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  1. Also for wonderland there seems to be a walkthrough at lemonamiga, but I can't vouch for it. https://www.lemonamiga.com/games/docs.php?id=1809
  2. For the spectrum there's the Tipshop still - i think this is the game you mentioned https://www.the-tipshop.co.uk/cgi-bin/info.pl?name=Phoenix
  3. I would note that for fans of this, there is an anime available (yes, really), that goes into the back story about why Prof Layton is missing etc. All 50 episodes available on youtube with an English sub Episode 1:
  4. So I completed this last year (all shrines/all beasts), and I'm about to pick up the DLC. Am I best off playing it afresh in master mode, and then moving onto the DLC, or shall I do the DLC first and then do a fresh playthrough?
  5. TBH, it's quite feasible that if the Vega existed it could emulate the NEXT. The suggested specs (faster Z80 + sprites) aren't going to tax any modern ARM, and they've said it will be public information.
  6. I had completely missed this happening at the time, but got a letter yesterday saying that my Direct Debit would be changing slightly, so the backoffice changes are starting to properly happen.
  7. I went exploring initially and it took me ages to find cooking pots out in the wild the route I randomly decided to go on, so I just kept cooking meals when I got the chance and managed to avoid using too many of them I think. Like somebody else (I forget who) I pretty much unlocked all of the map as one of the first things I did. Still finding new stuff though, because you kind of just aim as fast as you can for the towers (well, I did) It's a bit of a pain because it means I've got absolutely tons of cold resistant food, but no heat resistant or stamina raising food and no slots, obviously. I guess I could sell a lot of the meals though and make some cash to buy stuff.
  8. I've ran out of slots for prepared food (on the Switch), you get 3 pages of it (5x4 on each page, so 60 meals in total). It says basically "you can't hold any more meals" but at least it tells you before you cook it! The ingredients themselves I've not run into any space issues, and I'm on my 5th page of those.
  9. I have the horrible fear that I am perhaps too obsessive about this. There are a series of Facebook posts that go into significantly more detail about it. Facebook make it a bit of (lot of) a pain to get links, but these seem to work without requiring Facebook login if you hate them. This is from the set of people who agitated most for the release of ZE3, so super obsessives. Brief details about releases etc I'm not convinced about cutscenes replacing novel sections - I quite enjoy reading (am currently munching through Steins;Gate), but just the messenger etc etc. Lots and LOTS of pictures, probably with some spoilery bits. CBA to dig out the link for that one, but it's short. More details. MORE! Interview with Kotaro Uchikoshi
  10. I've got me an OpenPandora, which, while expensive, is pretty cool for PS1, Megadrive and SNES. It takes full size SD cards (which comes in useful when moving photos from camera to tablet), and has a couple of its own games. There is some Android support, but it's a bit dated due to a lack of memory. They're currently working on a successor which should be a lot more powerful (much more akin to modern phones) called the Pyra which I think will be quite neat - much better spec and should be capable of running modern Android in comparison. I think the thing that I like about it is that for retro games you get a real keyboard, not just an onscreen jobby. I was an early orderer so it was a lot cheaper than it is nowadays.
  11. There is apparently a game just called Yoshi Wikipedia entry for Yoshi Sounds kinda lame...
  12. Because I am super excited about this... Have a look at Pandora Blog Where they have various videos of it running. It looks fab
  13. Yes, sorry, thinko Obviously Mclaren are a bigger "company" - not just the F1 team, but it sounds as if it is likely, especially with Mclaren going their own way that Mercedes might switch to a simple engine deal, turning Brawn into the manufacturer team. A situation where Mclaren might have to fight for engine suppliers after 2012. I imagine Mercedes will wait to see what the new season brings, but with the resources that they have, they might well be able to keep Brawn at the top of their game.
  14. Oooh, according to f1fanatic http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2009/09/09/merc...75-stake-brawn/ Mercedes are taking a 75% stake in Brawn! Scary numbers. What will this wind up doing for Mclaren? Mercedes "only" own 75% of them. They think that Mercedes will want a German WDC winner in a Mercedes powered car - and another rumour that I read somewhere says that if they supply Red Bull, they'll do it for free to get the star on Vettel's car.
  15. It's not that bad, but its quite complex. I looked at the SH4 stuff, and the useful instruction seems to be FTRV - which takes 4 clock cycles (but can execute in parallel with other instructions (not other FTRVs)) and performs 16 MACs in that time. NEON can do 2 MACs per clock, but it also doesn't affect any other instructions (because of the weird way that NEON is hung off of the Cortex) That said, there's plenty to complicate matters, such as massive instruction size in comparison (NEON instructions are 32bit, and you'd need about 5 of them versus the 1 16bit instruction on the SH4). And also NEON looks like it has good memory access (fast pipe to L2) They've got early samples up to 900Mhz, so there is some headroom. NEON is pretty open btw, as is the TI DSP - there are specs for pretty much everything except for the graphics part (the PowerVR bit), but it can just be a bit of a bugger to find them. All of NEON is supported in GCC, so if you're willing to dig through GCC source (or binutils source) you can see what the instruction format is. Or just embed the intrinsics directly. http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc/ARM-NEON-Intrinsics.html is the list of the intrinsics that are supported. Also if you get the Cortex A-8 reference manual it tells you what the instruction nmemonics are
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