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  1. frogboy: how much was your keyboard and where from?
  2. MrSpoon

    Best Subways

    Nice thread resurrection. I had a BMT at lunch today, it's genius.
  3. I cringe when people even mention that movie and the first one, for any reason.
  4. Indeed, I love the way that in these games the enemy guys stand still and shoot straight ahead allowing you to step to one side and blow their faces off without you getting hurt.
  5. Sidewaysbob: There's a feature on the Maserati Birdcage in this month's evo magazine, with some pictures of it running at Goodwood. It's totally stunning, if they don't make cars like it in the next 20-30 years I will cry. I hadn't realised that it's basically a Maserati MC12 underneath which makes it even more awesome. In other news it's the last episode of the TG series tonight
  6. I was thinking that too, it's only three to four months from the mooted launch and I can't remember seeing many (any?) pics of the actual console running an actual game.
  7. Silly, how could Kim have been promoted when they were in the Delta quadrant? There was no-one to promote him and they certainly couldn't promote anyone else. Also we do know what happened to Kim from the final episode of Voyager. He was promoted to captain and given command of the USS Rhode Island.
  8. Well that does make the program very entertaining. Are you watching the one with some wierd guy and his bird dressed as cops?
  9. Is it right that Jamie Foxx is in it? WTF is he thinking about?
  10. Even I can't defend how piss-poor it was last night. They couldn't even get the Enterprise-D sets right, Ten Forward in particular bore no resemblance to the TNG set. I reckon Trek on TV will be pretty much dormant for the next 10 years at least.
  11. The people who go on it tend to be unbearable cunts though. The obvious exception being Jodie Kidd As with many things in life I reckon you'd have more fun doing it by yourself.
  12. Film synopsis: Advanced unmanned plane gets struck by lightning and turns 'bad'. Genius!
  13. The hot girl in the video is an actress who's been in a couple of programs, I'm sure. A couple of American sitcoms most likely.
  14. Is this thing about beers bought in the place they are brewed tasting better just an urban myth or what? I can't imagine any brewer going to the effort of purposely producing inferior product for export. Of course, when beers are brewed under license elsewhere that could have an effect.
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