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  1. Lol. Not seen those ones.
  2. They're pretty expensive if you buy them in the UK, but I love these. I love all Calbee tbh.
  3. If Wilder wins the third fight against Fury, does that mean we'll have a fourth and final fight?
  4. Yeah I was. I couldn't work out how to get back out of the hole where the key was until I watched that video. Didn't occur to me to use Yoshi to get the trampoline back through the wall.
  5. Can someone please help me complete W1Y-1LC-XLG. It's driving me mad. Am I supposed to be using the trampoline to hit the on/off switch? I've managed to kill the muncher with the POW block, but then it blocks off the key. If I go to retrieve the key, before blocking it off with the blue block I either have to use Yoshi or the trampoline. Is there any other way to get the key without using either of them? I'll admit I'm useless at puzzle levels. I've probably spent 45 minutes on this already and I'm still super stumped. EDIT: Or I could just google the level code and find a YouTube video with the answer. I don't know if I would have worked it out tbh.
  6. Can we correct the spelling of the director's name in the thread title please?
  7. I feel like I'm the only one posting in here . The downsides of getting a game second hand I guess =( Regardless, I made my first course, I think it's pretty fun. It's a speed run with stars where you have to collect at least 240/241 coins, the timer is tight too, you should have about 3 seconds to spare at the end. F0G-XDL-87G
  8. Has everyone played level 9 in story mode 'The Keymaster'. It's very clever especially if you get all the keys. I've fucked up multiple times though and there's no CP. It's testing my patience.
  9. I like levels like these that are just platforming. Would have liked it if it was twice as long though.
  10. Got completely stuck on this one in the room with the trampoline at the bottom. No idea where I was supposed to go.
  11. Watching all these versus Mario Maker 2 online videos makes me think they need a mode where one player's task is to complete the level and the other three players just have to interfere somehow. Kinda like Gauntlet in Gladiators. Also to prevent everyone constantly fucking with each other they should have a ghost mode so whoever has the best platforming skills actually wins.
  12. The video is amazing. I can't tell if she's being genuine, or if it's a piece of satirical genius.
  13. Surprised you didn't use Paris Hilton's recipe:
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