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  1. Soft as shite for me. You've done the hard work, usually, just getting to the final boss. I'd like it to be spectacular but easy. The boss fight itself being the reward for beating the game, not the boss fight being the final challenge. I'm usually tired and fed up of the game when I reach the final boss, and don't want a challenge. If it's any kind of RPG type game where you build up skills / levels / abilities, etc., then I just want to show off how powerful I've become and smash something into the ground as a treat. And bosses that have multiple stages, without a save point between them, can fuck right off.
  2. Completed Xenoblade Chronicles 3 yesterday. What a joyless slog it became towards the end. Well, most of the way before that, to be honest. I only kept on because I enjoyed the previous entries in the series, and I'd paid for it so wanted my money's worth. I kept waiting for it to get good, but it didn't. The final area was so boring and repetitive, then the boss battle so stressful yet boring at the same time. Great visuals, but super annoying to play. Took about 1hr 45 mins from the start of the boss battle to the end credits, with seemingly endless, "ah, you've beaten me, but now you must fight my true form!". Seriously, does anyone enjoy that kind of boss fight? And even when it was (seemingly) over, about a dozen, cloying, over-written, 'characters-say-goodbye' scenes, all before you get to save your progress after the boss fight. A game that really disrespects the player's time, presuming you have hours of undivided attention to devote to every play-session, with awful, drawn-out, slow paced sentimental cut scenes. I don't think I'll bother if they do another one in the series.
  3. This might be my favourite of Tim's videos so far. Finished it today on the other screen while working. I thought the personal life story section was the only part of one of his videos I didn't like at first, then by the end it was the best bit. Beautiful.
  4. I'd agree with that, but I do really dislike the game running around you when you're in the menus. I understand why, in always on-line type games like Dark Souls, etc, but I'd hate to see this adopted in pure single player games too. It's too stressful! A much better solution would be to not allow you to apply buffs, eat food etc within the menu itself. If you go in the menu to eat an apple, then it cues up that action and once you leave the menu the character performs the 'eat apple' action, at the next available opportunity.
  5. I did watch until the end. It was all awful, but I'm fascinated by people who think their bubble is the whole world. "The whole of twitch" was this and that, when some drama occurs between a small group of peers who follow every detail of each others' lives.
  6. I was dex / RoB for most of the game. Not until after the final boss did I try the Blasphemous Blade (from the soul of the Volcano Manor boss). Needed a load more STR than I has, but it was great fun.
  7. I've not been a regular reader of the Meg over the years, but started again a few months back. You're right, Lawless is excellent comics.
  8. It was great to see this on telly, as I'd seen it live in my home town, and although you suspect it's all utterly controlled (and he often says as much), I'm never quite sure whether things are genuinely going wrong or not on the night. Someone I know had a friend who worked at the theatre we watched this in, and the day after told them about this comedian who was on the previous night who completely died on stage and was utter crap - it was so embarrassing for him, apparently.
  9. Regarding the R1 attack. Pretty early in the game (maybe just after Stormveil) I switched to dual wielding katanas, and I pretty much used the L1 dual attack, with jump, for the rest of the game. With a bit of a hint of Bloodborne, I think ER rewards aggressive, all-out melee attack in most cases, so ditch that shield and dual wield!
  10. I would say you're playing this exactly right. Souls veterans who are familiar with a lot of the mechanics will find it easier, but yeah, it's supposed to be incredibly difficult and you will get killed by trash mobs regularly. The way the battle system works, even though you can get incredibly skillful and powerful, and dispatch the toughest enemies without taking a scratch, any player at any level can also easily be killed by the weakest mobs, especially in gangs, if they lose concentration. It's all part of the fun. Running away a lot is absolutely recommended.
  11. I got to the start of Chapter 4 in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 last night and... I'm not loving it yet. Everything feels a bit tedious, boss battles take too long, the world looks a bit drab, I'm finding the character interactions in the cut-scenes a bit annoying, etc. I really enjoyed the three previous ones. Are there any major changes to the game ahead of me that are likely to shake it up and turn it around for me?
  12. There isn't that much of a story, in the sense of a scripted narrative driving you forward. You get a justification at the start (although it's still pretty cryptic), and your mission is essentially to kill every boss. But there's a very rich backstory to everything, and that's what slowly reveals itself if you're observant and read every description of every object you find, listen to every bit of dialogue, pay attention to the design and layout of every area, etc.
  13. My main advice is that these are not games where you are expected to do everything or see everything or meet every NPC or complete every quest. By design, it's almost impossible to follow every NPC quest line. The intention (I think) is to give the player-base things to work out as a community over the months or years after release. It's possible to do everything by following a guide, and that's probably fine for Souls-veterans, but for someone new to the series this can just lead to frustration that you feel the game hasn't told you what the guide told you, and how were you supposed to work that out, etc. Basically, don't approach the game from a gamer / completist point of view, but rather just follow the clues you do find and can work out, and have your own unique adventure, without worrying about missing anything. There's plenty of content so you're hardly going to be short of things to do or places to go. If you beat the final boss you can always do a second run with a guide and find the tons of things you inevitably miss.
  14. About half way through Woo there's an episode called The Pied Piper, and it absolutely killed me. It's my favourite TV show at the moment.
  15. Run away? They're the only enemies I didn't kill at least once. There's a bunch of them in a room with a chest - maybe a couple of situations like that - I just suicided into the room for the chest / item, and died. Once day I'll come back with a different build and murder them.
  16. After finishing the game I decided I was going to try to mop up the last few bosses I'd missed, a couple of evergaols, etc., before NG+. I'd not done the Yelough Anix Tunnel mini-dungeon in Consecrated Snowfield, so there was that, but I'd generally been pretty thorough and tried to do absolutely everything I could find on my way to the end of the game. Anyway, pottering about yesterday and checking an online map I found THREE mini-dungeons I'd completely missed, about four sites of grace, as well as several Death Birds and Death Rite Birds that I'd not met before. What a game.
  17. I think most of that was me over the last couple of days, looking for Elden Beast strategies.
  18. Elden Ring - finally! 237 hours on the clock. Platinum trophy (thanks to save scumming). 65 attempts at the final boss before I beat it. Phew! What a game. Right, NG+ time, I guess.
  19. I'm going to miss this show so much in a couple of weeks. Also - filler episodes? Two of the finest 45mins of tv ever created.
  20. As an RPG fan who didn't get on with Yakuza 0, I suspect you're going to absolutely love Like A Dragon. I think it's straight up there as one of my favourite JRPGs ever. It's even convinced me to go back and have another crack at 0 when I get the chance, as the game won me over to the whole world and style.
  21. About 4-5 hours in, and I'm reminded of all the things I don't like about these games. The over-written, over-long conversations and cut-scenes. The awkward way every character walks into shot during the conversations, then slips into a 'stand' pose, then rotates on the spot, all taking about 3x longer than necessary, before the awkward delayed 'shock' emotion animations that rarely match the words just spoken. I have to power through to get to the part where the game opens up and I can choose for myself where to go and what to fight rather than following the scripted corridor. (I do really like these games, just not the early parts where it's all story.)
  22. I also love that there's now two examples where the most advanced, realistic looking game is the Lego version!
  23. Loving these, but in nearly all the examples the massive jump is between the first two images, then only a bit if finessing* from the second to the third. *finessing that's like years and years of work from super-genius-brains in hardware design and engine programming and tool creation and art and design skills, etc.
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