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  1. Haha. I'm in! I'll be shit though, these aged thumbs ain't what they used to be.
  2. This. "Everybody, everybody keeps telling me; Neil, you've got to quit your low-down ways. So I ask them if they have the solution, And they just shake their heads and slowly walk away."
  3. Anyone heard the new Clutch yet? Halfway through the first listen yet and it definitely has it's fair share of "fuck yes" moments so far. Will need to listen a few more times before I make a proper judgement, but I think they may have found the sweet spot between their bluesey sound and the pure, balls out rock stuff. JP is a fucking legend.
  4. Loving it so far. As all the reviews said it is very different to the previous material, but it's still unmistakeably Baroness. I'd say I like it better than The Blue Record but not as much as the Red Album.
  5. Fuck sake, just tried to order tickets for Refused in August. Tickets went on sale at 9, and by the time I'd entered my card details it was sold out. Fail.
  6. I'm quite enjoying the new Mastodon after not being too convinced on the first listen yesterday. It does feel a little like it's missing something though and I can't quite place what it is. It doesn't really feel like as much of an interconnected work as Crack the Skye did, I don't expect I'll listen to it much as an entire album as I would with their others, but it certainly has some great tunes on it. The drum part at the start of Stargasm is pretty amazing. In other news; Anyone else rocking the new Hella record? Loving the return to the old format, even though I did enjoy There's no 666.
  7. Yeah that ones on my list to get tickets for, I've got a meeting in London that day though so may have to rock up to the gig all suited and booted, which I'm sure will go down well.
  8. I clearly don't check this thread often enough as I only just realised there's a new Kylesa record out. In short, it's fucking awesome. They seem to have really evolved their sound nicely, it's layered to fuck and heavier than ever, loving the fact that my neighbours are away so I can blast it out at full volume without worrying! Merry Xmas metalheads!
  9. +1 Kvelertak love from me. Is the first track an Ulver tribute? Based on the name and the fact that the guitars sound pretty much like something out of Nattens Madrigal.
  10. Gah, doesn't look like I can make BtBaM on the 30th. Anyone need a ticket?
  11. Track 5 off the new Red Sparrowes record is like all the best bits of their other albums rolled into one song.
  12. I have a work thing that night but trying to negotiate my way out of it so make me a maybe.
  13. Gutted I didn't go see ISIS the last time I had the chance now. In terms of their records I don't think there was much more they could do without a fairly radical shift, so maybe best to call it a day now. That said at least 4 of their records will always be pretty special to me.
  14. Faraquet - Song for Friends to Me. [yt]KBH2MNCAZ2Y[/yt]
  15. Yes, you can set permission levels when you share it so you would just choose view and modify or whatever the wording is. I was thinking there would be a simpler way though, for some reason I thought it was possible to make it public and just post a link that others could subscribe to, but I can't find the settings to do that now. Any google experts around?
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