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  1. I played it for the first time on the GameCube. Took me a few tries to get into it, but I loved it once it clicked. The community system is great, finding how to help each character - sort of Chrono Trigger meets Groundhog Day. The moon is also legit terrifying, and the general sinister, doomed vibe that the whole game gives off is pretty unique.
  2. I don't remember ever playing MK64 during the N64s heyday (we had Diddy Kong Racing), but all the guest tracks in later versions of Mario Kart have been massive, empty and dull. I've actually correctly guessed certain unknown tracks were from MK64 based on these attributes. I enjoyed the original and Super Circuit a lot back in the day, just find them a tough revisit now. The guest versions of their tracks in later games have been pretty solid though, particularly the Super Circuit ones. I loved DD, never understood the hate; it seems the parent of modern MK to me. Mari
  3. Feels like sacrilege to say it, but the proper 3D Mario Karts (GC onwards, MK64 can do one) have killed the original for me. Too hard to go back to flatland with no sparks. F-Zero doesn't seem to have suffered the same way, but I was never a huge fan of that anyway.
  4. Spoilers for the last boss of MW3, but look at this shit: The JP version looks way too easy, but about on a par with the other bosses in the game. The Western version adds the conveyor belt and the buzz saw, turning it into an attritional battle just to get near enough to the damn thing to hit it once. Glad to see all the YouTube videos I can find are as much of a mess as my final battle was.
  5. Finished Monster World 3 (Wonder Boy in Monster World) last night. Used save states to let me retry the floating platform bit, because life is too short. I enjoyed the reference to the original Wonder Boy in the form of the Nightmare Castle boss. The final boss was less enjoyable - a mother brain knock off in space? Doesn’t seem very Wonder Boy, although I suppose the Meka Dragon was a similar twist. It was a right sod anyway, with the buzzsaw on the floor (apparently added to the western versions to spike the difficulty for the rental market) making strategy pretty much impossible
  6. Just tried it, I’m totally wrong. Sorry, I was thinking of Mystic Defender! Here’s a link to the series history on HG101 by way of compensation. The NES titles are basically the adventure bits of Spellcaster without the side-scrolling bits. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/series/kujaku-ou/
  7. It’s possible I’m thinking of Mystic Defender on the region switch thing, actually. But the Japanese version of Spellcaster does have the different sprites and title screen.
  8. Spellcaster is a cracking game, if rather mangled in translation. One of my favourites back in the day - I actually completed it thanks to guides in S Magazine. Try booting your SMS up in Japanese mode, and you’ll see the main character’s clothes change completely to something like monk’s robes. It was a Manga tie-in in Japan, Kujaku-Ou (Peacock King), but got de-licenced in the localisation. Mystic Defender on the Mega Drive was Kujaku-Ou II in Japan. I also had Miracle Warriors as a kid. It was an intriguing sandbox, but I never really worked out how to play it, unlike
  9. I only heard of this today, thanks to MLiG's Games We Played in 2020. Checked out the soundtrack on YouTube shortly afterwards, and the Switch version is now in my Amazon basket as part of tonight's Lockdown Care Package.
  10. Hahah, Monster World 3 has its own version of the ducking awful lifts from MW1, and if you fall off, you have to fight a fairly tough boss again each time. Which would be fine, but I think my M30 is running out of battery and it keeps briefly losing sync this evening. The Nightmare Castle as a whole is simultaneously a love letter to the series, and a poison-pen letter to the player.
  11. FWIW, I think Havana is a great game, particularly with three players, with a really nice turn order mechanic. If they'd put it in a smaller box at half the price I think it would have sold really well, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it get a re-skin one day.
  12. Slowly progressing through Monster World III (AKA Wonder Boy in Monster World). It feels pleasantly procedural, if not particularly innovative, although I did enjoy the momentum-based jumping and random giant enemies in the Ice Palace. The way the game seems to encourage grinding for equipment money each time you reach a new town is a bit dull, though - although it does teach you to properly learn the enemies patterns instead of blundering through them knowing there's an inn at the end. Once nice touch has been a late injection of some fan-service references to previous games. The
  13. I think both sequels are objectively uglier than the original, though, both in terms of design and execution.
  14. I have been playing Monster World 3, AKA Wonder Boy in Monster World. This is part of an informal series playthrough I seem to be doing. It’s an odd bird. Combines the open-world elements of Dragon’s Trap with the more traditional human-based combat of Monster Land. But the world doesn’t have the rigour of Dragon’s Trap, with barriers seeming artificial and the whole thing feeling less organic. It also somewhat shoots itself in the foot right from the get go by making your character so bloody slow - it’s only after about three boot upgrades that I’m moving at an acceptable speed. S
  15. Are you running the SMS Core in Euro PAL mode? Those games made use of the extended vertical resolution PAL offered. I had a mare of a time getting my Mark III paddle controller to work. In the end I had to upgrade my power supply (I was running off the TVs USB ports), set the SMS core to JP, and disable controller pass-through. Works fine if you do all that!
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