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  1. Wish there was a mod to retrofit an actual 4:3 screen into the OG Astro Mini.
  2. I’d be interested in a Switch port of the OG MW1+2 with decent online mp like.
  3. I have the Genki dock. It is great. And it’s only 2 wires (hdmi out and usb c to the switch. So really only 1 wire once you’ve got the hdmi plugged in).
  4. Calling myself out on this dickhead take. Have put a bit of time into Asteroids and Missile Command (admittedly the 5200 ver) and they’re still very playable. Agree with whoever posted about them being a great distillation of the arc originals. The museum on this is really great. I love all the colours they’ve used and the jingle intros on all the videos and the adverts and little tidbits* and everything else. A really great nostalgia piece. Wish Space Invaders and Pacman (I know I know) were on here as they’re the two games I remember most that my uncle had bitd. *like the 2600 achieving something that even current gen machines can’t do… have every game run at 60fps.
  5. Oosh Tetris the Grand Master out on Arc Archives. That’s quite a deep cut. Meant to be a really good version.
  6. PSA: This is out now. picked it up on Switch last night. Seems tickety boo. I’m going to stick my fingers in my ears and go LALALALALA when it inevitably has 2 minutes of input lag. Though, it does seem a bit of a rip off at double the price when there’s not much else here compared to Arcade Archives releases. However I do like the extra bits of presentation like EAR borders etc etc. edit: especially when Metal Black got an Arc Arch release a week or so ago for £6.29 edit2: BUT!!!! It DOES have the OG Elevator Action in there, which is a separate Arc Arch release so….. Stream of consciousness over.
  7. All the Nintendo Arc Archives releases are currently on sale.
  8. Wave Race 99 shadow drop nailed on.
  9. just gave this a go, works really well. Tried Pong/Breakout/Missile Command/Tempest. Shame it doesn’t work on T2K, understandable though I guess. edit: I’d say with this it makes the Switch ver the best version to get (though assuming the PC version works with Steam Deck you may get the same features with the capability of home brew spinners n’ stuff).
  10. bollocks! Missed the obvious “looks good for a Switch game” lolol. No but seriously it’s absolutely fine, nice and sharp, runs well. The new games in there seem like really good re-imaginings. And I love the emulated vector graphics monitor vibe of a vctr-sctr. Would love some more reimaginings of arcade games with modern capabilities using the vector graphics tech in this. edit: I’m enjoying the museum stuff in this. As others have said, it’s really nicely done and would be great to see other devs get this treatment. edit2: would def be up for a volume 2 of this with a lot of missing titles (Paperboy/APB/720/Toobin/Stun Runner, y’knaa)
  11. i had a quick whirl of vctr-sctr. I love the aesthetic, especially the effect underneath your craft as it “takes off”/transitions to the Tempest stage. I’m a sucker for vector graphics and shit like that though.
  12. Can confirm this looks ace on the oled espesh the vector games. And I have to say I think I prefer T2000 to T4000. There’s something about it that makes it a bit nicer to play (think it’s the reduced inertia). A lot of the 2600 games are never getting played like. Would have loved to see Stun Runner (arc and Lynx), guessing they’re tied up in license hell.
  13. How about an official solution? (No Switch compatibility regrettably, would totally get one for T4000 and this collection)
  14. Bonus points if you can tell us what positions they play. Sorry if this has been answered but why was the first goal given as offside? It looked as though at least one player was playing the guy onside. Also it looked like everyone was onside when the free kick was taken. Have I been doing offsides wrong all my life? Edit: ignore me, I can see chat about it.
  15. ive bought credit from there before without issue so I think the site is legit, if that’s a concern. Sorry I know that doesn’t help with your problem
  16. How sweet is this (if you have a 3D printer) if only there was some way to 3d print a spinner mod (I know…). also the oled on the switch must make the vector games (like OG Tempest) really pop.
  17. Anyone ever played Pid? Currently £1.79. Looks like it’s a pretty old game but it kinda gave me Inside (ish) vibes from the vids.
  18. Ok so ran through that on both machines and it still doesn’t give me the option to buy it. :S Irritating. edit: ok I think I’m a plum. Though not helped by Nintendo. So I must have already bought it on my UK acc (LOL) BUT the “redownload” list on my Lite is different to what it is on my main Switch (I must have bought it on the Lite). Very odd. You’d think the lists would be the same. Nintendo eh?
  19. Pretty sure I’ve done this. But I’ve also deleted the Jpn prof from my main Switch and Switch Lite. Reckon I need to re-add and go through the above again then?
  20. Get the same on the eshop.
  21. i cannot get this sorted. Have removed my Jpn profile from my primary Switch, deleted the game but it still won’t let me buy it. Somehow my purchase on my Japanese account has become entangled with my UK acc. Even though my Japanese profile is gone, I can still download VR from the store (but it doesn’t show in my purchases (obvs) or my “redownload” list). Makes me a bit worried for when it inevitably disappears to buy etc.
  22. geldra


    Still great if the PCE version is anything to go by. Remember it being on the front of CVG and lusting after the Amiga version (I had a C64… but I don’t think I actually ever had Mr Heli) In other news: Metal Black is out on Arcade Archives. Haven’t ever played it. I’m aware of it being a bit gloomy and officially/unofficially Gun Frontier 2.
  23. like, I thought the same but the eshop won’t let me buy it as “it’s available to play on a device blah blah”.
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