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  1. Oh yeah, Demo Derby- I used to love that series!
  2. Think Dan is my favourite, at least when he's leading the way in a video or when a series was his idea. MG Scanlon was brilliant, as was Sunshine. I wish they'd continued with "Bring your B Game" too as that seemed good from what I watched. But lately... Oof. There's just nothing exciting at all. Looking forward to the Mass Effect playthrough but is it just going to be Abby & Alex in the videos? I hope Dan and Vinny are also involved. Abby seems a strange one, in that she really doesn't know much at all about games. Like if they wanted to be more diverse by hiring a woman, they could have picked someone who can relate to what's being talked about. But I dunno, that's just my opinion. The Dream Daddy being included in the top 10 GOTY and the discussions leading up to it still gives me nightmares.
  3. Yep, haunting game. I'll never forget it.
  4. I was wondering the same but I frequently go back to their old stuff when I'm bored. It sounds a bit awful as I'm sure Ben is probably a nice person but I really wish he'd go somewhere else
  5. Yeah and the only gaming stuff she seems to know about is Nancy Drew games, which I've got no interest in whatsoever. Think I'm also going to start turning off the Beastcast when they get to emails - the amount of fucking cringe that gets read out is unreal at times. Hate to think what's been left on the cutting room floor.
  6. I'm realllly struggling with the new Giant Bomb stuff at the moment. There just doesn't seem to be anything interesting to me coming out in the last while. There's also no real current series they've got going that's interesting to me. Last thing I properly liked was the Sunshine series. Watched XCom for a while but tuned out a few weeks ago - it's just boring now. Tried the Garfield stream and Ben turned me off instantly. Couldn't stomach it. UPF is a humourless vaccum and the East Coast stuff recently on a Friday night has been pretty crap. That No Man's Sky stream was unwatchable. Pretty much the only thing I'm checking out now is the Beastcast and that's got a free version. Can see my subscription running out and just not renewing after, which is a shame
  7. Simmy

    Forza Horizon 2

    Excuse my ignorance but was FH2 a One title or a 360 one? Does it look rough compared to 3 with the X enhancements? Looking forward to trying it either way when it's free next month
  8. Really a shame about the terrible CGI in that trailer. Just pulls me right out
  9. Quick question for you lot - my mate doesn't have a VISA or a credit card - is there any way to redeem the Xbox 360 games without one?
  10. To be fair, whilst it's explained what is needed, I did find it strange that some resources have a clear symbol whenever you scan your surroundings and some don't. I had a nightmare finding O2 yesterday, for instance.
  11. What a shame. I think the marketing is to blame, surely? I downloaded the demo expecting a racing game (with a standard finish line) where you could smash into other cars. In fact when I played the "beta" for a bit I had to scan the menus scratching my head then looking online on how to find the standard racing mode before discovering there wasn't one.
  12. Ohhhh yeah the 3rd was great on release, not seen it since though. Have very fond memories of the bridge scene, though! The only real dud is the second one but even that has some really cool moments.
  13. Yeah the test server on Xbox seems to run a bit better too. Overall I'm happy at the moment - they still need to work on that frame rate though, when driving it's a catastrophe!
  14. Agreed. Nightcrawler is fantastic!
  15. Hahaha that exchange was magic
  16. You're hurting @PC Master Race, I know. It's ok....
  17. Played 3 times for Celtic before being punted to be fair.
  18. At least the feeling is mutual, then. Burnley ffs
  19. Struggling to watch ANY of Giant Bombs new output these days, sadly. Listen to the Bombcast but that's about it these days
  20. Wholeheartedly agree with that. I have no investment in the Champions League whatsoever these days.
  21. Our first qualifier is against Burnley ffs. It's a joke. We're rejoicing that we've raised £600k from the fans towards the players budget this year and our first qualifier is against a team with a market value of £141million. There's just no hope, really.
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