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  1. I'm playing through CT at the moment too, on the Super NT. Stuck one of those uber bugfix/translation-tweak patches from romhacking.net on there, similar but less radical to the FFIV and FFVI ones. Just got to the bit where the game transitions from linear story to concurrent sidequests, which is my favourite bit of the game. There were a few bits (particularly in pre-history) that were dragging prior to that, either due to overfamiliarity or just feeling like work. Also, I just can't beat Spekkio anymore. Big change this time through is that I'm actually using my Magic Tabs as I go, rather than hoarding them pointlessly. Lucca, Robo and Marle have been fed Speed Tabs and are no longer slow! Robo gets all my magic tabs, and his Heal All is now incredible! Frog's diet of Power Tabs means he didn't get left behind when the Masamune started to look long in the tooth! It's been a revolution.
  2. Yet the original Starfox is still really fun to play despite the rubbish framerate.
  3. Aw, sad to see Betrayal @ HOTH go. Completely rinsed it, or just content to play the BM copy?
  4. If Klopp’s a monster for disappointing one Man United fan, then Solskjær must be history’s greatest villain.
  5. If West Ham and Villa both go down, Burnley will be the undisputed dominant claret and blue team in English football. Quite the turnaround from the 1980s. From memory, hasn’t there always been at least one claret and blue team present in the Premier League era?
  6. I still miss the phrase “end of level baddie”, now forever lost to the Americanism of “boss”.
  7. Doesn’t explain why they didn’t offer *optional* support for two button sticks/pads. I can’t imagine it would be a big stretch to add an option to the menu or an in game toggle key or something. If the mags had praised games that supported it, it soon would have caught on.
  8. The weird part is that the Amiga supported multi button pads - I remember a friend had one which worked with Flashback, so you didn't have to use the spacebar to draw your gun. Odd that more games didn't support it. Weirdly fond memories of putting the Amiga on the floor so I could push keys with my feet while playing joystick games! That said, there's a certain wonderful simplicity about the controls of things like Speedball 2, Sensible Soccer and IK+ that was rare on a console. I think Sonic the Hedgehog is probably the only single-button console game I can think of.
  9. Yeah, this is fair. Although Amiga Strider does at least have the hyaah that was cut out of the western Megadrive/Genesis releases! I think it still has the only good home port of Rodland too, which I played to death.
  10. Somebody never flew under the exit on Butter Bridge, found all the exits from a ghost house, or cleared the Star Worlds! World is actually quite a subtle tech showcase, although it can be hard to see in retrospect. The giant Bullet Bill right at the start showing the ability to handle huge sprites compared to the NES, the two-sided climbing fences showing off transparency, the bosses frequently using mode 7 for rotation and scaling. One negative thing I will say about World, having replayed it recently, is that it drops off dramatically after the Forest of Illusion. Chocolate Island feels totally phoned in and the Valley of Bowser isn’t much better. The final level and the inner star worlds are great, though.
  11. Hybrid scanlines plus a small compensatory gamma boost on the Super NT/Mega SG looks great. I also think the Sharp Scanlines mode in Sonic Mania is very good.
  12. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    So basically it’s not a JRPG because you don’t like the battle system and want nice familiar menu based combat. Got it. Funnily enough, I’d say your description is a fair one for Xenoblade Chronicles X. But Xenoblade 1 & 2 are character-driven JRPGs through and through. There’s more to an RPG than the battle system.
  13. Nice, didn’t know about the prototype. Based on that, would a copyright-skirting conversion kit for the Waddingtons game be potentially possible?
  14. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    This stance is new on me. Why isn't it a JRPG?
  15. The EGA version of Monkey Island 1, with the animated Steve Purcell character portraits and MT-32 music, is the best version. It looks like hell without dithering though, so either play it on a CRT or use a dithering scaler for RetroArch.
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