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  1. Yeah she's quite eccentric, but her recipes are legit. I also like Seonkyoung Longest for Asian recipes/ideas. And Adam Liaw from Australian Masterchef is a bit of a legend. He's just got such a calm demeanour, but he really knows his stuff and the videos he puts out are very professional:
  2. Don't get me wrong, that would be delicious, but BIR is pretty unhealthy.
  3. I've never attempted to make BIR, like Horribleman, I just order a takeaway or go to an Indian a couple of times a year. This guy has legit looking recipes. He's worked in British Indian restaurants and he runs his own course on how to cook BIR.
  4. This person is constantly making flatbreads on her instagram stories, so I presume they're solid: http://www.helengraves.co.uk/easy-everyday-flatbreads-recipe/
  5. How many people were you feeding?!
  6. I wouldn't mind Zlatan, both for the potential impact he'd have on the dressing room and the fact that he is still a decent player. Yes, he's old, but he's never replied on pace, pure strength, height and supreme technique. A good Plan B.
  7. stephen129


    I've just ordered a load of Monin syrups. They're well reviewed, and you always see them in coffee shops, so I presume they taste good.
  8. You think Liverpool will be 30 points behind City...?
  9. Kinda satay chicken. Any excuse to get out the Japanese plates.
  10. Wan-Bissaka has been excellent. Fast, combative, good tackling. Pogba looking like he can't be fucked as usual. Rather do tricks than anything particular productive. Good game this.
  11. It's based on Jamie Oliver's tagliatelle with spinach mascarpone recipe. I kinda just threw together some stuff I had in my fridge. Roughly: Serves 2 maybe 3 Boil pasta, I like spaghetti or linguine Fry pancetta until brown (add a bit of olive oil if necessary) Add 2 heaping tablespoons of mascarpone Add 60ml of cream Add handful of parmesan (play around with the quantities of these three, you want it cheesy and creamy, but not overly so, it's easy to make it too heavy) Tablespoon of lemon juice (Unsure about this, girlfriend liked it, I was on the fence) Add 6 spears of shaved asparagus (using a vegetable peeler) Add some starchy pasta water Add pasta, stir Top with black pepper, more parmesan and lemon zest
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