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  1. I applaud them for trying to bring in a younger readership, and think the stories in the regened progs are fine and some of the artwork is lovely. It's been explained a few times why they interrupt the main prog sequence, as apparently there are difficulties in launching new titles due to the way UK magazine distribution works (don't know the exact details), so it's seems like a smart move generally to tag them into the main prog for practical / business reasons. My only criticism is I don't really like the idea that for something to be for kids, it has to feature kids as the main characters. I mean, I loved 2000ad when I was 7 or 8 (I know it was a different beast then to what it is today). I'm not sure I would have fell for 2000ad at that age if it starred only junior characters - kid judge dredd, baby rogue trooper, whatever. It would have felt like I was getting something sanitised for kids, and it wouldn't have appealed to me.
  2. Not read the thread, as presumably you're all talking about it up to date, but just wanted to pop in and say I started watching this from the beginning last week, and have now seen the first four episodes, and, wow. It's a bit bloody good, isn't it?
  3. I've probably told this story on here already once, but I'd decided a while back I needed to read some of the classics of literature, and pretty much anything out of copyright can be downloaded for free from gutenberg.org or elsewhere, so I grabbed War and Peace for my kindle and jumped in. Fantastic book, and not at all the book you'd expect it to be from BBC adaptations, etc. Anyway, after that I decided I wanted something short to read as a nice change, and for some reason I had it in my head that The Count of Monte Cristo was a ~200 page swashbuckling romp, so I downloaded that and started reading. It was only about a week later that I noticed that despite reading a bit every night, my kindle was only showing 5%. I had no idea I'd picked another whopper.
  4. Big long book fan here. If anything I'm slightly attracted to longer books, although I mostly go off things I've heard, reputation of book, etc. (There are so many great books I've not read, I don't read that much new fiction as I feel like I'm in permanent catch-up mode with old fiction.) If I hear about a book I like the sound of, it being 700+ pages is certainly not a negative in my eyes.
  5. Years ago, around the time he made Ziggurat on iOS, Tim got in touch with our John and said he was going to talk about Magnetic Billiards in a video, which would hopefully give us a bit of a boost, but it never happened for one reason or another (I think he lost his YouTube channel or something like that).
  6. I don't go in the politics folder. I'm just here for games talk (and comics and films), and this is game related, so please keep it here, as that way I'll get to read it.
  7. Also, if you don't like the advert version, I believe you can pay extra later on to upgrade the advert version to a no-advert version, and the amount is equivalent (I think) to the difference in price between the two versions new, so in theory there's no downside to buying the advert version if you're not sure.
  8. Just did a search. Found this site, says last shown in a UK cinema in January this year. Bet it was in London. https://www.filmdates.co.uk/films/1001200-lawrence-of-arabia/
  9. I was fortunate enough to watch Lawrence of Arabia once when it was shown at the arty cinema in Manchester in the mid 90s, but that's hardly practical advice. I've never seen it showing on a big screen near me before or since, and never on a Sunday!
  10. I've also never seen The Lion King. I always loved Disney animated films, and had most of them on VHS even before we had kids. Once we had kids we'd get every single one again on DVD as soon as it came out, and my girls would watch them endlessly along with me. For some reason when The Lion King came out, I took an instant dislike to it. I think it was the involvement of Elton John somehow. I don't quite get why as I don't especially dislike Elton John, and really like some of his early music. I didn't really like his position in pop culture at the time (that sort of elder-statesman of British pop music thing), and perhaps there was something in the way Disney promoted his involvement that rubbed me up the wrong way, but for whatever reason we skipped that out of our Disney library. Since it's been turned into what looks like the most dreadful-looking stage musical ever, promoted as if it's mankind's greatest cultural achievement, then a horrible looking live action film, I'm even less inclined than ever watch it now. Funnily enough both my daughters seem to have picked up on my dislike of it, and their having never seen The Lion King has become 'a thing' for them. When people can't believe they've not seen it and try to get them to watch it, they both insist they never will.
  11. Halfway through the season, I should say. I'm fully the way through Tokimeki Memorial.
  12. Only half way through, but Tokemeki Memorial is my favourite one.
  13. I admit I've not re-read it since it was first released. I did get the new hardback edition, and plan to re-read it soon, but where does all the time go?
  14. I went to Simon Day's twitter yesterday evening and watched all his little sketches. They were ace. Loved the bit about the builders' missus leaving him because he disparaged her knowledge of drug gangs, and the Cartel in general.
  15. I've only seen Crystal Skull once, on telly a few years ago. I'd heard all the haters and was expecting it to be dreadful. I thought it was fine.
  16. I can totally see why anyone might not like his videos, and completely bounce off his style. I like them, and I think you're missing out if you don't get it, but it hardly makes someone an idiot for not liking them.
  17. I've had a very pleasant afternoon watching the Cyberpunk reviews while I worked. I went with the intro, then #2 (graphics), then #3 (what he liked), then the conclusion. It's a work of art. Might watch the other parts at a later date. I've not played the game. Ziggurat was ace too.
  18. Yeah, that would be like making a film of The Eternals and not using Jack Kirby's wild, psychedelic visuals.
  19. I regularly re-watch his Dragon Quest 11 review (and the Switch non-review update) just for pleasure.
  20. Getting a bit annoyed by headlines and news stories describing this as "Jodorowsky's The Incal", or even Waititi saying, "the characters that Jodorowsky created." It's Jodorowsky and Moebius' The Incal. The characters were created by Jodorowsky and Moebius
  21. If you want to go in blind, there's nothing to be gained from watching it. I'm sure it's only showing some early areas and the first boss or so, but if you're already hyped up... The map looks so beautiful...
  22. Jared Leto and Jared Harris on screen together at last!
  23. My mistake, it's on Netflix, not Amazon.
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