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  1. Part of me loves this, but another part of me freaks out about what'll happen when it rains (I know, nothing, but still). Generally struggling with that when it comes to civic decoration! That coffee table looks excellent - what range is it?
  2. Audie is good fun, foxtrot! Although the way she occasionally refers to herself as a wolf is distracting, when she’s clearly skinned to be a fox. Similar issue with Flora, the flamingo-skinned ostrich. When you meet old villagers on a deserted island, do they still remember you or their time on your island?
  3. I’ve stashed the plaques from the stamp rally in my wardrobe, only to be put out on display when I’ve finished each collection.
  4. I've seen really depressing pictures online of people gaming the evaluation algorithm by just piling shit everywhere, and rigging their feng shui by covering the walls in t-shirts. I'm an inveterate powergamer when it comes to RPGs, but in a game like Animal Crossing, it seems weird. The journey is the reward, just let it happen.
  5. Looking at my out tray... Ticket To Ride Europe Dominion Big Box Thurn & Taxis (including a rareish Spielbox mini-expansion) Flash Point + Second Story expansion Roll Through the Ages Hanabi Failing that, cash rarely offends.
  6. Ooh, Favour of the Pharoah has been vaguely on my radar for a while - I'm a bit of a Tom Lehmann fanboy. Anything you're looking for?
  7. If you eat fruit and dig them up after harvesting them, they're just Hardwood Trees in your inventory rather than Money Trees.
  8. Ace, that's the info I was looking for! I've got 3 days worth of trees at the moment, so should get my harvest going just in time to build up some Turnip money.
  9. My little fenced off Money Tree farm is doing nicely. Working out you could move the saplings has been a game changer. Anyone know exactly how many days they take to grow? Everything online is frustatingly vague ("A few days", etc). If I can manage to get in and do this daily, then it's a 21,000 bell yield every morning (30k off the tree, 1k from the glowing hole, 10k invested back in). Seems a safer bet than the stalk market! Just got to stop my daughter raiding them...
  10. Ta - nipped in briefly but the guitar was more money than I have at the moment! Ended up buying some bags from Kicks anyway.
  11. Speaking of Flamingos... Got my first new plots built last night, and they've sold already: Flora, who I met on a Nook Miles island. A flamingo-coloured Peppy Ostrich. Moved in today. Annalisa - hasn't moved in yet, internet says she's a "normal" anteater. Pudge - hasn't moved in yet, internet says he's a lazy bear who is permanently pulling a face like he's just soiled himself. Yay? Quite pleased with Flora, although this means 2/5 animals are Ostriches. An anteater sounds fun too, although I find Normal villagers a bit dowdy. I also shot down a pedalboard from a balloon, which is awesome, as I'm currently putting my first pedalboard together in real life. I can see it's got a Boss BD-2 on there, along with a Vox Wah and Rodger Meyer Voodoo Vibe, amongst others. Just need a guitar and amp now!
  12. Oh wow, didn't know that was a thing. I'd love that, and my daughter would be well chuffed to see Hopkins back too - PM incoming!
  13. Currently on Day 3 of Ronaldsay, my second island. The first one was started by my wife, and me and my 7 y/o daughter joined in. But my wife couldn't cope with the chaos that came with having a 7 year old in the town (particularly once terraforming is unlocked), and bought a Switch Lite and upped and left, leaving us in the lurch with no Resident Rep. Not going to lie, I feel a bit betrayed, but having a shiny controllable island is important to her mental health right now, as Christ knows we can't control anything else. It's also a lot more fun to play with her on two devices rather than the Call Resident thing, and we get two nibbles of the cherry for Turnips etc. Anyway, we moved everything onto her island for a day, polluting the beaches with tonnes of accumulated crud, then shifted it all onto the new island, which I'm steering. Turbo-grinding back through the early stages of the game to get the town back to some semblance of normality, or the equivalent of normality when there's a 7 y/o on the island. If anyone has any of the following villagers threatening to leave, please let me know - we lost them with the old island, and it would be lovely to have them back: Katt (top priority) Audie Hopkins New island has Sprocket, who looks like an ostrich that fell in the computer at the end of Superman 3, and Tammy, a bear who is nice enough if a bit bland. I'm going to have to get the hang of the kind of civic works my wife excelled at (flower planting, etc) - I was only really interested in fishing, bug catching, clothes and my house. I'm so shallow, no wonder she left me. TL;DR feel like crap just want katt back
  14. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    I seriously think that if she could take the Animal Crossing save with her, my wife would have bought her own Switch Lite, so Nintendo are doing themselves out of a sale here.
  15. Alexlotl

    Nintendo Switch

    I read that as Nintendo-tend-o, like a familiar nickname for anyone not into that whole brevity thing.
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