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  1. I'm new to the party on this as I've just bought a PS4 this weekend but it's great isn't it? I don't normally play these kind of high score shooters but this has totally clicked, maybe because the mechanics are relatively easy to understand - best so far is 21-odd million on Experienced which I don't think is too bad after less than a day or so of playing, can definitely see easy ways to improve and mistakes I made. Add me up if you want some high score battling - I doubt I'll ever reach 100m or whatever but would be good to have some more people to shake my fist at on the high score table; PSN ID: Arewenotben
  2. Ben

    Playstation Vita

    Regarding the multigame packs; I really enjoyed LBP on the Vita, probably the best version available.
  3. Interesting "Secret Developer" interview on Digital Foundry this morning on the experiences of a 3rd Party Developer working with the Wii U for a launch game: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2014-secret-developers-wii-u-the-inside-story Lots of good stuff on design choices and the like but a choice quote here:
  4. Nope, only saw Virtua Tennis and Assassins Creed there.
  5. Spotted this earlier in HMV Selfridges on Oxford Street for £19 on PS3 - in the 50% off section, had quite a few copies.
  6. Ben


    Perseverance is key.
  7. If any wants my To the Moon and Papa & Yo keys pop me a PM
  8. Saw this earlier at a Cineworld preview, it's a fantastic if harrowing film - as hoot says Fassbender and Ejiofor give incredible performances, both easily the best I've seen in this Oscar season from male performers. Many of McQueens framing and shots reminded me of Terrence Malick - it often moves at a languid pace but the time flew by. I quite liked the score but Inception isn't particularly fresh in my memory so didn't get any recall from that, sounded very Colin Stetson-esque in places. Think my main criticism would be with Brad Pitt's character but he may well be true to life.
  9. Ben

    Playstation Vita

    From memory at 60% off they had LBP, Resistance, Assassin’s Creed, Lego Harry Potter, another Lego game, World Rally Championship, Little Deviants, Rayman Legends, Virtua Tennis, Uncharted, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Playstation Smash Bros, Sonic Racing and Virtues Last Reward. I went down at lunchtime and there were 2 more copies of Dragons Crown but they were quite hidden - basically when you go down to the basement from the middle of the store (near the gaming section), there's a couple of shelves full of Vita stuff immediately in front of you. They were hidden behind other games - I didn't buy them as they didn't have the yellow sticker on and I was a bit pushed for time to argue it.
  10. Ben

    Playstation Vita

    Got Dragons Crown for the Vita at HMV Oxford St (the closing one) for a tenner earlier - couldn't see any more but might be worth a hunt or ask. Still loads of other Vita games at 60% off.
  11. Going through my Humble Bundle buys, found a few unused or duplicate keys if anyone wants them: Dear Esther Thomas Was Alone Awesomenauts Hotline Miami Tiny and Big in Grandpa's Leftovers Oil Rush Cortex Command Little Inferno AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome Solar 2 Pop me a PM if any of interest.
  12. I can't recall a time where it dragged, although the plot wasn't too fast paced. The sting isn't all that complex, I just enjoyed being in the company of the characters - if you didn't then I can see why it wouldn't be to your liking.
  13. I had a lot of fun watching this, some extremely talented people at the top of their game having an awful lot of fun. It's all surface but when the sheen is so bright you can forgive it's flaws, essentially Goodfellas-lite. It also has probably the best cameo of 2014, an actor is in it for 5 minutes and steals the movie. The best thing he's done for years.
  14. I really enjoyed Botanicula, finished it in one sitting.
  15. Ben

    Playstation Vita

    It's the perfect indie game machine, its worth it just as a £100 Spelunky player. Rogue Legacy and Binding of Isaac later this year - my life will be in ruins.
  16. She'll catch her death of cold.
  17. I didn't find that there was much chemistry between the actors personally, certainly nothing on End of Watch which was a full on bromance and made the film. I liked it but I didn't find it succeeded as both an action film and telling a personal story. Normally rate Wahlberg too but didn't think he was particularly strong here, just seemed too blank. Will rewatch at the cinema though when it comes around.
  18. I enjoyed Deadlight when I played it a few weeks ago, finished it in one sitting (maybe 4 hours or so). No classic but worth a punt for £2.
  19. I've been listening to a lot of Oozing Wound's album the last week or so, it's kinda dirty thrashy hardcore with the occasional heavy thrown in. My favourites from the album aren't on Youtube but the whole thing is on Spotify
  20. Ben

    Playstation Vita

    There's a bunch of 50% (+10%) off boxed Vita games downstairs in the closing HMV on Oxford Street - from memory they had Little Big Planet, World Rally Championship, Little Deviants, Resistance, Virtua Tennis, Playstation Smash Bros, Sonic Racing, Need For Speed, some Lego thing and no doubt others.
  21. He's far and away the best thing about the movie, loved how thick he lays on the accent too.
  22. Thanks for the hard work in putting these together, I know from my short stint doing it that its rather time consuming.
  23. My "local" (about 25 miles away!) cinema when growing up was the Majestic in Kings Lynn, a right old dump. The manager used to sing the latest listings on their recorded telephone message.
  24. That's the osmosis of negative publicity for you, unusual would be a better word yes.
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