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  1. James Franco buys film rights for The Disaster Artist This sounds a terrible idea, unless they get Wiseau to play himself.
  2. Ben


    Seems like Iwata's female alter-ego cancelled their holiday to join a queue that snakes half way around NW1: Please Understand
  3. World Premiere tonight at the South Bank IMAX (there was a rather awkward section about the film on R4's Today Programme this morning where they mentioned about it), imagine embargo will be lifted after that.
  4. Looks from that photo on the BBC site that he has a touch of the Allard about him.
  5. The joys of being an early adopter, it's hardly a massive surprise.
  6. He gets hunted down by everyone who paid money to watch Taken 2.
  7. Yep, it'll work with a Touch.
  8. Yeah, I loved it too and the more I think about it the more I like it. Think will benefit from a second viewing.
  9. I've lost a couple of weekends to Binding of Isaac recently, the DLC makes it almost a completely new game.
  10. Its been getting great reviews from Sundance, although the majority of reviewers would have no clue who Sidebottom is so wouldn't have any real point of reference.
  11. Very nice John Morales mix of the J5's Forever Came Today:
  12. Ben

    Gospel Music

    Stand up for Jesus, Stand up for him. All cooks but the final 2 minutes of this is the most convincing argument for the proof of a higher being you'll ever need. Skip to about 1.30 and watch from then on, over 10 minutes of high-octane gospel meltdown. Can't stop the drummer.
  13. Parks & Wilson: https://soundcloud.com/samuel-lamont/parks-and-wilson-essential-mix-on-radio1-9-apr-2000 Sasha: https://soundcloud.com/everybodywantstobethedj/sasha-essential-mix-2000-02-27
  14. Ben

    This is Hip-Hop.

    I'm currently adding all the hip-hop tracks from my Starred list, more people add stuff! Enjoying going back through them actually, reminded me of this stormer: Edit: And this badboy, Just Blaze 4 lyfe:
  15. Ben

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Just came on to post about the Step Brothers album which I see has been mentioned, listening to it now on Spotify - Alchemist on total fire. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUROvjd6mw8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3IxmT9Z6Dc
  16. Did everyone get the email about 3 months of Music Unlimited for £3? Seems like a good price even if I only use it for custom soundtracks: https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-gb/cid=IP9100-NPIA09003_00-CC003DEPREMIUM90
  17. Perhaps they have an attention span longer than the duration of 2 songs.
  18. I used to buy loads of CDs but a combination of torrents and since Spotify allowed offline playlists, that, has meant I now very rarely pick things up. I did go through a vinyl phase but quickly realised it was a waste of money. I pirate virtually nothing now, unless something has leaked well in advance or its rare - Spotify has 99% of the things I want to listen to and it's so easy to discover music using it that there's always something I want to listen to. There's a good rebuttal about Yorke's views on Spotify here - http://thequietus.com/articles/14175-spotify-streaming-controversy-thom-yorke - the frustrating thing about him is that he often moans about the trad music business (same with Trent Reznor) but they only got to the positions they're in due to all the industry cash behind them. They don't really have any concept of what its like being an unknown small band nowadays.
  19. Did you change the settings in the System Options? I think by default it's set to only pass chat audio through the pad.
  20. Will have another look tonight, I was playing Killzone early this morning and didn't really want audiologs blaring out in the wee hours.
  21. Is there any way to turn off the controller speaker too, or at least turn it down? I liked how the light pulses to the rhythm on Sound Shapes but yeah, its hardly essential - surely it will be part of a future update.
  22. I don't think a film about a sport that the Yanks have zero interest in was really going to be a front runner, although Daniel Bruhl's performance (I guess would come under Supporting Actor?) was far more deserving of a nod than Bradley Cooper.
  23. Too late apparently - http://www.theguardian.com/film/2013/jul/18/cannes-winner-blue-warmest-colour-ineligible-oscar
  24. No American Hustle nomination for hairstyling?! What are the Academy smoking. Would have probably replaced Bale for Hanks' turn in Cpt Phillips too, not quite sure why Cooper's performance warranted a nod either. Shame Blue is the Warmest Colour wasn't eligible for Foreign Language film as well due to its French release date, both actresses should have got recognition but that was never going to happen regardless,
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