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  1. I know it might seem trite but the music lives on. I’m sad at how many of my musical heroes I’ve not been able to see live or won’t hear any new music from again but the music I love is still there for me. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety all my adult life, you can get through it. There’s support there for you if you need it, you’re not alone.
  2. Gutted, loved his music so much.
  3. That was tough. Took forever before I realised what the first two letters could be. Wordle 219 5/6
  4. My first ever 2/6. Usually get it in five. Got lucky with my first attempt. Wordle 216 2/6
  5. Is this really any more confirmed than all the previous stories? It certainly won’t be any surprise if true. If things are as problematic as it sounds surely Disney would want new management but it doesn’t appear as if they want to replace Kathleen Kennedy. I’m actually surprised she hasn’t had enough of the criticism and gone back to producing for Spielberg.
  6. Nick having a chat with Mick and Warren about the b-sides albums.
  7. Cheers, will give Enemy at the Gates a listen. Got Fahrenheit 451 already albeit with Christopher Hurt narrating.
  8. I’m a big Filoni fan but isn’t this Jon Favreau’s baby? He’s the shows creator and main writer. He’s written all the episodes so far this season.
  9. Been listening to the Philip Marlowe novels read by Ray Porter but it looks like they’ve been removed and there’s some new ones coming out next year. Will be disappointed if Ray Porter doesn’t read them but I suspect they have a new narrator
  10. hebejebe

    Pearl Jam

    I’m loving it, apart from Retrograde, definitely this album’s Sirens.
  11. hebejebe

    Pearl Jam

    I had a wee chuckle when I saw that. First thing I thought of was rllmuk and Megaton.
  12. Saw it at a midnight showing and thought it was a complete mess and was disappointed. Had second viewing today with the family and I liked it a lot more, I now reckon it’s a pretty decent end to the saga. I still think it’s a backward step from TLJ but they can try some more interesting things now that this story has finished.
  13. Was at Mark Lanegan tonight in Edinburgh. Was enjoying it but sadly he went off stage after an hour. Nothing was said other than the guitarist coming out saying he didn’t know if they were coming back out.
  14. I only hear some of the preview and wasn’t too impressed but when I listened to it the next day I really liked it. It’s the end of the trilogy so hopefully the next album will be different. Whilst I don’t want another Skeleton Tree/Ghosteen and I’d love another Push The Sky Away. Until whatever comes next it looks like new Grinderman is on the way.
  15. hebejebe


    Not seeing much love for Rosetta Stoned, love that track.
  16. I think what he means is that they aren’t rushing out the next batch of movies. Both of those trilogies sound like they will be planned out from the beginning and I expect the next Episode trilogy to be done that way too.
  17. In the same interview Bob Iger says that they have Star Wars movies in development and Kathleen Kennedy said both Johnson’s and the GoT guys trilogies are going ahead. https://ew.com/movies/2019/04/13/lucasfilm-star-wars-movies-hiatus/
  18. I believe they wanted to get back to May releases. TFA was originally scheduled for May and so was IX.
  19. I was unsure after watching it for the first time. Took the kids to see it on Monday and now I love it, I think it’s brilliant.
  20. hebejebe

    Pokemon Go

    I get the occasional potion but not many of them.
  21. hebejebe

    Pokemon Go

    Have they stopped giving revives out at Pokestops? I haven’t got one in weeks.
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