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  1. Added some folk off this thread too (as well as the one in Discussion) Please feel free to add me: GamerTag: Avatar555 Remember- Every zombie fighting team needs a coward!
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    Left 4 Dead

    I have to agree with those who think that the harder difficulties enhance the game; Expert will make or break a 4 player team. I spent most of Saturday afternoon playing Expert No Mercy with randoms and we got on together throughout most of the campaign. However, after 1 1/2 hours on the finale, it was down to me and 1 other just as the chopper came hovering in. I was first to the entrance, but got downed by a small gaggle of zombies. My comrade just jumped over the mass and into the safety of the helicopter leaving me to be torn to shreds right there on the helipad... So if anyone else i
  3. Well, I heard that 300 was going 'on sale' to cost 100 points for a download, which seemed worth a punt at that price. Seeing as I was up and about I've just checked to see if its available to download: Only SD version is 100 points. HD still sets you back the full 540 (approx 4.60 pounds) Still, might be worth a go if you have some spare points knocking about.
  4. As a proud owner of a new 360, I am keen to bolster my friendslist with folk in the same timezone (GMT+4.) My only game is Crackdown at the minute, but I'm sure I'll be filling my hard drive with impulse buys on Arcade. Consider everyone in this thread added! XBL- Avatar555
  5. That BBC article just needed some editing: That's really all one needs to say about Killzone 2. Shame the writer felt compelled to write a poor article around that gem of a line.
  6. Frightful memories is pretty good- just look at their mad staring eyes.. I cracked up at their parting cries of "Goodbye! Bye! Save us! Goodbye! Save us! Bye!" I think the segment works in an errie humor way. Any excuse to make fun of very unscary 'scary' games (a bit like Warnings From History)
  7. Got my own copy of this game for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I feel so late to the party... but it's an absolute blinder of a rhythm game isn't it? I completed single play and am now stuck on the disco UFO level on Master Play. I almost got it this evening, but skipped a couple of beats on the Final section*. My wrist felt like it was going to drop off so I gave it a rest. Do most people play on Normal or Hard difficulty? (I am worried that I'm even more inept at this game than I think I am.) *
  8. Parchezzi has a guard walk into his office every so often for a bit of a snoop around. Maybe he's seeing the body on the balcony? Can't remember if he looks in that direction or not. Spoiler (If you like to figure it out for yourself)
  9. Gamespot EDIT: Spoiled for choice on links Simmy!
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    DS Simcity

    I'd be interested to hear from someone who's played it on this forum. If it compares to Theme Park DS (a perfectly workable port for a classic game) then it could be worth a punt.
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    DS Simcity

    This has been out since Monday in the US. Anyone given the English Language version a go?
  12. It would really fit into the whole 'satire of consumerism' angle if they let the main character carry around an Ipod-esque device. You could listen to custom soundtracks in the car, but step out the door and the music continues to play with a slightly tinnier sound. SA changed the base or treble of a song depending on how nice or cheap your ride was. VC has a tape deck icon for the custom soundtrack (a sign of the era the game was set in) Incorporate the two ideas to give an mp3 player with a humorous sound-alike name. Walking around listening to your own tunes would work really well with the
  13. The Thursday magazine in today's Gulf News (the local paper I love to loathe) had an article 'comparing' the PS3 and Xbox360. No writer/journo was credited with writing the piece, so I assumed it was a cut and paste job from Sony's Middle East PR office. What got me tutting and rolling my eyes was the part about backward computability- saying the PS3 was fully compatible with PS2 titles, whereas the 360 was only partially compatible with xbox titles. Blatant lying or the final run of the hardware emulation PS3s? Am I right in thinking these are PAL units being sold round these parts?
  14. So thats: 25,000 Dhs for the TV + 2,500 Dhs for the PS3 = 27,000 Dhs or £3,800 (approx) That's a pretty hefty console bundle, even by local standards. Can I have your soon-to-be-spare V-series then?
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