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  1. This was stealth-released on Switch at the end of the year and I've been having a lot of fun with it - I'm about 11 episodes deep now and am really excited about some of the gimmicks for the later episodes. Difficulty also seems to be pitched quite well, I'm not getting many floor 1 wipeouts and am usually making a good bunch of progress and mainly dying to my own poor decisions, as it should be. It is definitely more lightweight than something like Slay the Spire or One Step From Eden, both games that I've enjoyed/am currently enjoying, but I feel like there's totally a space in t
  2. Nah it's fine, I am a massive pain in the arse but if it's that much of an issue I will leave it. It is a bit of a shame though as it does discourage people from posting their votes until right at the death, it's not unreasonable that someone could discover a gem at Christmas but not know how good it is until after the PITA deadline has passed. Given how much work is involved in collating things like this though I don't blame you for getting some of the prep done in advance. (psst hey you guys Dicey Dungeons is really good)
  3. I received this in the Muk Secret Santa and have been enjoying it a lot. It feels like a mix of Slay the Spire (in as much as you have a "deck" and acquire cards for it as you progress, along with relics), Into the Breach (in that your positioning is very important) and the active time battle system from the Final Fantasy games. Trying to comprehend everything is absolute madness, it throws you in at the deep end right from the start and there is just so much to take in, it's very difficult to know whether a card that fires off projectiles diagonally is going to be useful or if a l
  4. So how much of a kicking am I going to get if I want to put Dicey Dungeons in at 5 on my list? Justification: bought it with Christmas eShop voucher...
  5. SLS Unsanctioned premieres at 1700 today
  6. This might be a bit left-field for this thread, but I was gifted the utterly superb World of Horror at Christmas and feel like it deserves a plug: https://store.steampowered.com/app/913740/WORLD_OF_HORROR/ Despite being still in Early Access this feels very complete already. I believe the stuff that is "missing" is additional scenarios, rather than the game mechanics/etc being unfinished. Inspired by Junji Ito and HP Lovecraft, you play as one of a cast of characters who are investigating paranormal occurrences in a Japanese town in the 1980s, and it plays out a bit lik
  7. As is tradition (is it tradition? It is now) I've sunk a bit of time into some of my Secret Santa stuff. I also got a couple of gift cards from the family so have more games than I know what to do with. Technically I had more games than I knew what to do with before, but these ones are new! Post Void Oh my god this is difficult. It's like Doom only deep-fried, and your health constantly leaks out of the bottom of of your head (which you are holding in your left hand) and you can only regain health by killing enemies. It feels like the fastest thing on planet Earth and t
  8. I enjoyed the first Muv-Luv but it was just... weird. Get the feeling it all gets interesting in the second game. Bought the first two on Vita but now it seems that the remaining one has not been discounted since (as with basically any other Vita game) but at least they're also available on Steam I guess.
  9. Yeah the first two Grandia games are great. If you wanted something a bit more off-beat, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is brilliant and ridiculous.
  10. oh jesus there's more Turns out there were TOO MANY GIFTS to fit on the preview page: [post void] (FPS that looks like it's been watched on VHS one too many times) Sorry, James (sorry, James) Wizard of Legend (awesome-looking 2D dungeon hack and slash thing)
  11. Yeah seeing what people got is half the fun!
  12. It's not Christmas yet, but I've opened my presents! What a terrible human I am. A huge thank you to Secret Santa for: One Step From Eden (deck-building strategy game) Hello, Charlotte episodes 2 and 3 (sci-fi/psychological horror things) The Red Strings Club (the only cyberpunk game worth playing) Muse Dash (cute rhythm action thing) Meadow (I can't even remember but it's been on my wishlist for ages so it is hopefully excellent) Merry Christmas all, and thank you again Santa!
  13. 01 - Oranssi Pazuzu - Mestarin Kynsi 02 - Palm Reader - Sleepless 03 - Garganjua - Toward The Sun 04 - Black Taffy - Opal Wand 05 - Irist - Order of the Mind 06 - The Avalanches - We Will Always Love You 07 - Envy - The Fallen Crimson 08 - Tom Misch and Yussuf Dayes - What Kinda Music 09 - Sinner DC - If I Could Only Hear The Sound Of The Waves Again 10 - Snail's House - Ujbeats vol. 1 ...more Bonuses: Laraaji - Sun Zither (originally from 1984? But reissued this year) 65daysofstatic - Safe Passage Extended
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