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  1. I seemingly haven't listened to a great deal in 2017 that isn't 90s black metal made by people with terrible political opinions, but some stuff I listened to last year that doesn't appear to have been mentioned much here:



    Kate Tempest - Let Them Eat Chaos


    This reminds me quite a bit of The Streets early albums, and captures the contemporary as well as they did 15 odd years ago.  Took me a while to get into her but when it clicked I was obsessed, and it really works well as an album.



    Lambchop - FLOTUS


    Above song is 18 minutes long but is the also best released in 2016.  More electronic/krautrock than Lambchop's previous output (complete with auto-tuned vocals), may be my favourite album of theirs - incredible live too. 



    Blanck Mass - D7-D5


    He has a new album out in the last month or two but good as it was, think this was a stronger release than anything on it.  Very 80s EBM vibe.


  2. I'm really into this Morales remix at the moment, much better than the original for my money. Any disco track that has a piano as the lead instrument gets my vote:

    Apologies for the slightly raunchy video...

    I uploaded this Aretha Franklin live track to Youtube last year sometime as it wasn't online anywhere (from the expanded Complete Live at Fillmore West), really starts cooking in the second half but it's all fantastic - amazing band. There's a slightly better version from the night before but I think it got hit by the copyright hammer:

  3. I was bored this evening so thought I'd sign back in. Have people heard the Ata Kak album? Awesome Tapes re-released it earlier this year (good article on it here), originally released in 1994 but unless you were scouring the tape stalls in Ghanian markets you won't have a copy:

    I like the Mbongwana Star "From Kinhasa" album too, featuring ex-members of Staff Benda Bilili. Konono No.1 feature on the album too and it doesn't sound really like anything else, there's lots of electronics and dance music influences without ever sounding like it's cultural tourism on the part of the Western producer. I'm seeing them tomorrow at Rich Mix which should be excellent.

    Africa Express' version of Terry Riley's In C featuring several musicians from Mali (and Damon Albarn) works really well:


    I think this got re-released late last year on Now-Again, badass garage rock from the 70s out of Zambia by Ngozi Family:

    All the above albums are on Spotify, worth checking out.

  4. Discovered this video a few weeks ago, gospel meltdown. All good but starts really cooking about 4 minutes in, then starts getting madder and madder.

    Don't stop the drummer!

  5. Yeah, it's nonsensical you have to go back to talk to them each day. I used them as I enjoyed all their animations (Mr Hankey's especially) but mostly unnecessary as only the boss battles offer any kind of challenge. I loved it in general and it's easily one of the funniest games I've ever played but there's so many design choices (especially in the Inventory) that just seem daft.

  6. I use unlocator.com. At the moment it is free and in Beta. I have been using it for approximately 6 months and it has never let me down. Use it to watch USA Netflix on Apple TV and iPad. It lets you choose other regions too. Highly recommended

    Cheers for this, seems to work a treat.

  7. I thought downloads should continue while in standby mode? I set the Killzone demo going, hit standby and came back later to find it had stopped ages ago.

    Think by default the settings for standby mode disconnect the internet, you can change it under Power Saving Settings I think.

  8. You change the DNS settings directly on your device, or you can do it on your router. You control the region through the website. There's full instructions and its very straightforward, a week free trial too.

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