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  1. Catrap is ace! I might have been the one recommending it after seeing Jeremy Parish review it on Game Boy Works. I have an original cart, and play it on my Super NT + SGB2 sometimes.
  2. Ooh, tempting offer. I wasn't dismissing 4-6 outright, more acknowledging that the Takumi directed games are sort of a thing in themselves. But I will say that Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney Investigations and AAI:2 made me a bit weary in a way that the first three didn't, and GAA isn't thus far. I actually couldn't be bothered to finish AAI:2. I completely missed the 3DS as a platform, something I occasionally wonder if I should remedy.
  3. Just finished the third case of the first game. Blimey! That's a pretty radical set of circumstances to give you in only the second court case of the series, I genuinely didn't know what was going to happen. Although I guess it's really targeted squarely at AA veterans, so it's perhaps better to think of it as Shu Takumi's Ace Attorney 4. Anyway, to re-answer the question above - definitely play the original series first, the learning curve and assumption challenging in the Great Ace Attorney games seems to assume you've done that already. One slight disappointment is that I'm three cases in, and yet to see a ladder/stepladder. Other than that, really enjoying it - having not played AA5 or 6 it's my first game with the 3D models, and they have so much more life than the old sprites, much as I loved them. Maybe one day they'll do a HD remake of 1-3 with 3D models - it would be a better option than the over-processed art originally intended for the GBA.
  4. My display settings for both consoles, which I know some other forumites have used with success: Oh, and set the power LED to red - that's the most important one. As mentioned in the quote above, FirebrandX does "perfect" graphics guides but they take forever to dial in. When you lose them with every firmware update, quick-and-good is the ticket for me. What I haven't tinkered with much is the Mega SG sound options, as I honestly don't know where to begin, and it's a huge, subjective can of worms anyway.
  5. I agree, but I really don't get on with that redrawn art. I'd recommend playing it on a DS of some kind, or an emulator. But I'm probably just being a grumpy old man.
  6. I think the two are connected - either the FFH password DB was compromised, and FF accounts were then compromised due to password re-use between the two sites, or FFH was one of those sites that took your FPL login details to get extra info on your team, and those PWs were leaked.
  7. Alexlotl


    Back in my Aeropress days, I always put the paper in the filter, then ran it under the tap briefly so it was wet, and repositioned it if required. An already wet filter won't flap around, and it also seems to protect against coffee dripping through before it's time to plunge. Seemed a more elegant solution that using the whole thing upside down, which was the vogue at the time. I think I recall that some people pre-soak the filters, because it's more artisanal than just running it under the tap. They probably use holy water, or unicorn tears.
  8. Replacing the sticks in joycons isn’t hard, no soldering required. New ones are about £3 each. Not sure what’s involved in fixing the Pro Controller, though.
  9. My replacement sticks are starting to drift. They don’t last long when your daughter has a Minecraft habit! Time to order some more.
  10. As long as we eventually get the translated, 60Hz version of Sin & Punishment that was on the Wii VC, I'll be happy.
  11. My lad started watching the new Netflix He-Man reboot this morning (not the Kevin Smith one). I found Prince Adam and Man At Arms kind of... familiar looking.
  12. I’d definitely get it over the X7. As well as Mega CD, you get save state support for SMS/SG1000 games too, which no-one apart from me cares about.
  13. I got the physical for my birthday, after some pretty direct hints. On case 2, enjoying it so far. The Dance of Deduction was great, very Ghost Trick influenced with the spotlights. Also amused that the localisation team are evidently at least partly British, as there was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Strictly Come Dancing pun in there. I agree the pacing could perhaps have used some refinement (the first case was as long and twisty as you’d expect a 3rd case to be), but the game just generally *feels* right, in a way that neither Apollo Justice or Ace Attorney Investigations did for me.
  14. Hmm, latency is pretty damn bad with my original model Switch and first-gen AirPods. But that might well be the AirPods fault - this graph, based on testing on an iPad, makes it look like Apple have cut latency a lot with newer releases:
  15. All Nintendo first party stuff after Pikmin had 60Hz, all Capcom stuff had 60hz and I think all Sega stuff did too. I know a lot of multi-platform ports didn’t, but they tended to have bullshit controls on the Cube anyway due to that same laziness. Beyond Good & Evil was the only one I was sad to miss out on. What other 50hz only console exclusives were there? I can only think of Lost Kingdoms, which I briefly owned.
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