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  1. haha, it certainly does look shite!
  2. THIS what you're looking for 213??
  3. nope possibly before my time unfortunately! side-scrollers i presume?? the box-art makes me smile though! for that i commend you
  4. haha, that looks fucking fantastic biglime!! can you give me some info on it please? cheers Edit: Sorry, never saw your 2nd post. can you give me info on those games you posted? they look hilarious!
  5. speaking of maniac mansion, check out the box-art! wasnt there a bit in this game where the car would fly off at one point if u wanted it to?
  6. wow, i remember playing that on the Amiga. i used to think it was a bit shit though
  7. Simmy

    Best Free Games?

    thanks alot guys, been very helpful! this anarchy online game looks great, although i have never ever played a MMORPG before.... whats the basic jist of such a game? easy enough to get into?
  8. Simmy

    Best Free Games?

    haha that IS debatable, but if there are more free games that i don't know about then i'd love to hear about them
  9. what are the best free downloadable games out there? i dont mean silly flash games, i mean proper Enemy Territory style games. I just want to get a few, im running out of good games at home to play. Thanks in advance
  10. download this NOW! remake of the original theme tune to Zak. F**king awesome! http://www.lamaweb.com/zak/zak.mp3
  11. im trying so hard to remember much of the game.... didn't you get to be a bird at some point in the game in Zak? i remember you had to goto places all over the world. oh, and the theme music was amazing!
  12. oh man, i LOVED this game despite it getting a bit of a critical hammering if i rememeber right. the two headed squirrel was ace! i can sortof remember Zak saying something like 'awww, look at the squirrel' and you could then randomly select a huge sign-post (or something along those lines) from your inventory and bash it over the head. superb
  13. haha, it was eleven im almost SURE of it. still, abolsutely HEAPS of disk-swapping was part and parcel of that game..... an absolute CLASSIC though
  14. haha, these are brilliant! keep 'em comin
  15. Was just looking at some old box-art from the amiga days. i have real fond memories of Another World (havent played it in YEARS though) and remember loving the box-art too. Anyone else remember good box-art from back in the day? Post pics please
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