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  1. I've bought two Everdrives direct from Krikzz before and from memory always managed to avoid customs somehow.
  2. I suspect it'll be the same - the SMS is running in hardware on the Mega Drive, and it had no controller port wiring for a pause button. Bear in mind even the old Power Base Converter had a hardware pause button! The Mega SG can do it because it abstracts the controller ports away from the underlying system, so it can map the Start button to the hardware pause line in hardware. This is also why it can happily use MD pads for the few SMS games that are normally incompatible with them, like Wonderboy in Monster Land. It's a bit of a sod getting the Mark III Sega Paddle Controller to
  3. Always meant to play that. I understand it’s from the Master of Darkness school of shamelessly-derivative-but-good.
  4. My joycons are starting to drift rather a lot, think it's time to do something about it. A few questions for the hive mind: Are Nintendo doing free repairs for this issue in the UK? They're about 3 years old. If not, what's the repair cost? Short of replacing parts, what's the best home maintenance technique, and is it really a fix or just a sticking plaster? Trying to play Xenoblade 2, and any slight movement on the stick cancels your auto attack, which is driving me nuts.
  5. You could do a 2-for-1 with Crash Bandicoot, @MikeBeaver
  6. Right back into this in the last fortnight or so, picking up where I left off in April. Spoilers for anyone who hasn't unlocked all the characters yet, or for anyone who doesn't want to read a load of rambly stuff. Currently running around mining ore for Agate's blade quest, then once Zenobia has finished her merc missions I'll start revisiting all the Unique Monster graves to fill out her (tremendously fun) skill tree. I also spent a wee session doing lots of salvaging in each location to boost up my Dev Ratings. It really is a licence to print money w
  7. The really big advantage of the Mega SG over the Framemeister when it comes to scaling is the variable horizontal resolutions the MD uses - the Mega SG lets you set different horizontal scaling factors for 320px and 256px width content, so it's great for games that switch between the two. Always hated dealing with that on the Framemeister, it made the MD much more of a faff than the fixed-resolution SNES.
  8. I suspect 720p might be better on a 4K screen - that'll give you a perfect 9x scale of the 240p content. Might depend on how your TV performs when upscaling 720p vs 1080p, mind. A lot of people don't like scanlines on 1080p but I find it's fine, provided you're using an integer scale for the Y axis (I use 4.0x, so it doesn't quite fill the screen). If you use a non-integer scale, they can be irregular widths and it looks nasty (much like the Framemeister, from memory). Regardless, I understand they're supposed to be better in 720p. The hybrid scanlines mode is really go
  9. I have a Japanese Columns cart which I acquired for much the same reasons, will drop you a PM.
  10. That looks a lot like the one I sold to @Marlowe for £10 a few pages back. Ugly, but it works, and has wiring for the extra pins used by carts with expansion chips (SuperFX, SA-1) which most cheat devices lack. I got it from a Swedish retro shop (also mentioned somewhere in the depths of this thread), but they don't seem to make them any more.
  11. I believe the most valuable western SMS game these days, rather than being the infamous Smurfs game, is the US version of Sonic The Hedgehog. This is literally the PAL version with a US barcode sticker applied to it. https://www.pricecharting.com/game/sega-master-system/sonic-the-hedgehog PAL version CIB - $18 US version CIB - $557
  12. How much would A La Carte + Dessert be, including postage?
  13. Rainbow Islands Extra is great. I'd encountered the ROM multiple times in the past without realising until last year that you can switch it back to vanilla Rainbow Islands in the options menu, which greatly improves it IMO. The Extra mode feels like a romhack, which is kind of is - weird that they made it the default mode on the MD version.
  14. Scooby Doo Mystery on the Mega Drive is a pretty decent point and click, with a graphical style that looks like it takes some inspiration from Day of the Tentacle. The puzzles are a bit hit and miss, but it looks a real treat. The game with the same name on the SNES is a less interesting platform-puzzle thing.
  15. I think we're largely agreeing here - Analogue almost certainly won't do it, because they can make more money doing something else. But if they did do it, it would a) align their Sega and Nintendo products b) have something of a historical basis, and c) would be possible to work with real carts/controllers using the current hardwired cart/port connectors, with the addition of simple adapters. As for the portability of the cores, it'll be interesting to see that on the Pocket. I know some supporting circuitry is needed besides the FPGA, so I don't know if you'd, for example, be able
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