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  1. Definitely at the end now.
  2. Man I remember the r/shmups competitions. Learned so much about Judgment Silversword as a result of playing it for one of those. Was still terrible at it though!
  3. Gotta be near the end now. All I have left to figure out is
  4. I've credit fed them both a long time ago, 3rd was great. 2nd took me a little while to get the hang of, I spent a lot of time thinking it was really difficult and I was awful at it and then realised I was routinely making it 80% through the game on one credit. I'm still dying too often to momentary lapses in concentration which result in me thinking I'm the other colour though
  5. One man's clear is another man's u wot m8. As far as putting stuff in the what games you completed thread goes, I usually aim for some kind of 1CC but some games I know I'm not going back to after they've been shamelessly credit-fed, but being done with a game doesn't have to come hand-in-hand with mastering it or even just being able to survive it. I'm currently playing Exceed 2nd at the moment, and I reckon I've got the 1CC in me, but if I stop enjoying it and the best I get is a 2CC, I'd still consider that "finished". I've only got so much life left in me and sometimes it's better spent elsewhere. In short: just have fun with the games yeah
  6. Progress is slowing now, though I've found a couple of huge things tonight that I'm amazed I missed on multiple occasions. Oh and also
  7. 04. Higurashi When They Cry - Ch.2 Watanagashi Man what the fuck. This series took a real turn. So much of this game is just setup, or nonsense. It focuses on a group of teenagers in a remote village, and easily the first half of the game is 95% fluff and 5% Actual Important Stuff. And then it just... changes gears and is constant madness. I'll write some spoilers tomorrow, becuase trying to explain any of this without spoiling it is basically impossible. But I'm absolutely riveted. It's page-turning, thriller horror nonsense and I absolutely love it. Also there's absolutely no game there unless "controlling how fast the text scrolls" counts as a game... Maybe there'll be a decision in a few games time and it will fuck me up entirely. [edit] absolutely packed with spoilers:
  8. 03. Monolith Imagine Enter The Gungeon, only instead of enemies firing a glob of bullets at you, they fire Real Actual Bullet Patterns. Let's compare: Enter the Gungeon: - Everything is guns - Many of the guns are crap - Does not reference the Nimbus Monolith: - Everything is weird and a cat sells you guns - Almost all of the guns are quite good - Defeating a miniboss displays the message "THE NIMBUS HAS BEEN BROKEN" Jokes aside, I played a bunch of Gungeon but there were just so many unsatisfying runs - be it all the guns being shit, not having enough keys for the Mezzanine, etc. Monolith very rarely does this - it's a room-by-room roguelike shooter too but the complex bullet patterns are predictable, and that allows them to stick a bunch more on screen at once. This is especially true for the later bosses, as they'll be putting tons on screen at all times and it's always about finding the appropriate lane to squeeze in to. There's five floors to Monolith, but after your first 5F clear you earn a seal, and have to find the other three to gain access to the sixth floor and the True Last Boss. It got to a point where I was able to reliably get the 5F clear and was getting my teeth kicked in on the sixth floor, but part of this is down to the fact that there's no shop or powerups on the final floor, meaning that you really need to come through the first five relatively unscathed so that you're prepared for the end. Getting access to the other three seals is also really interesting - one of them is just purchsed from the main lobby shopkeeper, but the other two are really interesting one-time fights and a real step up from anything else you've seen at that point. So yeah - if you liked ETG or Nuclear Throne, you'll probably like this too. If you didn't quite get on with those, this might just be the game that you're looking for in the genre, as it's different enough to fix almost all of the problems I had with it. Though it is still really difficult, as the 21+ hours I spent on it would suggest... https://store.steampowered.com/app/603960/Monolith/ Oh yeah and there's DLC, so look forward to that in this thread at a later date!
  9. Monolith update: Fuckin' did it Got a half-decent weapon (laser, homing, triple) and figured out a couple of the bullet patterns on the TLB and was able to get through. 100% the same feeling of 1CCing a real shmup. There's DLC for the game which I'll pick up after a short break to play something else; it apparently rebalances a lot of stuff to potentially make it a mite easier and wanted to get the non-DLC 1CC first because brains are stupid. It's very, very good and was everything I wanted games like Enter the Gungeon and Nuclear Throne to be. Those are both still good but this just felt more right to me. 21+ hours of improvement and learning to get to this point and I should really put this much effort into things that are more important.
  10. Oh shit, that's a great shout. I'd seen the scout flag some as dangerous but it hadn't twigged that some of it might not be. Much appreciated.
  11. Tiny bit stuck, looking for a nudge on one or two of the following. Spoilers within. I've had a couple of runs where I made little to no progress despite doing what I thought was discovering a ton of stuff. The last loop had me Still a bit more exploring to do in a couple of locations which might open more things up, but there's places where I must have missed one important thing becuase I'm sure I've scoured them but the game thinks otherwise. Still having an absolute blast.
  12. I've found it runs OK on the XBox One S, but also my definition of "OK" is finding out that it only chugs sometimes when I'd expected it to be borderline unplayable, so I guess it depends on your tolerance for this stuff. It would definitely be preferable to be locked to 60fps, especially when there's so much more power in a Series X. So I'm about six hours in to this so far and I'm amazed how much I've been through in such a short time. It feels like I've been exploring the system forever and still have a ton to discover. I can only play so much of it in one go though, as discovering new stuff makes my skin crawl and there's only so long I can deal with that sensation before I have to pack it in for a bit! When I'm not playing it I'm mentally unpacking all the stuff that's been discovered and I'm just completely smitten with it. It reminds me of games like Captain Blood, only with 30 years of technology and storytelling in videogames behind it. Oh and I laughed like an idiot when the Autopilot
  13. Still totally smitten with Monolith. It has a last boss (Which I can reach every time and beat about 30% of the time) and a true last boss (which I've yet to beat), but the difficulty is pitched pretty well - if anything the only real issue is that the last boss is such a step up in difficulty from the rest of the game that you can go into it fully-stocked and still only make it out by a thread. The stage before the true last boss is also almost entirely devoid of shops/pickups/etc so if you get through the last boss with so few resources it's a real struggle. But, have been making it to the regular last boss basically 100% of the time so I can almost smell the true clear at this point, just about putting it all together (which I think I've said about basically every Shmup in the last six months and am in danger of becoming mistaken for a meme at this point ) [edit] Aaaaarrgghh just died with the true last boss having one hit worth of health left
  14. 01. The Artful Escape 02. Rhythm Doctor From what I've read of it, The Artful Escape seems to have been a bit polarising. I've heard a few people suggesting it's toilet and others having a great time with it. And the setting, the premise, is great - a story about the nephew of an extremely famous folk singer, who carries the weight of their accomplishments on his back. You go through his journey as he struggles with the clash of his artistic vision against the history and expectation of his home and his family. And then you run through these gorgeous vistas but you have to listen to the main character formlessly wailing away on a guitar for the whole thing, else you don't get to see the nice stuff. In 2003 The Mars Volta released De-Loused in the Comatorium. It's an incredible prog/punk album, the tracks are snappy and dense and complex and it's a rollercoaster all the way through. In 2004 I went to see them live and halfway through their set there was a 10-minute prog jazz bongos improv section. It was (to me) completely unenjoyable. Playing The Artful Escape, for me, was like this experience only without the promise of getting to hear anything good at the end of it. But at least there's a rhythm game in he- no wait it's just holding X and occasionally you play no-stakes Simon Says where every performance ends with the same three chords. The main character's dialogue is awful too, though I feel like it's a deliberate disappearance up their own arse, as much of the supporting cast are entertaining and well-written. I must be missing something, or maybe it's that I took a dim view of the Most Famous Person In The Universe being someone who I personally wanted to just _stop_ for a minute. -- Rhythm Doctor, on the other hand, is a ryhthm game through and through. I won't spoil it beyond the base premise - you are operating a remote defibrilator and you have to activate it by hitting the Space Bar on the 7th beat - but the game is absolutely stacked with ideas and variations that keep things fresh and interesting and tricky. You're treating one patient? How about hot-swapping to another and having to adjust to their rhythm on the fly. How about treating two patients at once? Four? What if they are a cockatiel It's testament to the design of the game that once you have learned the patterns you can quite feasibly play the game with your eyes closed, and for the trickiest bit of the (current) last boss fight, I did exactly that; it was helpful to avoid some of the visual distractions that the game throws at you. In addition this game has also given me one of the memorable videogame moments of all time. It's so inventive, the characters are (mostly) extremely likeable and it's just constantly doing new and fun things. Only in Early Access at the moment but worth every penny (I got it as a gift but pretty confident in that proclamation) and hopefully new stuff will be coming soon-ish. https://store.steampowered.com/app/774181/Rhythm_Doctor/ Now to go back and do all the bonus stuff
  15. Has this been crashing a lot for anyone recently? I've not played for a while, and loaded it up today; first load, it wouldn't recognise controller input (after pressing A to load the game) and the second load, the game kept freezing, music stuttering, etc. Been playing other stuff ok so I'm not sure it's the machine explicitly at fault and it recently had a full shutdown. Disappointing to waste about 10-15 minutes on loading times to it today. (XBox One, forgot to mention!)
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