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  1. Covers are actually designed for you to judge books by.
  2. Haven't DC just fired loads of people and shut down their streaming service?
  3. I've never watched a single episode of Bosch, but Amazon keep pumping trailers at us, so much so that "That's above BOTH our pay grades!" has become a bit of a catchphrase in our house.
  4. I have a friend who reviews TV, and has seen half the season already, and he's raving about it, saying it's fantastic.
  5. Cheers. Scrolled past this last night, and we ummed and arred about whether to watch it or not. Halle Berry is good, but is one of those actors with either terrible taste in scripts, or a terrible agent, as you have no idea if a film she's in is going to be any good or not just because she's in it.
  6. The moon on a stick on the Switch.
  7. Bah, was hoping for a £3.49 or something.
  8. Not yet, but just saw a great review of it on twitter: "It turns out it was someone else's fault all along".
  9. I get what you mean (in that I'd generally prefer books to be one offs rather than long series), but I still haven't caught up on the millions of excellent sf books from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc., that I've not read yet to be bothered if too many modern authors aren't writing one off books.
  10. I'm enjoying it so far (three episodes in), but not loving it like I did with season 1. As mentioned above, it seems to be following too similar a pattern to season 1 to feel fresh or exciting.
  11. I've watched YouTube ones for shows like Twin Peaks or Dark, where there are mysteries and theories to get into, but not for anything that's just a straightforward show where (I imagine) people would just be banging on about how great it was. I've also enjoyed post-episode podcasts for shows like Chernobyl and Breaking Bad and Inside Number 9, where the writers or directors talk about the making of the episode - I guess that format would work for any type of show you enjoy.
  12. A question about this (not sure if it's know). While the blurb specifically only mentions broken or lost, what happens if you simply buy a new switch? Decide you want a Lite after having an original model, or just want a funky new special edition. Can you restore your island to a new Switch this way? Or is there already a method to do this?
  13. I think it was the extra types of Pikmin in 3 that I wasn't keen on. I preferred the simplicity / purity of the three types in the first. But yeah, the limited number of days in the first was unneccessary.
  14. I think I am in reverse order, but don't feel strongly enough to argue (or I'm not even sure I could argue!). I can't remember why, but the first one had a massive impact on me, and Ioved everything about it. The second one slightly less so, and the third one even less. It could be that the third was objectively the best, but I could never again get that feeling of freshness and surprise I got from the first. Was the DLC for 3 any cop? I never bothered with that, so wondering if that's going to tip me over into getting this.
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