odd million in the process. That is not a skewing of figures, its a statement of truth. Did the club decide to strengthen the squad further with the inclusion of a couple of other world class players to try and replace someone who equalled Dennis Law's record of goals scored in a single season? Did they decide to go raiding in Spain or Italy with their new found riches? No, the money simply vanished. A club that needs to pay off loans that have negotiated ramped up interest payments sold a player for 80 million and 60 disappeared, it doesn't take a fucking accountant does it. Edit: Also if you have actually seen Gibson play rather than just his goals you'll see he is not a very good midfielder and in terms of attacking creative midfielders Petrucci is pretty much the only player anywhere near in the style to fill rapidly ageing Scholes' shoes. Also Manucho was also a grown man where as Ljajic is little more than a boy who was to be taken to last years european champions where one of his boyhood teammates and the captain of his country already play and try to work hard to try and gain a first team place. Maybe you don't feel sorry for the kid but I'd be heartbroken if I were him but I have a feeling another top side will probably pick him up before too long.
  11. The way Ljajic has been treated is an absolute disgrace, a young lad about to join one of the biggest teams in the world and then having his dream move to a club that has been paying his wages for the past 6 months is one thing but then to slander the poor lad by claiming he isn’t good enough is another. Anyone keeping an eye on him at Partisan will tell you that he something pretty special and although a little raw he would undoubtedly be a useful addition to the squad. Let’s face it, the fact that the club is over 700 million in the red is the reason that the club aren’t buying him, United are skint. In the 4 years since the Glazers took over at the club the net spend has been nothing; if you don’t believe me do the sums for yourself. http://transferleague.co.uk/index.php United have not spent any money in 4 years and whilst there is not likely to be any kind of fire sale like what happened with Leeds United we are looking death by continual squad weakening.
  12. I use the default formation for the netherlands on Pro Evo 1*. you let in a goal every now and then but it is lovely attacking football. You need a tecnical and fast CF to make it work *old skool!!
  13. No offence old son but looking at your avatar on here and the fact you were selling an enhanced Xbox I would make the connection you being a dodgy scouser and all. The ad says and So I am simply assuming
  14. My monetary situation prohibits such reckless spending but I will see if I can deactivate the chip or not. Hopefully it will be one of those lovely ones with a little switch on it.
  15. much as I would love to just hop on and play I have one or two teething issues. 1, Although I have bought an Xbox it has not arrived yet (eBay) 2, Once it arrives I think it might be chipped 3, I am a veteren on the PS2 and so the controller change may fox me (yes I know I can buy an adapter) 4, I havn't the first clue how to sort out Xbox live as technology terrifies me. None the less I will be looking in to all of these, oh the prospects.
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