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  1. A good theory. But the patch author has said they tweaked every enemy, item, and weapon manually. Which is sort of noticeable in a couple cases. I just think they were more interested in making it balls hard, intentionally, than rebalancing it. Ideally I'd like a patch that adjust everything rather than scaling it all up. This is very true. It's something I noticed with fighting games. The AI is either a walkover because you can do something like a leg sweep over and over, or it's a vertical wall of pain trying to win. There's not the flexibility you find in human
  2. I take back everything I said about the Hard Patch for this. It was great fun through the normal castle, which I completed. It forced you to use all your tactics, all your items, all your spells. I would regularly make use of Dark Metamorphoses to heal myself (cast it, then attack a blood spewing enemy for the blood to heal you). In the normal game you will never, ever need it. The patch showed the game to have arobust system of mechanics. Then I get to the inverted castle and the patch author does what pretty much every rebalance patch creator does: make the game ludic
  3. For anyone thinking it's too easy, the Hard Mode patch is surprisingly very well done. I patched the PS1 game and run it on PSIO on original hardware. They've rebalanced absolutely everything, and it now gives you a reason to make use of all the tat and junk items you find. Sadly it nixxed the Shield Sword magic combo (which was totally broken from the start), but the rest is pretty decent. Which surprises me, because rebalance patches by fans are almost always universally crap.
  4. Find someone who has the demo and they can email it to you. It might not be the full game, but you can at least enjoy that sweet, sweet title screen, and the 5 minutes allowed for demo play. Also, well done on making your own version!
  5. I thought bald Uncle Phil died? ANYWAY! Did a test via USB key between some Xboxes today, and it turns out there is zero security on demos. I was able to transfer Ginga Saikutsudan to a different machine, and even play it via USB stick. Clearly Microsoft wanted people to share demos. Besides, you need to be logged in to XBLA to load it. I booted it while logged in as one of my alternate accounts, so you do not need to be logged in as my original account which downloaded it! So! My offer is this: if anyone wants the free demo of
  6. I know. It's my video, which I recorded and uploaded specifically because this game has almost zero footprint online, despite being a genre defying and truly excellent experience. I genuinely feel sad know it will never be played by anyone. Sadly it was delisted. When I went to buy it, months or even years before the 2017 closure, it was no longer available. I saved the download to a USB key. I don't know if it's possible to put this on other Xbox systems, other than those with my account, but maybe it can still be played as a demo? Filename: C310D6E1CBCF0E9CF86A46
  7. Oh man. I spent the last few days playing the XBLIG games I splurged on (about 50), and also the 200 or so demos I have. I really wish this were still around. Found a ton of demos I never thought to buy, and now can never play the full games. * Star Cross Sci-fi RPG with the weirdest graphics style I have ever seen. * Rise of Gaddafish Turn into a fish, swim into Gaddafi's toilet, take over Libya. Hilarious. * Alderman Weird on-rails horse medieval lance shooter? Graphics look like 90s CG cartoons * Tribes of Ursea
  8. Looked it up... Nope, fuck Dark Souls 1. Checked the Wiki. You can only warp to a few select bonfires, and only after defeating Dragon Wanker Ornstein and Turd Molester Smough, two utter bastard hard bosses, to get the Lordvessel: https://darksouls.fandom.com/wiki/Lordvessel I now have horrid flashbacks of playing this monstrosity. I will never return to it. I want the freedom to just do as I please, flitting from one locale to another. Demon's Souls < Dark Souls 2 < King's Field series < Dark Souls 1
  9. I haven't played DS1 in years (completed it, never thought much of it), but I really liked DS2. I think main because - and again, my memory if fuzzy here - you could just jump from location to location in DS2, at the bonfires, which made it much more like Demon's Souls and the way you accessed levels in the Nexus. Didn't DS1 exist as one linear slog, forcing you to go from one area to another, each time you wanted to go somewhere else? I have memories of some city section, and I had to endlessly travel through some sewer tunnel, which had some easy rat enemy, about ten
  10. Interesting; coming from Demon's and DSI, I wasn't aware of this (or I forgot). Though while it is tempting to respec my high Faith chara, stuff like my +10 electric mace can't be. It's a shame they nerfed the viability of magic after Demon's. I went pyro for DSI and it was useless. Starting area, basic single enemy required more than my entire supply of fireballs. Even now, in DSII, with 48 Faith, the biggest lightning bolt blast spell available takes less 25% off most regular enemies. Four blasts versus two mace swipes? Gonna use the mace. i just can't see
  11. Not at all. It's very simple as this simple diagram simply points out (the simplicity). Though I'd like to add it's made a mistake, since Dragon's Curse on the PC Engine is in fact simply called "Adventure Island", even though it's actually Dragon's Curse.
  12. Not sure if you're struggling, or if you beat it and are now triumphantly telling the level to suck it. But I loved the Shrine of Amana. Favourite bit of the game. Had been playing as a melee/Faith character, and the pure magic attacks took me totally by surprise. So I spent several hours prepping myself to tackle it. Got a shield with high magic defence (Llewellyn I think?), reinforced it a few times, looked through my inventory which I'd never touched, found some high defence magic clothes, equipped them, put a magic def ring on, some magic def edibles, herbs to boos
  13. So I've been invading people's games but then, to fuck with their minds, helping them out. In Dragon Sanctum I've been destroying statues to make killing the knights easier. One guy was there, with a human summon, and he was clearly struggling, so I ran past them (they ignored me), broke the statues, and then they sort of stood, confused, before dealing with the knights. I think they understood I was there to help. But then, to double fuck their minds, after they'd killed the enemies, I used corrosion mist to damage their armour but not their bodies. Then I jumped in a hole to my death!
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    Disco Elysium

    This sounds incredible.
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    Disco Elysium

    Thanks! Friends were recommending it and getting irritated with me when I tried to claim the lack of combat hinted at shallow mechanics. I remained open minded, because it could have been complex without combat. But I'm starting to lean more and more towards not wanting to risk more than £5 on it.
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