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  1. Probably too late, but Timecrimes. Only seen it once and absolutely loved it. Couldn't understand why it wasn't more famous.
  2. I've been getting into reading comics digitally since I got an iPad at Christmas. I'd previously bought tons of comics from various Humble Bundles over the years, so got such a backlog that I've not even considered looking for new stuff to read. So far I've just downloaded them as PDFs and have been reading them via iBooks or whatever it is on the iPad that displays PDFs. There are no fancy features for zooming in on individual panels, but not sure I'm missing anything there. I've re-read League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Locke and Key and now going through The Incal and onto other stuf
  3. Yeah, I feel the same. With the back catalogue of British comics they've bought, I expected to see a growing library of editions of classic british strips permanently available. While they've doing a good job of putting out editions of these classics, the fact that they don't remain available seems to undermine the whole proposition. I've decided I wanted to read The Trigan Empire, and the Rebellion editions look nice, but they only have volume 2 available. Volume 3 out later this year, volume 1 sold out. Seems a bit useless if you can't browse a collection of classic old comics an
  4. Quite enjoyed the first episode.
  5. I'm only half way through the series, so not sure about the rest, but just the general sort of thing from book adaptations. There were quite a few more trips out from the ships by various scouting parties in the book, a lot more detail on exactly what was happening to the ships (in terms of damage, etc.) as the ice sets in, a few more incidents with the bear. One thing that seems a bit wrong in the TV adaptation is just how cold it is, and how much they have to wear. The book goes into great detail about the number of layers of clothing they wear, and the great rigmarole of entering and
  6. I really enjoyed Subnautica, but it does just leave you to it.
  7. I've just gone into the PlayStation Store on the PS4, and I only get the option to Download these games. Is there a way to add them to my account, without downloading them, on the PS4 itself?
  8. Only half way through, but as I've read the book I just feel like it's zooming through everything too quickly.
  9. How can a film present a film? Surely only a person or group or organisation can 'present' something?
  10. Ah, what? I'm only 3 episodes into season 2!
  11. These two (along with a Neil Gaiman one) are currently available in a nice hardback volume for a tenner in WHSmiths. It's part of one of these Hatchette buy-one-every-week to build into a massive collection of DC comics, but you can just buy the single issue for the Alan Moore Supermans.
  12. Playing purely solo at the moment. Found the location of the second boss, and gearing up now ready for an attempt. Four trolls down so far in my attempts to collect copper and tin so putting together a nice blue ensemble.
  13. Why is everyone talking about Doom Patrol in the Netflix thread? I presumed it was on there, so sat down last night to give it a try.
  14. Bosch has become a running joke in our house because of the trailer they used to continually show, about a year back, with the lines, "That's above my pay grade", "That's above BOTH our pay grades!" Anything that either of us are too lazy to do around the house is now "above both our pay grades!" I don't think I could watch the show for fear of ruining our joke.
  15. A bunch of old Swedish films have turned up on Netflix this week, if you like that sort of thing. The Lady In Black is a stylish whodunnit from the late 50s which I watched earlier this week, and was great fun. A little bit distracting as *everyone* seems to be smoking all of the time, even more than most films of this era. There's loads more if you look under 10th March additions on New on Netflix UK (can't work out a way to link directly to that date, sorry).
  16. Managed to kill the stupid troll! Kited him around a little clearing, shooting arrows every chance I got. I stupidly started the fight without my resting bonus, but only realised too late. Got him almost dead then he killed me due to my lack of stamina. Quick corpse run and he was still hanging around, nearly dead, needing just 1 arrow to finish him off, and now I have a nice blue tunic.
  17. Things like Blast Corps or Ico don't count (IMO) because they're the whole game. The games were designed and balanced around the escort concept, and made to work. The problem is the escort 'mission' - the single level in a game that tries this mechanic in an otherwise different type of game. Completely agree with the original post. Not a fan.
  18. Picked this up a week ago, and I'm enjoying it a lot, although it's a bit clunky in places (not enjoying the minecraft-style endless faffing about with chests and inventory management). I've done the first boss and just at the stage where I can start smelting tin and copper to make bronze. Been battered by a troll once already, and now there's a troll hanging around outside my base, who keeps wandering near and smashing my fences. I end up running away like a mardy pants, hoping it will despawn at some point. One question - I keep seeing pics and videos of people's fa
  19. You really don't need to get into Marvel. The truth is they're not especially good films, they're just competently made high budget action films with too much CGI. The magic (if there is any) comes from bringing beloved characters to the big screen for people who've been invested in those characters for years. If you're not already invested, they're just a bunch of very samey films, made by accountants to extend and milk franchises. If you're not already infected by the burning necessity to consume bland content and pour money into Disney's overflowing coffers do yourself a favour
  20. I know its not 'proper' comics, but there's a new issue of the Zarjaz fanzine out today (#39) with a Judge Dredd strip in it drawn by me. It's even had a review on downthetubes, so that's the first time a comic strip of mine has been reviewed, which is a weird feeling.
  21. Might go for Finch, but I'm very behind on my reading. I picked up Utopia Avenue whenever that was discounted (months ago), and got kinda stuck in it. Wasn't enjoying it much, but didn't want to abandon it, so ended up not reading very often, while still buying more books. Anyway, I got a spurt on over the weekend and read the last quarter of it (and actually really enjoyed the last quarter), so I'm now ready to start reading a book from only about 3 months ago.
  22. Same here. Loved it when I saw it at the cinema. It was raved about a little bit at the time, but never really gets talked about much compared to other scorsese films. Not seen it on tv or any streaming service since, so never watched it again. Would be well up for watching it now.
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