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  1. These are probably the best biscuits I've ever tasted, and I've tried a lot! They are £1 at Tesco if you're a clubcard holder. Seriously, try them!
  2. I tend to pick the freedom of wireless over the better graphics of a wired connection. Having said that, Airlink/Virtual Desktop is the best of both worlds if your wifi/PC can deliver good results. Mine works pretty much perfectly using the default Vodafone fibre hub, with a wired connection to my PC. Quest is connected to the 5GHz band only. Even then I mostly play Quest native games, as half the time I can't be bothered turning on the PC. I only really miss the better graphics on Robo Recall and Walking Dead.
  3. I don't know if it's a gmail thing, but I found that occasionally my emails wouldn't reach them at all for some reason. I only found out when I checked the ticket status online and found they closed it due to no response from me! The replacement is basically the VRCover set. I prefer it as it's easier to keep clean.
  4. Playing Arkham Asylum on the 360 when this part happened was pretty alarming to say the least..!
  5. Thanks for this, I've been after one of these for a while. I wanted the Elite strap for it's sweat resistance during exercise games, but my weird head doesn't fit the back properly. The top corners don't touch my head so all the weight is on the bottom strap, which hurts after 10-15 minutes. I improvised by using the thick pad from the VRcover faceplate stuck to the back, which does solve the issue but it's not the tidiest solution!
  6. Ginger is supposed to help. For me it's just a case of building up to it gradually. I still can't handle full locomotion if it's quite fast, but I'm fine with slower movement (e.g In Death: Unchained).
  7. True, those fat Cupids are annoying! The furthest I’ve got is the abyss but got blown up by a skull. I have no idea how people are getting the high scores on the leaderboard, it’s insane! I managed to get over 100k today when I realised that going into the pit gives you loads of points, but it’s risky. Hate those dementor bastards when they sneak up on you!
  8. I've been hooked on In Death: Unchained lately. The bow and arrow roguelike gameplay is excellent, and it looks very good too. It's rock hard though, most times I fail at the first boss level! Makes you feel like Legolas when you make three headshots in a row though
  9. I can recommend Ritchie's Plank Experience and videoing people's reactions to it. There's not much in terms of gameplay but it's a good crowd experience, especially if you set it up with a real plank. There are a few other modes where you fly around the buildings so it's not completely a one-trick pony.
  10. You need to enable developer mode for that, which is done via the phone app not on the Quest. The Oculus desktop app shouldn't need that though. Have you tried different USB ports? Also check device manager in Windows as sometimes it doesn't pick up the link cable correctly. Mine sometimes shows up as an unrecognised USB device, but if I delete it and rescan for new hardware, it picks it up OK.
  11. They should fit - the Quest 2 doesn’t have the removable rings but it does have the indents for lenses to clip onto. I was able to use my AMVR lens protector rings from the Quest 1.
  12. Are you using the glasses spacer? That will move the lenses out slightly. Also there's a way of setting the lenses in between each IPD setting, so maybe if you try the 2.5 setting it would work better
  13. This might be helpful if you find the stock strap lacking: I've been surprisingly happy with mine once I adjusted it. It's definitely better than the Quest 1 version. I'm still going to get some adapters for the DAS once people start selling them, but for now I don't really notice the strap while playing.
  14. I've had a few different cables for testing, and I find that most of them work OK when plugged directly into your PC. The official one seems more stable, so I get little to no drop outs/stutters, and it works well with a 5m active USB extension cable. It is also very quick to bring up the PC Oculus dashboard when first connecting. The 3rd party cables have a longer delay when first connecting, sometimes needing to be unplugged/replugged to get the dashboard to appear. All of them have issues with extension cables, either not working at all or dropping the speed down to USB 2.0. My favourite of them was the Amavision 5m cable, which gave me slightly faster speeds than the official one when running the USB test. Sadly it didn't like my extension cable or I would've kept it (Will probably stick it in the trading folder soon if anyone's after one). Of course, YMMV - I think it's very dependant on your PC setup. I have an older Asus mobo with an onboard USB C port, plus some onboard USB 3.0 ports and a budget PCI USB 3.0 card. I think some of my issues could be resolved by getting a decent USB 3.0 card such as the Startech ones.
  15. Are you launching them from the Virtual Desktop menu? You have to either do that or right-click on the VD Streamer icon and choose Inject Game. You can also create customs shortcuts for games that aren't in your Oculus games list.
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