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  1. Its almost as if theres some sort of spoiler in there somewhere.
  2. I think the fact you havent taken a spot of critiscism in good humour nor thanked someone for typing a whole fuck ton of stuff, to sort your sloppy grammar and phrasing, shows you may not be exactly ready for the heady world of journalism . But seriously, 500 words reviewing a game isnt going to win anyone any prizes for supra journalism, I wouldnt worry too much. Try doing a feature style article or something. It could be called, "do games make people violent, fucking cock bollocks". Oh also, did I miss the tons of sites featuring adult (in content) reviews of games for all ages, link plx
  3. Oh sorry, I was using "cunt" to mean swearing, sorry for the confusion. Also, you're gonna need to take criticism slightly better than that for anyone to help you out. 500 amazingly written words dont mean shit to me if your tone is off. Specifically in a review for a game kids will be buying, simple as that. I read the rest of it, but why bother commenting, you dont wanna hear my opinion.
  4. You arent kieron gillen, stop swearing pointlessly. I love a cunt here and there as much as the next person, but not in a games review.
  5. Perhaps the most abnormal second post ive ever seen
  6. No, what I object to is him acting like a complete twat. And I didnt say you werent alowed to dislike it, but you have to APPRECIATE it, it embodies where gaming is going and what can be done purely on a technological level if nothing else.
  7. Im pretty sure if you dont at least appreciate half life 2 (you dont have to like the fps genre) you might wanna go get a different hobby. I feel kinda dirty posting in this baiting thread, but seriously, go fuck off and jog around a field or some shit.
  8. Easy on hard mode? That bit is driving me bloody nuts. The trick is, get a the shotty, alt fire it in its face then jump out of the way as it charges, rinse and repeat, shouldnt have a scratch on ya.
  9. One more thing on the "how did I not know this for the whole game and ep1" pile. Alt click on the grenade is an underarm toss for short distance, however if you crouch and alt fire the grenade gets punted along the ground, woulda made a whole ton of fire fights a whole lot easier.
  10. Anyone dying in this game except in a few tricky arenas really needs to learn to play, as I said before theyve gone ALL OUT to make this a game about progression not dying and reloading. You do not need to touch the quick save key in hl2 or episode 1 on anything other than a few spots on hard mode. The games auto saves are amazing and nearly perfectly judged.
  11. And the grub from ep2 you see in the citadel that does that mind fuck attack thing, the commentary really had me in awe. The amount of thought and consideration going into story telling and exposition.. its the future and valve seem to be the only people, especially in the fps genre, even attempting this level of quality. Oh also, minimal deaths and generous save points automatically done so no quicksave needed = amazing. Anyone else notice that in both hl2 and ep1 the aim is to get you through the story not force you to stop and trial and error stuff, and in the occasions where trial and error is needed its often after making a tactical mistake not a simple blunder (airship set pieces mostly).
  12. I didnt know until today you could shoot grenades back with the primary fire of the gravity gun. Im such a nub.
  13. Ah, you died, And alyx died!? Seriously shes fucking rock hard. Have you considered.. Learning 2 Play? (in true wow forums style) Im fucking shit at flight sims, doesnt mean I spend my life having a go at them on rllmuk.
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