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  1. Its a lovely film, reminded me quite a lot of The Straight Story in its pacing and characters. Dern is fantastic, Forte does very well too as the "straight man" holding the film together.
  2. Find Any Film Quite a few DVDs available cheaply, seem to be R2 as well.
  3. Ben

    Playstation Vita

    The Digital Store prices in general aren't bad - Tearaway at launch was £20 for example, and there's always loads of sales/PS+ stuff. Angry Birds is a bit of an outlier, they charge £30-40 on all the consoles for what is essentially the mobile game.
  4. Ben


    Have added a bunch of people - my PSN ID is arewenotben. I'm not very good. Love watching the videos that top players have uploaded of this to Youtube, it's like they're playing a completely different game to me - so much to learn.
  5. Why can't I vote for any tracks from Lulu?
  6. Ben

    Burial - Untrue

    Precision released to ruin every magazines end of year lists.
  7. A Separation is the best film of the decade so far. Unmissable.
  8. Why nothing before 2000? Something like Hannah and her Sisters would fit your requirements perfectly and hasn't dated horribly. I don't find films of that subject really date, they're still the same worries, trials and joys as now. Recently and not mentioned, Submarine is a sweet little romantic film although probably more coming of age.
  9. There's a free demo but the actual game is £12, at least for me it is.
  10. Milk - Get Off My Log Glorious mid-90s hiphop. Youtube is a wonderful thing.
  11. https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-gb/games/resogun/cid=EP9000-CUSA00005_00-RESOGUN000000001'>Resogun https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#!/en-gb/games/contrast/cid=EP2092-CUSA00226_00-CONTRASTEU000001'>Contrast If those don't work I'm sorry but you're just not ready for Next-Gen
  12. Heard Cannonball Adderley's Taurus for the first time whilst out driving about a decade ago, had to stop the car(!) as I was so into it. Particularly love the guitar; like some lost Eddie Hazel facemelter. Some more stormers: Curtis Mayfield - Readings in Astrology Eddie Kendricks - Son of Sagittarius
  13. Have just joined the group, this is my Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/arewenotben/
  14. Clever Science bloke Neil DeGrasseTyson nitpicked Gravity to shreds but still enjoyed the hell out of it. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me.
  15. Seriously, people on dedicated music forums are almost as mental as you are.
  16. Seemed to get a decent multiplex run, in London at least. I thought it was overrated and wasted an exceptional cast, overlong too without ever feeling completely satisfying - would have worked better as a TV mini-series for me.
  17. Let's devote more space to the Wii U and PC! http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-11-uk-chart-cod-ghosts-top-more-copies-sold-on-ps4-than-wii-u ...Nah
  18. Not quite sure why this 2 year old Soulwax Radio video of 90s Belgium Rave tracks slowed down to 115bpm has been gaining traction online today but I'm glad it did: Got my dance moves and fashion down to a tee. Shit rules, proper fist pump stuff.
  19. Ben

    Android Games

    Giant Boulder of Death is the best Android game I've played in the last few months, kinda Katamari Damacy as an infinite runner (with metal yodelling). Free but would recommend getting the double cash IAP. Adult Swim do the best mobile games.
  20. I'd recommend the new Vatican Shadow but nothing has really blown me away either. Petre Inspirescu's Fabric 68 was the minimal release of the year for me. Surprised James Holden's The Inheritors hasn't had more love as well. STILL haven't heard anything better this year in the Techno world than Karenn's live Boiler Room set this time last year tho' - https://soundcloud.com/platform/karenn-live-in-the-boiler-room
  21. I only have to look at Stevie with his chin job and blue contact lenses to start laughing. Kenny's kids in veils too
  22. Did people know that there's a short film called Aningaaq directed by Jonás Cuarón made in conjunction with Gravity?: SPOILERS! http://www.jigsawlounge.co.uk/film/reviews/aningaaq/ Sounds great.
  23. It's not out at the cinema here until the 22nd, hence the relative silence. Looking forward to seeing it, although the director sounds completely mental from what the lead actresses claim.
  24. For me the positives of the 3D were how it aided immersion rather than all the bits flying into your face. Felt it especially worked well in the first person scenes and when they're scrabbling on, a real sense of depth. I'm surprised that someone could find it boring too, it really rattles along and is essentially a rollercoaster ride; I'd have preferred it to have been slower if anything so it could have been more subtle with some of the themes but I guess Warner Bros aren't going to spend $140 million or whatever on Solaris 3D.
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