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    ong bak

    I just watched the US trailer of this and it looks awesome, can someone point me in the direction of somewhere reputable to pick it up on R3 DVD? It looks like the kind of thing Jackie Chan would be doing if he was still in his 20s. http://www.ongbakmovie.com/ It's got a quality half time show he did at a Basketball game too, jesus he gets some height on his kicks.
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    I've got it but never actually played it on Live, it's always dead when I go on so never really bothered. It's only £17.99 at Play at the mo.
  3. Haven't listened to a great deal of hiphop this month really, these are my most listened tracks this month though - The Game - Higher The Game - Put You on the Game Sage Francis - The Buzz Kill Sage Francis - Sea Lion Jeru the Damaja - Not Your Average Ludacris - The Potion Edan - Making Planets Dangermouse and Murs - Painting by Numbers (Available to buy here) Ol' Dirty Bastard - Dirty Dirty Sole - Imsotired The new Sage Francis album is excellent, I'm prefering it to Personal Journals. There's some free MP3s here - A Healthy Distrust.
  4. Nah, just fancied a change. Have used the same name for ages, been meaning to alter it for years but never bothered. Did anyone else get an email from Rap and Soul Mail Order the other day? I've just spent a fortune there in the Special Offers section, bah.
  5. Equalize - Omni I've been really enjoying this today, he sounds a little like Murs, beats similar to Del/Dangermouse. Really tight, never heard of him before - nicked it from here - Music for Robots I've just changed my username from jrisgod to bph, hence the low post count
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