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  1. I make a brown chicken stew, but I add dark rum to it. The sauce is amazing.
  2. This looks good too and it's much cheaper. Do you know how many cloves are in a block out of interest?
  3. Probably very similar except a bit more work. I think having these small pieces is more useful than grated though.
  4. Tesco Chopped Garlic - £1.50 Tesco chopped ginger - £1.50 Both these are super useful. They don't have any random ingredients in like the pre chopped stuff in jars. You never waste any garlic or ginger. It's pretty much indistinguishable from fresh stuff when used in stir fries etc. I always have both in the fridge.
  5. We have a goal difference of 1. 1...
  6. Top it with mash like a shepherd's pie and bake Top it with thinly sliced potatoes and bake Put it in a roast sweet potato
  7. I can't decide if I like truffle that much. I love mushrooms, but truffle I'm always a bit meh about. I think part of the issue is that so much of it is fake truffle oil.
  8. Finally got round to trying these. Pretty good. Not as crunchy as kettle chips (which are too crunchy imo). Fairly oily, but not excessively so. Well seasoned. They do actually taste like Jamon Iberico which is quite impressive.
  9. I always just do the standard technique. I like them fairly dark. Heat neutral oil on high heat Boil until soft Steam dry Rough up edges Place into very hot oil Cook for ~1hr 15m turning a few times
  10. Benriner. Either the normal one, or the wide one if you need to do bigger things. Industry standard. I don't use mine much tbh, I mostly just use a knife. It does come out when I want to cut radishes very thinly though.
  11. Set it so the icons for items is always on. You can also do the same for climbable surfaces. I haven't pressed R3 at all since I changed those settings.
  12. I forgot to say. I managed to fix it the other day. I went to the Bulwark and saved and then reloaded from save a few times. When I went back to Kotallo he'd sorted himself out.
  13. Nooooooo I seem to have broken my game. I'm at the bit where you have to follow Kotallo. He started running. I decided to do some side quests first to save a bit of the main story. Now he's stuck standing around and won't go anywhere. I decided to do the next main mission after that, but when I went back to him he's still stuck there. I don't really want to have play all that part again... What are the chances Guerrilla creates a patch to fix it or should I just bite the bullet and go back to a much earlier save?
  14. Top tip. Create jobs for everything and anything that you want. That way it'll automatically appear when you're in an area where you can get those parts. E.g if you need rabbit hide for an upgrade and you're near some rabbits, it will let you know so you can go and hunt them down.
  15. Very minor one: Can anyone see the campfire next to Salvage Contractor in Barren Light on the map? It's there in the world for me, but it's not on the map so I can't fast travel to it.
  16. Surprised no one had mentioned it tbh. I always find pressing the L3/R3 buttons a bit annoying.
  17. Ok I found the setting I was looking for so I'm not constantly pressing R3 to find herbs etc Settings > Custom HUD settings > Player misc > Interaction markers (always on)
  18. Daily Quordle #26 quordle.com I had to cheat at the end on the top left one. I was so confused.
  19. I got mine from Currys. Arrived at 10am. Sounds like I got lucky. To anyone who is playing, is there any way around having to press R3 constantly to focus scan? In the previous games it was much easier to spot items without having to press anything.
  20. For some reason I've put myself in exactly the same position. Completion date 24th Feb. I never buy games at release, yet here I am buying a 100 hour game that I'll want to play while trying to sort a load of house moving stuff out.
  21. #Worldle #25 4/6 https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  22. I was waiting to see what the PS4 version looked like before pre-ordering. I'm sold. I don't think I've bought a game on release since the Gamecube days. Where should I be pre-ordering, or is it best to just walk into a shop? (Lowest price possible please)
  23. Definitely takes longer than opening a can of evaporated milk. Also from my experience you need a lot more cheese to make a white sauce taste cheesy compared to using the Kenji method with evaporated milk.
  24. One of the two Kenji recipes that don't require making a roux. Much easier and the texture is classic Mac 'n' cheese. https://www.seriouseats.com/ingredient-stovetop-mac-and-cheese-recipe https://www.seriouseats.com/the-food-labs-ultra-gooey-stovetop-mac-cheese
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