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  1. Yeah. Totally. Having been looking at that art, it’s such a cool style. Woulda been amazing to have seen an attempt at aping that. Though I guess perhaps cost versus sales woulda been a factor there.
  2. Overall I accept your point. Though the Japanese boxart for PD1 is plenty colourful.
  3. Yeah I kinda like the style. It looks more in line with the actual box/concept art than the actual original game. I can understand why it would piss people off though. (And I kind of agree an M2 port of the original with the same gfx with a better draw distance would be nice).
  4. geldra

    Nintendo Switch

    Woah! Shinsekai is out today?! Fuckin yes!!! @Calashnikov
  5. geldra

    PC Engine Mini

    Just tried Splatterhouse, GnG, Fantasy Zone, Gradius and Galaga88. I couldn’t notice any audio lag at all with those games. The swoosh of the bat in Splatterhaus seemed on point to me. Same with the throw of a lance in GnG and shooting stuff in the rest. *shrug emoji*
  6. geldra

    PC Engine Mini

    I can’t say I have. Will have a check this afternoon. Are there any standout examples of games with audio lag or is it across the board?
  7. what time do we reckon the Burning Rangers/Virtua Cop VR Reveal is then?
  8. Virtua Cop Collection VR (gotta be do-able). (And LA Machineguns/Gunblade for the vom inducing lols) Fuck it, HotD Collection VR too. Why not.
  9. geldra

    PC Engine Mini

    Got my Whitey from Amazon.jp today. Soooooo cute!!!!! Bit gutted (and surprised) there’s no Mr Heli. (I know I shouldn’t be, list of games has been out for ages etc but it’s Mr Heli!!! Pretty sure it’s the only console release of it.) Oh man how nice is Soldier Blade! Never played it before. So crazy for an 8bit machine. Size comparison. (Unsurprisingly it’s not far off from being actual size)
  10. May have been answered already.... is the PS5 capable of running HL:Alyx, specs wise? Appreciate they’d have to come up with something better than the Move controllers. Has there been any chat about PSVR being forwards compatible?
  11. C’mon guys!!!!! If you’d learned Japanese to be able to read Famitsu back in the day, like what I did, you’d be able to clearly read that it’s a remaster and a sequel to Burning Rangers. By Platinum Games.
  12. Just got to a bit that made me think of Celeste. And Mario (rotating flame bars), and Zelda (hookshot).
  13. Grenade explosions in this are mint. This is great fun. Big fan so far. I don’t mind the LOTR claptrap too. Did someone say its lost its sense of humour?! Boshing a zombie on the head and having it cave into the torso is pretty amusing surely?!
  14. geldra

    PC Engine Mini

    Wonder if anyone will knock up some decorative Hu-cards to sit in the slot?
  15. This. By a million miles. Nothing will come close to reminding me of the excitement I felt for the Dreamcast. Possibly the console I’ve felt most excitement for. And it didn’t disappoint. The VF3TB intro is the first thing I ever saw running and blew everything I’d seen before out of the water. Still gives me the feels. Plus it’s obviously very very Sega.
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