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    Picked up the Switch ver because that’s my ecosystem of choice thesedays. I know I could get a better version elsewhere but I live in hope that the next Switch will offer similar boosted visuals/fps compared to PS/XB…. Anyway, Switch version looks totally fine to me. No regrets. Lovely soundtrack n’all.
  2. geldra


    Don’t get too down. Looks fine in this vid: (I’m sure it’ll get better performance on the Switch 2.) edit: would 100% buy a physical release of this.
  3. Or maybe Team Fun are just a little bit shit. Team Gear for life* *end of the weekend.
  4. Is it when they have a “super” stocked/ready to use?
  5. geldra

    NieR: Automata

    Trailer for the Switch release: Haven’t played this before but it looks like a decent port? Lots* of it reminded me of Returnal. edit: *some
  6. Blast from the (XB360) past Wizorb is getting a Switch release. Had totally forgotten about this absolute gem. (courtesy of Nintendolife)
  7. Yeah I really miss the power shots/spins. I loved that shit in the PSP/PS3 versions. I feel like they were missing or highly diluted in the last release on PS4 but I could be wrong.
  8. geldra


    Drainus is getting a Switch release I notice. That’s nice.
  9. geldra


    Oh weird! Yeah I misunderstood what you meant. Apols.
  10. I need to join this thread. I just need to stop buying things and actually sit down and play stuff (and also knock browsing rllmuk on the head a fair bit in order to achieve this, (no offence)).
  11. no idea on content (only played a couple of holes) but the core game seems as EveryBody’s Golf as it could be. Right down to how weirdly eccentric and impenetrable I found the Jpn version of the PS3 game (which I ended up loving).
  12. Had to pick this up. So far so EveryC*nts Golf (copyright @joffocakes). We gonna get some forum games on the go then or what?! edit: the control layout is gonna take some adjusting to. Edit:2 understatement of the century here. Menu control and other bits and bobs are weirdly unintuitive. The core golf game is still on point as ever. Edit3: does stuff like super spin still exist?
  13. geldra


    Is that right? Blimey. I always thought you got all 6 shots by combining the button combinations. A, B, C, A+B, A+C, B+C, A+B+C (for the sword)? In the Saturn version, doesn’t one of the modes only use 3 buttons too.
  14. Oh shit what!!!!??? Why was this not on the Direct?! Be good if they built in some golf course management bits. Maybe mow the greens, plant some fruit n’ veg in the bunkers. Don’t think any other games have those elements so it’d be a good usp.
  15. THIS IS THE BIG ONE GUISE!!! Happy Wave Race 3 day!!!
  16. Rumours are Nintendo have gone full Sony and we’re getting a Splatoon 2 remaster.
  17. updated with my deets. I’ll be on tonight after 19:30 if anyone is around.
  18. I’d just do what I do now and play the first 30 minutes of loads of shit.
  19. Wasnt there a Flicky crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog? The little animals you released from the enemies and at the end of levels were called Flickies. Great game like. They have it at AC Bury.
  20. Great game. A Toaplan classic. Aka Pyros. Is on the M2 release of Same Same Same.
  21. Full disclosure: I haven’t played it… but shmupjunkie covered a few lesser known games recently and he mentioned Wolf Fang which looks pretty great:
  22. Block DJ. (…Rock DJ fuck off!!)
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