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  1. Charring them is good too. Same goes with other stone fruit and even lettuce.
  2. A nicoise salad I made today (there were green beans too but I forgot to put them in until after I took the shot). I used a fancy can of Ortiz white tuna for this too which was quite nice (not sure it's worth £4.50 though).
  3. Oh also this stuff is amazing:
  4. I make a variation on this semi-regularly https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetable-recipes/mixed-leaf-salad-with-mozzarella-mint-peach-prosciutto/ In general with salads I just select some or all of these in a way that makes sense: Protein Grilled chicken Grilled lamb Cured meats Tuna Smoked salmon Hot smoked salmon Smoked mackerel Tofu Prawns Squid Crunchy things Croutons Seeds Crispy bacon bits Crispy onions/shallots Fruit Apples Oranges Peaches Pears
  5. Not many things I don't like, however I really struggle with natto.
  6. Matic looks delighted to get a losers medal
  7. They knew they had technically inferior players so put ten men behind the ball and looked to sneak one from a set piece. They deserved to win just as much as United did.
  8. Fragata Guindillas £2? Sometimes less For anyone that likes hot pickley things these are good
  9. As someone who has read a fair number of online supermarket reviews of products, I would largely ignore them. Some of the opinions are completely mental. I remember one said something along the lines of: "I didn't actually try it. 5 stars"
  10. Geeta's Mango Chutney £1.50 This stuff is so much better than the generic stuff you get in the supermarket.
  11. I've never made it, but I saw this garlic bread recipe once and thought it looked interesting:
  12. Are you doming the pizza (holding it up to the top) at any point?
  13. My girlfriend eats it regularly. I don't hate it, but it tastes too healthy for me. It's kinda like the difference between a very healthy tasting brown bread and a soft white bread.
  14. I'm looking forward to the Super League just consisting of Real Madrid and Barcelona so we can watch El Clasico every single week.
  15. Pre sliced veg and meat definitely seem like a good idea. Tesco do these packets of diced frozen garlic and ginger that I really like. Using a knife one handed sounds like a bad idea. I got given this Brabantia jar opener which is actually super useful:
  16. Wild garlic pesto Wild garlic soup Potato salad Roasted beetroot, good alongside salmon and some horseradish cream Roll cut aubergine, minced pork stir fried with Chinese chilli oil Cucumber ribbons (using a peeler), soy based dressing Thinly cut grilled courgette, yogurt, harissa Charred cabbage wedges, cooked very hot on cast iron Spinach, mascarpone, cream parmesan, linguine/spaghetti Roasted carrots, butter, sugar Carrot soup Chicken legs/thighs, leeks, white wine, cream, m
  17. Whenever I get inspiration for an idea of what to cook I add it to a big list on Google keep. When it comes to shopping I look at the big list and then pick a few things I want to cook from the list and create a shopping list, then I buy said things at the supermarket. Simple.
  18. Slow roasted lamb shoulder, sloe gin, grapes, onions and roast potatoes.
  19. I mostly get inspiration from the million food instagram accounts and Youtube channels I follow. A lot of the time I'll have a solid idea of how to make whatever it is. If not I just google a few random recipes and watch some youtube videos (I especially focus on recipes made by people from the country of origin, many of which won't be in English), then I just amalgamate them in my head and try and work out which bits are important to the recipe and which bits aren't. There are loads of things people insist are important in recipes, which are just old wives tales. I also find there are too man
  20. To be fair, I am particularly fussy about rice. I'll happily go to the Japanese shop and spend £40 on a 10kg bag of Japanese rice. Bad/average Japanese rice has kinda been ruined for me by high end sushi restaurants (particularly in Japan). If you ask a sushi master they'll tell you the importance of rice to neta (toppings) is around 90/10, I share this sentiment. The Nishiki that Gotters mentioned above would be perfectly acceptable to most people, but for me I wouldn't buy it again due to the inferior texture. I'll go to a Cantonese restaurant I like (I'm Cantonese)
  21. I don't like the texture of it which is a big part of rice. A lot of the rice I ate in Vietnam was broken rice and I wasn't a fan. But yeah you're right, it's essentially the same product. Far from a perfect analogy, but I wouldn't want to eat spaghetti cut up into 1cm pieces either.
  22. I'm pretty sure I've eaten this, or at least it was definitely Laila. Decent.
  23. Go to your nearest Asian supermarket and buy either a 5kg or 10kg bag of jasmine. They should cost around £10 and £18 respectively. Sometimes regular supermarkets will sell 5kg bags (I've seen them for sale in both Tesco and Asda). The brands are usually different depending on each shop, but they'll usually say one or more of the following: fragrant jasmine, hom mali, AAA, dragon, new crop. It should be from Thailand or Vietnam. Avoid anything that says 'broken rice'. My advice is always buy the foreign brands in the big bags, whether its basmati or jasmine. This goes with all ethn
  24. What's your issue with jasmine out of interest?
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