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  1. I can see them saying to Sony that if they want Call of Duty / other Activision / Blizzard / Bethesda etc titles on Playstation that is fine, but you also need to accept us having Xbox Game Pass All Access™ on your console so Playstation users also have the option of playing it on Playstation via subscription. Something along those lines. Basically I can see Microsoft agreeing to sell the titles on Platforms that also host Game Pass subscriptions.
  2. Individually they seem nice enough but yes the Bombcast in visual form is utterly, utterly depressing Also, Jeff Grubb - what's the deal with this guy? I'm yet to be convinced he's not just making it all up on the spot. Fuck, Giant Bomb. I gave up on it a while ago but it's still sad to see.
  3. Someone correct me if I am wrong - but IF a game were to be cross platform between PC & Xbox (let's say Gears of War) you could use the "Home Console" trick to bring Game Pass to 2 Xbox's with only one Game Pass Ultimate subscription. However, I think PC is a no-go with that trick - but you could supplement it with a Game Pass for PC sub which I believe is cheap-ish. So you would need 1x Game Pass Ultimate and 1x Game Pass For PC to successfully have all 3 of you playing together on separate machines.
  4. In the IMMEDIATE near-term surely, after the weak reception it has received - throw Vanguard on Game Pass right now to get those player numbers back up. I am actually pretty sure it will happen. Soooooo many microtransactions aren't getting purchased at the moment.
  5. Get your 3 years of gold converted to game pass soon folks, got the feeling that "loophole" ain't gonna be around much longer.
  6. Damn, was hoping for some Activision Game Pass bangers this week but fair enough.
  7. I keep seeing "when the deal closes" - what is the timescale for something like that, anyone know? Are we talking days, weeks, months?
  8. Yep. Just watch how massive CoD is when they drop the next Modern Warfare.
  9. When do we expect the first games to hit Game Pass?
  10. Well it's not is it. Or is it? I dunno anything about the rumours of him leering over underage models I'll be pretty honest. Horrible if true though.
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