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  1. Exactly,* who cares if a company like Sony fucked some smaller company by selling them equipment that they (Sony) knew would soon be obsolete and useless. Those idiots at the company buying it deserve it. Like people who hire cowboy builders and their house burns down - they deserved being scammed. If you can't handle getting conned don't play the game (of life). Any stance against companies doing what they like is clearly Communism. Frankly it would be perfectly acceptable for Sony to sell you things that explode and murder your whole family, because we live in a capitalist democracy, and the
  2. Fair enough. I guess the 20 games I got for free turned me into a turncoat collaborator.
  3. It's possible to update the PS3 firmware using a signed update package and a USB key. I did it once way back when. You can just download it and put on USB and stick it in the PS3 for an auto-update. My hope is Sony acknowledges this CMOS problem and releases one final firmware update which can be shared online if needed, even if they shut the servers. You can then just DL the firmware update, then update the PS3 to its final form, which will negate any CMOS problems. So in 20 years, if your CMOS is dead and it won't play installed games, you just grab the file from somewhere, updat
  4. I had a British, American, Japanese, Hong Kong, and a French account. And everyone got like 4 free games for every account (2 x PS3 and 2 x PSP). So I frankly loved the hack. I ran out of games to choose, so ended up with some pool hall crap for my JPN account. I don't see what the problem was. Hackers attacked them. Do you victim blame someone who gets mugged? They shut stuff down, sorted the problem, and compensated everyone. They dealt with it. Quickly, efficiently, and they gave you stuff to say sorry. It's not like Microsoft is a paragon for corporate
  5. I can attest to the fact this statement was, disturbingly, quite true. The little bastards practically melted to the touch. I don't actually know how metal can be that soft, unless it was an aluminium/mercury amalgam? Literally any other screw in your house is harder.
  6. I hadn't intended to put my laptop on and log in today, but I had a quick browse on my phone and saw this blowing up, so here we are. I'll try to explain my thoughts as briefly as possible - but I've had some wine so it's going to get ranty. I don't really care. I am completely serious about my previous statement. The current framework governing the copyright of games is awful and I hate it. I absolutely despise it. I have personally visited the Japanese Game Preservation Society. I have given keynote academic lectures on game preservation: https://www.kinephanos.c
  7. As a responsible parent he should also be regularly checking his kids' privilege.
  8. I think we're in agreement that blanket beliefs are unsuitable for software, and this entire industry needs a more robust and well thought out framework. I put forward a blanket belief because I preferred the above to the current blanket view of: all piracy is bad. Also, I'd like to point out a parallel situation to this. XBLIG. Since Microsoft shut down XBLIG, making the majority of games lost forever, I bought a modded X360 and began collecting lost XBLIG games. Including one excellent and extremely rare Japanese title which the author delisted years ago. Japanese XBLIG games wer
  9. I put over 100 hours into the original DS game. Honestly, it was the only reason for keeping my DS. I never really liked any of the other games compared to my PSP. What are the odds of this getting a PC release on Steam?
  10. Nicely said @partious I am genuinely astonished and incredulous that on a gaming forum - as opposed to say the comments section in the Daily Mail - that anyone would take the utterly bullshit stance of: piracy is always morally wrong no questions it is bad no matter what you say stop making excuses for the bad morally wrong badness of piracy which is always evil never right. The person who says that is a bootlicker. Just because the government or people wearing powdered wigs say something, does not make it accurate or correct. Or the utter bullshit nonsense
  11. This is a ridiculous statement. There are lots of cases where it is not only morally acceptable to pirate, it is imperative, essential, and to be encouraged - and it dates back to the burning of the Library of Alexandria. https://www.pcworld.com/article/248571/why_history_needs_software_piracy.html Now, when I say this, I say it as a content creator myself who makes money off stuff I sell. And yes it saddens me when people would pirate my stuff rather than buy it. If content is available, then you should support creators by buying their stuff. If however conte
  12. Cheers fella - nice write up! DLC is a big concern of mine now. Especially the free stuff. I hate DLC, even free DLC, because it means the game feels incomplete on the disc without it. Other free stuff: Alice Madness Returns - the whole PC prequel is available for free Yakuza Dead Souls - free DLC which boosts EXP Yakuza 4 - free DLC Akiba's Trip - on the American PSN, lots of free stuff Paid DLC: Dark Souls - do I want the Artorius dlc for £10? I thought Dark Souls 1 was weak compared to Demon's or Dark Souls 2. Nier -
  13. Sketch

    Disco Elysium

    Was tempted to get this with the new release, went to GOG to see prices, found this review, and now I'm edging back away from it, since it reinforces the concerns I had previously. I realise we're all having a love in with this topic, since you're all fans, but I wanted thoughts on this review. I don't feel like crapping £30 on this only to end up with basically a VN. It's why I never bothered to get Steins;Gate. If it were £5.99 then I'd take the risk. But this is a massive chunk of cash for something where I could basically just watch a YouTube playthrough for free (a
  14. In the article linked, the bit about making disabled people model socks was disturbing. Anyway, here's a scan regarding the old Power Crystal game, with a photo of Whittaker:
  15. Bought it. Never played it. Sat on my shelf for years. PSN is closing soon, so must I absolutely spend £6 on the ending DLC? Or can I finish the game then just watch it on YouTube and save £6? Not asking for a friend.
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