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  1. Looks crap and i hope they (the characters) all die and evil takes over
  2. The original is free on switch with capcom arcade (free) right now On replaying this i think that the knight is interrupted In flagrante delicto at the start m’lud
  3. I dont want to stink up the dedicated golf thread with this but golf games : hold A, release done
  4. And there is no way to sell on a game you don’t like
  5. Im going to get this in the full knowledge that I will make no progress and give up in a week-cant wait!
  6. I cant decide if this is clever and insightful , a series of random montages , a piss take or all three
  7. Arriving tomorrow with steel case ,which seems v needless freebie and anything else i can think of would be better
  8. Are you guys playing easy/medium or difficult?
  9. I have just bought it , woukd never have known it existed or was on switch without this thread, thanks
  10. Its going to be maxxed out crafting this time imagine the jump from Paper bag monster puppets to Rainbow fish weaving kit
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