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  1. I watched this Let’s Play, which is where I got my gear purchase plan from, and also learnt a heap of hidden money locations and things like the two bosses you can fight twice. I never had the SMS version back in the day, but did have it on the Amiga, and loved it, but could never get very far. I remember being kind of amazed, in the emulation era, to discover the Sega 8-bit version was clearly better than the Amiga version.
  2. I love the Legendary Boots though, first bit of legendary gear I buy, as it compensates for the Heavy Armour. They make the Sphynx a breeze to beat, so you can save money on buying beers to get the clues to his riddle. The main problem I was having was transitioning from the first platform in the corridor onto the first set of rising blocks after the screen flip. Reckon I succeeded about 2/12 times. Just felt glitchy as hell and was really frustrating after what had been an awesome play through. Wish I’d been playing on a platform with save states. I’ve since read that rather than repeating vast amounts of the maze each time, you can just go back on the same corridor and kill the red knight to make the initial lift re-appear, so that should give me a chance to crack it without running out of time/health.
  3. I have been playing lots of Wonderboy in Monster Land, after watching a fascinating Let’s Play which revealed a tonne of secrets and strategies I didn’t know about. Basically, the game is all about getting the right equipment in the right order, which means money money money. Money is actually more important than health a lot of the time, and knowing where the hidden drops are, and the various tricks that let you repeat certain bosses, is vital. On my last play I managed to get the legendary sword, shield and boots, but was 6 gold short of the legendary armour at the last shop! Figured I’d still stand a reasonable chance against the dragon, though… This turned out to be immaterial due to a complete bastard of a section in the final dungeon, where you have to ascend a long shaft by jumping between pairs of falling platforms. It’s glitchy as all hell on the screen transitions, and I think I only managed to get on the platforms at all twice, and had to redo a huge stretch of the dungeon maze after each failure. Left a very sour, not-like-this taste in my mouth. But I’ll go back, this game fascinates me.
  4. We had The Ninja and Ghost House on card. Never got on with The Ninja, but it was perhaps just too hardcore for me at such a young age. Loved (and still love) Ghost House, though.
  5. Gave this a spin on the SMS the other night, had quite a good time. It looks fantastic, classic SMS aesthetic - black outlines, enough colour depth to make everything the right colour, but not enough to attempt shading/dithering etc. The music is well synthesised (great bouncy bassline), but a little wonky at times. Drives the game along, though. I'd forgotten how frantic the game could feel when the ghosts are coming thick and fast. Got all the way to the Marshmallow Man at Zuul, but only managed to get one man through - presumably I needed at least two? After I failed I was given an account number to continue - contrary with that article linked above, which says the SMS version never gives you this. The only real problem I had was remembering which button switched men and which button fired the trap. I got this wrong probably half a dozen times, and it just completely failed to be intuitive. I think it's because when you're first positioning your men, you press a button to say "I've finished positioning this man, give me the next", and that same button later becomes the fire trap rather than switch man button.
  6. FPL players know Ake as being a BP (bonus point) magnet. The BPs are based on Opta Stats, so I'm guessing he looks very good on paper, regardless of the actual results.
  7. £40m is a lot for a defender from a relegated team, particularly one that has been as defensively poor as Bournemouth have for the last three seasons. Just looked it up - when Hull went down a mere three seasons ago, Leicester got Harry Maguire for £12m and Liverpool got Andy Robertson for £8m.
  8. I have a US NTSC cart I picked up a while back. It's an odd game, I like it, but wouldn't say I love it. I certainly don't think it's as good as Super Mario World. It feels kind of empty at times, and the focus on collecting 100% of everything means having to do player-unfriendly things like re-do entire levels because the boss managed to hit you once, etc. Also, I maintain that morphing into a helicopter etc is unthematic, Amiga-platformer grade balls. I love the art style though, and it's a wonderful demo of how the SuperFX could be used to enhance 2D games. Pity it's the only example of this!
  9. Argh, I bought Ghostbusters 2 with my own birthday money, a full price game. Utter steaming pile of shit. I think we got past the first level about twice, and then the multiload fucked up. Still angry. I love the original, though. Used to play it on my neighbours' Amstrad 6128, then later found the Speccy version on a random copied C180 full of games, and played it a lot. Pressing B to stop the Marshmallow Man was a bit of a breakthrough. Later I discovered the Master System Port, which is my preferred way to play these days. Looks sensational, and the bouncing-ball kareoke theme tune is such a good touch. Got to admit I never noticed the beam angle thing mentioned above. I used to like driving really inefficient routes to the call-outs, just to enjoy the driving bits more (and suck up ghosts with the ghost vac).
  10. I'm more interested in the Pocket as a portable SNES/NES/Mega Drive/Master System than for actual GB/GBC/GBA stuff, so I'll see how the platform develops then perhaps jump in on a second wave.
  11. Had a good 20 minute or so run on Wonderboy in Monster Land on the SMS yesterday. If I had time to devote to acing a retro game right now, it would be this. Watched a Let’s Play run-through while doing the dishes - the amount of unlabelled secret doors just gets silly towards the end, and there are various tricks you have to use to beat some bosses twice for extra money. Basically, money management becomes more important than health management. Still, it’s a gorgeous, great sounding game with a big place in my heart, so I’ll keep plugging away at it vaguely.
  12. Didn't say, but I should think there'll be a lot of crossover. I wonder if they'll be official ones, or just part of the totally-nothing-to-do-with-Kevtris jailbreak firmware? Either way, it sounds like he's already got them running on the bench.
  13. Hmm, just did one of my periodic stalks of Kevtris' posts on AtariAge, and spotted this:
  14. A vocal section of the MiSTer community seems to dislike that Kevtris' reverse engineering is all closed source. Also, Kevtris doesn't communicate much (as far as I can tell, just on the Atariage forums), and when he does, he can be pretty blunt about the shortcomings of other projects (although I'm not aware he's said anything bad about MiSTer - mostly about emulation boxes). He's picked up a bit of a reputation as being arrogant, particularly since a lot of his secret sauce is now replicated by MiSTer cores. Personally I think it's great that someone is getting paid to work 8hrs a day to reverse engineer all this stuff. I'm fairly sure that if Analogue ever go bust or cease making things completely, Kevtris will ensure there's a convenient leak of his work which has nothing whatsoever to do with him, just like the jailbroken cores have nothing whatsoever to do with him. I do wish Analogue would just spend a year staying consolidating though, putting out a cheaper digital-only NES, stepping up the production of existing units and getting Kevtris to squash bugs.
  15. Yeah, I wish they'd do an affordable NES, I'd snap it up. Hell, I'd be very suprised if it wasn't possible for them to put out a cart adapter + new core for the Super NT to make it play everything on the NES, just like the Mega SG can play all of Sega's 8-bits. Like the Mega Drive, the SNES was originally architected to be backwards compatible, only changing course very late in development. They're suffering a bit of backlash with the rise of MiSTER and the sense that this stuff should be open source, but I love Analogue's systems - they're the only things that combine original console accuracy with original console convenience. Just plug them into the TV, plug in a controller, stick a cart in and play. I can leave them out in my TV stand without worrying about my 3 y/o messing them up, I don't have to deal with a nest of PSUs, upscalers an AV cables, and I don't need extra remote controls. Still on the fence about this one. Unlike the SNES/MD where the alternatives are either innaccurate emulation or lots of extra hardware, the GB/C/A has a lot of competition simply from GBA/GBC units with replacement LCDs. The suspend functionality looks pretty killer, though.
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