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  1. Does anyone care about this anymore? The whole thing has been handled so poorly and with no interesting updates or even multiplayer in the Xbox version as originally planned then... Who really cares?
  2. I'm really thinking about starting BOTW fresh - never did complete it on the Switch. I own both the game itself and a Switch and a Steam Deck - just wondering, for those also with both who might know - would playing it on Steam Deck be the better experience? Or best to just stick with the original at 30fps? I read that the Steam Deck runs it very well at 40fps which is sooo tempting but equally I'm worried that it might break stuff and I'll be 40+ hours in to a game before finding out or something. Anyone tried both and can say one way or the other? Thanks a lot!
  3. I presume he's schizophrenic from that trailer? "I'm so sorry for what your daddy passed down to you".
  4. Most likely. Is the Xbox you are using set as your primary Xbox? If it isn't and you lose connection then I believe you can't play game pass until you reconnect. Changing it to your primary Xbox should sort that (if you haven't already).
  5. Working my way through Too Old To Die Young first. Ep 1 I loved. Ep 2 I thought was ok. On Ep 3 and enjoying it again. I want a series as strong as Episode 1 of TOTDY, I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest of it though and looking forward to jumping in to this.
  6. Lol hadn't seen this before
  7. It's very VERY good isn't it. And to think I had that buyers remorse on day 1. It is just superb.
  8. Thought this was a parody at first haha
  9. When was the sofa ditched in favour of that news desk ? If my memory serves correctly that was the beginning of the end.
  10. Cyberpunk was too hit or miss at €29,99 especially when I already own it on gog and xbox - but if that price drops to a more "reasonable" level I would grab it for sure.
  11. Got a few questions! 1. Anyone have the official dock? How you finding it? I know it is pricey but thinking of grabbing it - I have a Thinkpad one from work that works fine but I don't like that it doesn't have a stand and, well - I just want the official one. 2. Is there any controllers that work with a dongle? I know the xbox controller has bluetooth connectivity but I have felt the input delay at times - wondering if anyone has had success with the official dongle for it or another controller with dongle? 3. Is it looking like Valve will implement any official way to dual boot Windows any time soon? I would try the SD Card method but would much prefer it on the internal SSD. 4. I have quite a lot of games on Epic - I know I can install them via Heroic launcher but are they still shit without the shader cache from Steam or is there a way to smooth that out, somehow? This machine is fucking brilliant btw - I absolutely LOVE it. Just started Divinity: Original Sin 2 (never played it before never knew anything about it really) and I am only an hour in but it is so cool playing it handheld - similarly it is so cool to be playing Among Us and chatting on Discord at the same time on a handheld. I am in love with this thing.
  12. It's a really nice touch I thought to have The Witcher 3 running great pre-patch on Steam Deck to now running like dogshit with seemingly no way to go back. Good stuff! The new intrusive launcher is cool too and DX12 crashing the entire game as it loads in is a super nice addition. Overall, really impressed with this 👍
  13. Any tips on getting used to 30fps RT mode on consoles? It looks incredible but it's really really hard to adjust to I'm finding. I've only given it a go quickly for a few minutes before I had to leave again but for those playing that way - do you get used to it?
  14. Just me that thinks the One X looks better than the updated footage in the DF footage? I mean I'm sure it's just me but weird.
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