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  1. I think I despise DF now - or rather the knock on effect of their content. It's good to know that the PS4 / Xbox One S runs cyberpunk like horse shit and don't buy it. That's a good thing to know. But what the hell are we discussing here? Let's maybe take a step back and stop discussions over a frame drop.
  2. What difference does that make, broadly speaking? Game runs great on my Series X - am I meant to be noticing something?
  3. Same! Holy shit I know I've played the older levels but having it all in ONE game and ONE dashboard is effing brilliant!!! Can't wait to dive back in!!
  4. I have just uninstalled the whole thing and starting again. Everything was there but kept saying it was still downloading and stuck at 26%. Downloaded Hitman 3, it recognised I owned the previous games etc but everything outside of hitman 3 (i.e Hitman 1 & 2 content) showed as "downloading" in-game. I triple checked everything, checked I'd downloaded it all but no luck. 65gb download here we go again!
  5. The Microsoft rewards dashboard. There there's daily quizzes etc which take a few seconds but add up over time.
  6. I think it's nostalgia mixed with frustration. Giant Bomb was brilliant. For a really really long time. Then it split and things were moved around and having Ben as a replacement for whatever and being involved in a majority of the stuff meant, for me at least, that I was skipping so much stuff that I was paying a sub for and that was frustrating because GB was the constant thing that I'd stick on in the background. Quick looks, features, podcasts... And it was just kinda annoying. And at that point I let the sub lapse and I guess frustration lay there. Agai
  7. Thanks for explaining it better than I ever could.
  8. 10k for the achievements. Daily searches / quizzes (takes 5 minutes). Earn an achievement a day (point & click adventures) Game Pass weeklies / monthly. I should add that technically this month (since January 1st) I've got only around 19k but since Cyberpunk came out (think it was 10th December?) I have gathered approx 36-37k just by messing around and clicking things. I just started 2 months ago and it's really cool actually! Ah here we go - to be honest, if you did the 10k achievements thing (there's guides on how to
  9. I fully support Ben in this decision.
  10. Is Ben's video hanging? He's very very very still.
  11. I've got hitman 1 through gold, bought hitman 2 standalone and want to get Hitman 3. Currently no hitmans are installed on my Xbox. What the eff am I meant to be doing here to have it all packaged in to Hitman 3? Am I needing to install both 1 and 2 first? Isn't that like 200+ gig?!
  12. It's shockingly bad, right? I mean I was actually stunned at how terrible it was.
  13. What often strikes me in a lot of situations is that the people complaining often make zero effort to learn the local language outside of an intro course they took years ago because "everyone speaks English" I'm not saying that's what's happening in this situation but it's so so common and I find that pretty bad.
  14. Simmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah thanks! I haven't played Galaxy in years - I thought using the Wii pointer to pick up floating stars was like an almost constant which was putting me off! Thanks again!
  15. Simmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there any comfortable way to play Super Mario Galaxy in handheld mode? I want to start playing my stuff in handheld mode more - in most 3rd party games, playing on the TV is silly because it looks better and is normally far easier to buy on other consoles but if I can sit on the sofa and play Galaxy I'd be so happy. Touchscreen is mandatory I presume? And if so - how, exactly? No way I could play and touch at that same time but want to check if anyone else played handheld.
  16. I've really enjoyed smashing the achievements this month! Effectively €10 to go towards Hitman or the expansion SSD in time. I've gotten almost 35k reward points since I used all of them to redeem against Cyberpunk so just over a month. So with the daily searches, doing an achievement a day in DOTT (easy and fun to play again) and the quizes. Oh and the achievements this month. Not bad!
  17. I think I mostly agree. Actually, I completely agree. GoldenEye is the only one I can sit through these days but that's due to the age I was when it came out. I really think it's the perfect package if you take the film and the N64 game together. But in saying that I think the opening to GoldenEye stands strong on its own, bond film or not - it's just fucking great. It's a cracking opening 10 minutes. Actually while I'm at it I'm going to watch it again. It's perfect. Ourumov appearing in front of the bulletproof glass, that soundtrack, "FIRE!!!'. It's stupe
  18. Simmy

    Xbox Game Pass

    Recently? Gonna give that a go sweet!
  19. Must have served some daaaamn good tea!
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