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  1. This is about as average as they come, you'll know what happens on every beat. There's not much action either, it's far more of a thriller than a straight action flick like Taken - there's some rough fumbling in the toilets (ooer) and Neeson generally going all a bit Jack Bauer with the passengers but generally he's just trying to track down the terrorist whilst unwittingly framing himself deeper and deeper. Not terrible, not great; it's a film that exists. Hard to recommend but it passed the time, far better than Taken 2 though.
  2. Ben


    I don't know if I'd have the patience for it at home, nothing much happens really. In the cinema with no distractions I adored it but can see many not enjoying it.
  3. Not as keen on the rest of the album but love this track to pieces.
  4. The selection isn't quite as terrible as I thought it would be, quite a few decent films in HD. It has Twin Peaks as well. £50 a year inc Prime Delivery doesn't seem too bad a deal for it.
  5. Ben


    Enjoyed reading this analysis/play by play of the Solo Eggplant run: http://www.polygon.com/2013/12/23/5227726/anatomy-of-a-spelunky-miracle-or-how-the-internet-finally-beat Also wasn't aware that there was a recording of the Ghost being killed either: Not the most exciting video to watch granted but still a crazy achievement.
  6. Assassins Creed will keep you busy until something new comes along.
  7. Did anyone else do the "One Night Stand" at the cinema yesterday showing both parts back to back? It's an odd, surprisingly funny and disturbing film - Part 2 goes to some pretty dark places especially, the weaker of the two parts as well but has the best individual scenes. It's structured strangely and has some hopelessly laboured, almost theatrical dialogue at times - saying that most of the worst pretensions are done with a wink to the audience, you're never sure how seriously Von Trier is taking it himself. It's almost defiantly unsexy too, despite all the naked flesh and copulation on display. Worth watching to keep up with LaBeouf's (who is hopelessly out of his depth) accent, particularly enjoyed his 5 minute scene as a pervy David Brent. Uma Thurman is fantastic also in a cameo, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Have no real interest in watching it again but thought it was excellent largely, probably worth seeing at the cinema too if it's coming back - not sure I'd enjoy it quite as a much outside of a communal atmosphere.
  8. You don't need them all on at once surely? It only takes a minute or two to reinstall.
  9. Ben

    The Techno Thread

    Some brainmelters in this list: Fact Magazine: The 25 Heaviest, Eye-Bleeding Techno Rippers Ever Made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZRESEMUbUE
  10. I loved it personally on the Vita, easily up with the best of last year. Not sure how some of the levels would fare on a non-touch screen device though.
  11. Agree, the 2nd part of the 3rd book was my favourite too - people are going to lose their shit watching it for the first time, every episode is going to be a barnstormer. Should also have the attack on the Wall from the Wildlings as well as seeing if Charles Dance shits gold.
  12. Ben


    Are there plans to bring the new streamlined UI to the Vita?
  13. From this angle the Suarez challenge definitely looks like a penalty:
  14. Ben


    Wasn't loads of American Hustle improvised? Seems strange to give it a best screenplay nod, Blue Jasmine probably deserved it from the nominees but too politically risky to give anything to Allen at the moment.
  15. I thought this was fantastic, maybe Jonze's best film; an amazing script and a superb central performance from Phoenix. From recent memory only Blue is the Warmest Colour has captured love and relationships as honestly as this does.
  16. Ben

    The Techno Thread

    No idea how I only just discovered that Blawan and Surgeon released a collaboration EP last year: Big EBM vibe from this.
  17. Davros you casual, get with the big boys.
  18. Ben


    I'm tempted if I can rock up at 6 and wait an hour or two - considering Shepherd's Bush didn't sell out there must be a good chance of getting in?
  19. Ben


    Play more, understand the mechanics, get better. Watch some high level players on YT as well. The odds are stacked against you but the maps are random every time so it shouldn't get too tired.
  20. Ben


    How was it? He's playing Koko on Sunday apparently, then Ronnie Scotts Monday and heading up to Manchester Tuesday.
  21. I adored this too, up with the best of Pixar for me - made with genuine love and full of invention, wit and creativity. I saw it in the day at the local multiplex and was the only person in the screening, my own private cinema.
  22. Added everyone in the first post to my friends list. I'm arewenotben ; add me if you don't want to be bottom of your leaderboard.
  23. You can sometimes shoot the enemies when they're at the top, othertimes they'll drag you down - does it all depend on how they or you are moving? I picked the mechanics up ok as I've played Tempest before but like with Space Giraffe the tutorial again is a bit shit, I don't think it even tells you what the shoot button is.
  24. Ben


    I try to keep my play time down to the Daily Challenge now as it's too addictive otherwise. Made it to Olmec the other day for the first time after lucking upon a jetpack early on, obviously died after a few seconds. Usually expire horribly in the mines in a stupid way.
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