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  1. That AV Club review makes it sound an interesting mess, will probably give it a go next week. I tend to enjoy the slightly off-kilter more personal blockbusters sent to die like John Carter and The Lone Ranger more than the cookie-cutter stuff.
  2. To get into the festive spirit the last week or two, I've been listening to Decibel Magazine's Top 40 Albums of 2013. I've been almost entirely ignorant of metal this year (couple of stoner records and Carcass' blazing return aside) so it's been a welcome education - particularly enjoying In Solitude and Inquisition's albums. Spotify Playlist Top 40:
  3. This is currently £1.99 on Kindle: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00FMFEA68/ref=redir_mdp_mobile?redirect=true&tag=ho01f-21
  4. I haven't read it yet but one of today's Daily Deals has been on my wish list for a while: Man Belong Mrs Queen The true story of a Polynesian island who worship Prince Philip.
  5. Ben

    Playstation Vita

    Its on sale until the 8th January, says on the download page on the store.
  6. Played through Little Inferno from the current bundle earlier on my Nexus 7 whilst some Christmas telly was on, thought it was a fantastic piece of satire that also works (frighteningly) well as a game - it's essentially mocking you as you play it, but it's so compelling that you can't stop. Thought the conclusion may have been a little better but the way it's all wrapped up together as a comment on modern gaming, an addictive puzzle/mindless physics game as well as moving you along with a narrative is fantastically done.
  7. Just got an email offering me Sly Trilogy (PS3?) for little over £6. Does anyone want the code? I'm never going to use it, pop me a PM.
  8. Yeah, unless someone can persuade me otherwise I'm pretty sure after 30 minutes with Soul Sacrifice that it isn't for me.
  9. Ben


    Yep, its the same torrent file.
  10. Ben

    Playstation Vita

    You can backup your games onto a PC or a PS3.
  11. Ben

    Playstation Vita

    3.3GB - says on the SEN page
  12. Another 12 Days of Kindle sale started today: http://www.amazon.co.uk/b?ie=UTF8&node=3974595031&tag=ho01f-21 Couple I've picked up to add to the huge pile: The Passage - £1.49 Hitch 22 - 99p The Naked Eye - 99p (yeah, I know Saatchi's a cunt) The Elements of Eloquence - 99p By Blood - 99p Them: Adventures with Extremists - 99p Agent Zigzag - £1.59 The Hobbit is currently 99p too: http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Hobbit-J-R-Tolkien-ebook/dp/B002RI9ZY0/ref=br_lf_m_1000740353_1_4_img?ie=UTF8&s=digital-text&pf_rd_p=457440307&pf_rd_s=center-5&pf_rd_t=1401&pf_rd_i=1000740353&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_r=01149G3M2XZS680D1BFK
  13. I wouldn't say it's the worst I've played this year, I don't even know what that would be as I don't tend to play "bad" games, but The Last of Us was definitely the most disappointing. A breathlessly superb intro, then the actual game began - I gave up 4 hours in as I found it so tedious (not long after the Ravenholm section). The sooner designers have more confidence (or are given more leeway) in terms of how they can tell a story without resorting to standard gameplay techniques the better.
  14. Still got quite a few to catch up with but these are my favourite 20 of the year as of today: 1. The Act of Killing 2. Blue is the Warmest Colour 3. Django Unchained 4. Gravity 5. It's Such a Beautiful Day 6. Only God Forgives 7. Captain Phillips 8. Blue Jasmine 9. Gangs of Wasseypur 10. The Great Beauty 11. Side Effects 12. Much Ado About Nothing 13. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa 14. In The House 15. To The Wonder 16. Iron Man 3 17. Frances Ha 18. Philomena 19. Nebraska 20. Pain & Gain Been a good year although I don't think I want to watch either of my top 2 ever again, both left me completely emotionally drained in different ways. I can't remember the last film as emotionally raw as Blue is the Warmest Colour; it is genuinely like watching a real relationship on screen and will be relatable to anyone who's ever been in love, it's definitely stuck with me. The Act of Killing is like staring evil directly in the face. Best Actor: Toni Servillo for The Great Beauty (Tom Hanks will get the Oscar though, his work at the end of Captain Phillips really shook me). Best Actress: Either Cate Blanchett for her "Stella" in Blue Jasmine or Adèle Exarchopoulos for Blue is...
  15. No sane adult has played those games.
  16. They've never given hard figures on users with PS+, apparently they made $140 million from it last year which would be around 3.5 million paying $40 each. Imagine it's ramped up a bit since with the increase in quality of games in 2013. If anything it's made me buy more, if only for the 10% discount you get on sale items as it regularly pushes the prices into "you'd be mad not to" range. Happily bought Tearaway at launch too.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3LbWQo2X5w
  18. 1 - Petre Inspirescu - Fabric 68 2 - Moonface - Julia with Blue Jeans On 3 - The Field - Cupid's Head 4 - Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light 5 - Disclosure - Settle 6 - Matias Aguayo - The Visitor 7 - Lil Jabba - Scales 8 - Guido - Moods of Future Joy 9 - Inspectah Deck, 7L & Esoteric - Czarface 10 - Carcass - Surgical Steel
  19. It was never going to do huge numbers really, it's the equivalent of a movie studio making a Wes Anderson film their tentpole summer blockbuster.
  20. I discovered earlier this week that Manix released a new album this year. I wasn't expecting much but it's actually rather great, definitely keeping the sound very authentic - if you told me it had been released 20 years ago I wouldn't have queried it. Bandcamp Spotify
  21. Don Jon was solid directorial work by him, hampered more by the script than anything.
  22. Rinsed in this two evenings over the weekend on my Vita, loved it far more than I expected. I didn't find the combat too hard either and I'm usually terrible at these kinds of games, once dodging had been mastered there were very few difficulty spikes - the final boss took maybe 15 minutes of retries but he went down pretty quickly. Fuck trying to get all the orbs though.
  23. I really enjoyed this, probably more than any of Jackson's Tolkien films. It's setpieces are pretty much peerless from films of recent years, the barrel chase in particular is the best action scene I've seen in 2013. Smaug is fantastic too, every second with him is a joy. I haven't read any of the books so probably have a different viewpoint from many here, but yeah, I had a blast watching it. Thought the HFR worked much better too, felt a little odd in the first 10 minutes or so but everything looked great after that.
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