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  1. I've said before on here, Dark is the only masterpiece that Netflix have produced so far.
  2. I saw in the email newsletter for my local indie cinema that it was coming here for a couple of days in November. Figured I'd go and see it. Then my missus pointed out that it was the David Lynch film that was coming to our cinema. Now I'm definitely going seeing it!
  3. Imagine inventing an amazing futuristic world, where you can implement anything you want, but instead of creating a Culture-like, scarcity-free utopia of pure freedom and unlimited expression, you recreate all the horrors of the modern capitalist world we live in, with uneven resource distribution, haves and have-nots, VIP lounges at the spaceport, the need for health insurance, etc. Mind boggling.
  4. Interesting interview in The Guardian with the VIPs, partly explaining why their acting seems so bad. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/oct/19/they-didnt-just-pick-us-up-off-the-street-meet-the-globally-derided-squid-game-vips
  5. Trailers looks great. Really looking forward to not being able to watch it because it's on Disney.
  6. Just saw that the film Hard to be a God has popped up on Amazon. A real treat if you like medieval, black and white, Russian sf, that's basically just three hours of mud and spitting with no plot to speak of. It's actually fucking amazing, so I'd really recommend making time to sit and watch it, but my description above is accurate. It's an adaptation of a russian sf novel, but feels more like a companion piece to the novel rather than a straight adaptation (someone on twitter compared it to 2001 in that regard). I read the novel straight after, which worked for me - the novel contains the actual story and plot, whereas the movie is just the feel and atmosphere. Incredible film.
  7. I ended up grinding a bit and had a party of three that were easily strong enough to go and rescue my fallen team, doing a run for each one, and bringing them all back to the academy. I got my head around the mechanics a lot better through doing that, and found a way to revive two petrified team members too. Now I've got a super levelled team of three, with good gear, and a load more at level 6 or 7 or so, and just starting on the second section. I like it because it's just pure game mechanics, no distracting frills.
  8. One thing that slightly confused me, my party of 4 wiped out, and the game took me back to floor 0 to build a new party, but warned me there were no more spare party members available, so if I wiped out again my game would be over. There are loads of potential party members in the list, greyed out. Some KOed, some petrified, some 'Wandering'. How do I get some of these adventurers back to the start to use in case I wipe out again? Do I have to fight my way to their position with less than 4 party members, get them to join, then walk them back to floor zero, and repeat that until I've got a backup squad back at base?
  9. If it's Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, you don't need to read anything before. As said above, he took over an existing run, and tried to tie up / throw it away with his first issue, then starts his run 'proper' with Anatomy Lesson, trying his best to start from scratch really, without technically starting from scratch, for the sake the the small number of existing readers at the time. I came on board with issue 25, and only caught up with the earlier issues with a Titan reprint from years ago, and that only bothered with 21-24 (Anatomy Lesson onwards) and didn't reprint his first issue. That's the only one I've never read.
  10. OK, took the plunge and spent an hour or so at dinner time. Are you just supposed to keep going down and down forever / until you die, or are you supposed to go back up to the top to the shop?
  11. Stranger (2 seasons) Sky Castle.
  12. I don't think you can underestimate the striking visual design either, those candy coloured Escher stairways and the creepy masks. Those look great in thumbnails and on the trailers.
  13. That's veering very close to the 'big companies don't make mistakes' fallacy, which gets proven wrong on an almost daily basis.
  14. You started the thread, you have to buy it and tell us what you think.
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