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  1. I probably bought it subconsciously after your recommendation! I agree at £4 it's a bit steep, but at the current price on offer it's really decent. I might just make it in my Vitamix in future tbh if it's not on offer.
  2. Alvalle Gazpacho £2.50 Sainsbury's This stuff tastes pretty much exactly the same as what you'd get in a restaurant in Spain. Very nice on a hot day.
  3. Unpopular opinion time: I'm predicting Italy 2-0 England Goals 26 mins (Italy start fast and go one nil up) 81 mins (England leaving gaps while pushing for an equaliser and Italy counter)
  4. Was very surprised to find hipster alternative milk in Lidl. I'm not vegetarian/vegan so I haven't taste tested all the alternative milks, but I was impressed with the flavour of this. Very happy to drink it instead of cow's milk. Lidl £1.40
  5. Oyster and vinegar? I'd be impressed if they could put the flavour of an oyster in a crisp.
  6. I've never been, but I have a feeling this guy and the autotune remix that came from it had some influence:
  7. I'm rewatching it now because I've always loved it. I got up to season 5 and gave up on season 6 when it originally aired. I'm watching season 6 again now and the whole Jack's brother and Dad storyline is pretty dumb. I've heard season 7 is bad too. Shall I just skip to season 8 for the second half which I've heard so much about?
  8. Charring them is good too. Same goes with other stone fruit and even lettuce.
  9. A nicoise salad I made today (there were green beans too but I forgot to put them in until after I took the shot). I used a fancy can of Ortiz white tuna for this too which was quite nice (not sure it's worth £4.50 though).
  10. Oh also this stuff is amazing:
  11. I make a variation on this semi-regularly https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetable-recipes/mixed-leaf-salad-with-mozzarella-mint-peach-prosciutto/ In general with salads I just select some or all of these in a way that makes sense: Protein Grilled chicken Grilled lamb Cured meats Tuna Smoked salmon Hot smoked salmon Smoked mackerel Tofu Prawns Squid Crunchy things Croutons Seeds Crispy bacon bits Crispy onions/shallots Fruit Apples Oranges Peaches Pears Figs Grapes Mango Preserved lemons Veg Green beans Charred purple sprouting/tenderstem broccoli Edamame Avocado Red onions Sweetcorn Pickled beetroot Red peppers Cherry tomatoes Roasted aubergine Roasted pumpkin/squash Roasted red onion New potatoes Radishes Nuts Pine nuts Walnuts Cashews Pistachios Cheese Feta Mozzarella Parmesan Blue cheese Haloumi Oil Olive oil Sesame oil Rapeseed oil Acidity Rice wine White wine vinegar Cider vinegar Balsamic vinegar Lime juice Lemon juice Yuzu Yoghurt Pomegranate molasses Leaves Whatever random mixed bag I feel like buying Butterhead lettuce
  12. Not many things I don't like, however I really struggle with natto.
  13. Matic looks delighted to get a losers medal
  14. They knew they had technically inferior players so put ten men behind the ball and looked to sneak one from a set piece. They deserved to win just as much as United did.
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