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  1. Hi everyone, I'm on the beg now. Does anyone have a spare key they'd be willing to donate for Small World 2? Looking for one for a friend so we can play together. There are also a bunch of leftover keys from my Humble Bundle purchases a page or two back, nobody has taken LiEat yet which is a bit of a travesty.
  2. I'd be interested in one of each of these too, please!
  3. @Stejay I'll be about after 2000 tonight to send you a bin over
  4. Once resident services is open I'll sort you out for nowt
  5. They were from me, thanks for the invite - I am holding on to my turnips (maybe foolish) but offloaded all my cherries at your store. Thanks again for the invite!
  6. I was also on your island last night wishing on the stars, and can confirm that I've caught a load of mackerel and nothing better. So - I think you had all my luck
  7. As in, [A] [ ] Where there is a gap between them? Or are they diagonal? Or or or or
  8. I have black wheelie bins available as an item at the Nook ATM if you want some. They're about 1,200 bells each.
  9. I think they give hardwood more often than trees that bear fruit.
  10. Last reminder for now. Still a shit ton of keys going spare.
  11. Thanks - I'll give the DNS from two different providers a go and see if that helps. It started happening again last night so the reboot is unlikely to be the fix sadly. Still unsure if the error message is even relevant.
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