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  1. God I really wish he'd just do something else. I let my giant bomb sub lapse for the first time in years because I can't stand him I know that sounds really horrible but I loooooooved Giant Bomb before.
  2. It's so annoying - he surely has a point but he's insufferable to listen to
  3. Yeah I get it. But it's the principle - the game is the same price on both consoles I believe?
  4. A year exclusivity? Ughhh. I think I'm out, that's so so poor.
  5. I've really enjoyed what I've played so far! Definite purchase for me!
  6. Hey folks, Cheapest place to grab this digital? I really really want to play it.
  7. I'm in the audience. It's fun Here!
  8. I think the GB interview with Phil is my highlight every E3 year.
  9. That part gave me genuine goosebumps.
  10. I'm on level 4 but have no surveys to complete to get me to level 5 and beta status to get this offer. Is there any other way?
  11. New graphics engine? Looks great!
  12. I've got this on PS4 but multiplayer is mostly dead these days. Thinking of getting it for Xbox. Is it more populated there?
  13. Simmy

    Battlefield V

    Think I'll pick this up today. Am I ok just to get the standard edition at this point? £30 seems like a steal!
  14. God of War talk was brutal. Think I'll tune out this year, sadly.
  15. Was no real need to change the format to be honest. Just get rid of Abby and Ben, tell Jeff to lighten up and everything would be fine.
  16. Titanfall 2 for me. Rinsed the multiplayer mode.
  17. Aye it's sad isn't it. I've ended mine too. The last year has seen me watch less and less of their stuff down to almost zero now. The GOTY last year was a disaster, I can't bear the thought of listening to even a minute of the Bombcast anymore and the Beastcast is going a similar way. The East Coast is at its best when Dan has an idea for a series and just runs with it but it seems to be happening less and less now if I click a video and it starts with Ben talking I'll turn it off immediately. Again, he might be a lovely person outside of all this but he's excruciating to listen to.
  18. Simmy


    I presume it's too late to join this now?
  19. I haven't turned on my switch in months - nothing to play on it. Had fun with Mario Kart, Zelda, odyssey and Splatoon but the yearly fee for online just killed any interest I had. Also 99% of the games on the store are shite.
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