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  1. Thanks for this, I've been after one of these for a while. I wanted the Elite strap for it's sweat resistance during exercise games, but my weird head doesn't fit the back properly. The top corners don't touch my head so all the weight is on the bottom strap, which hurts after 10-15 minutes. I improvised by using the thick pad from the VRcover faceplate stuck to the back, which does solve the issue but it's not the tidiest solution!
  2. Ginger is supposed to help. For me it's just a case of building up to it gradually. I still can't handle full locomotion if it's quite fast, but I'm fine with slower movement (e.g In Death: Unchained).
  3. True, those fat Cupids are annoying! The furthest I’ve got is the abyss but got blown up by a skull. I have no idea how people are getting the high scores on the leaderboard, it’s insane! I managed to get over 100k today when I realised that going into the pit gives you loads of points, but it’s risky. Hate those dementor bastards when they sneak up on you!
  4. I've been hooked on In Death: Unchained lately. The bow and arrow roguelike gameplay is excellent, and it looks very good too. It's rock hard though, most times I fail at the first boss level! Makes you feel like Legolas when you make three headshots in a row though
  5. I can recommend Ritchie's Plank Experience and videoing people's reactions to it. There's not much in terms of gameplay but it's a good crowd experience, especially if you set it up with a real plank. There are a few other modes where you fly around the buildings so it's not completely a one-trick pony.
  6. You need to enable developer mode for that, which is done via the phone app not on the Quest. The Oculus desktop app shouldn't need that though. Have you tried different USB ports? Also check device manager in Windows as sometimes it doesn't pick up the link cable correctly. Mine sometimes shows up as an unrecognised USB device, but if I delete it and rescan for new hardware, it picks it up OK.
  7. They should fit - the Quest 2 doesn’t have the removable rings but it does have the indents for lenses to clip onto. I was able to use my AMVR lens protector rings from the Quest 1.
  8. Are you using the glasses spacer? That will move the lenses out slightly. Also there's a way of setting the lenses in between each IPD setting, so maybe if you try the 2.5 setting it would work better
  9. This might be helpful if you find the stock strap lacking: I've been surprisingly happy with mine once I adjusted it. It's definitely better than the Quest 1 version. I'm still going to get some adapters for the DAS once people start selling them, but for now I don't really notice the strap while playing.
  10. I've had a few different cables for testing, and I find that most of them work OK when plugged directly into your PC. The official one seems more stable, so I get little to no drop outs/stutters, and it works well with a 5m active USB extension cable. It is also very quick to bring up the PC Oculus dashboard when first connecting. The 3rd party cables have a longer delay when first connecting, sometimes needing to be unplugged/replugged to get the dashboard to appear. All of them have issues with extension cables, either not working at all or dropping the speed down to USB 2.0. My
  11. Are you launching them from the Virtual Desktop menu? You have to either do that or right-click on the VD Streamer icon and choose Inject Game. You can also create customs shortcuts for games that aren't in your Oculus games list.
  12. It's cross-buy so as long as you get it from the Oculus store you can play either.
  13. My first impressions with the standard strap were also that it's awful - It was cutting into my ears and hurt the back of my head. I then realised I was trying to make it fit like the Quest 1 strap, where it's supposed to cup the base of your skull. I tried again with the arms higher and the strap more horizontal - it now sits a lot higher and made a massive difference in comfort. I played for quite a while without even feeling it. Also, I was surprised to notice that the audio actually has a bit of bass to it now. I really noticed it with the background music in Arizon
  14. Mine turned up at 11:30; I've had a quick go to set it up and now it's charging. Initial thoughts: The display is a lot sharper and worth the upgrade. My IPD is about 63mm so ideal for setting 2, but I still notice some slight blurriness towards the edges of the lenses. Black levels are not as good as the Quest 1 but perfectly acceptable. Audio seems a bit better/louder. A couple of Quest 1 accessories I had still fit - the AMVR lens rings and AMVR grips (these are a slightly tight fit but nothing major). It's faster - the bootup time in particu
  15. Mine was the same but the status was showing it at my local depot this morning, and I've just had an email saying it's being delivered this morning. Hopefully that's going to be the same for everyone!
  16. The two Oculus tutorials are pretty good - First Steps (think this one is part of the startup process) and First Contact. Crisis VRigade via sidequest is an excellent Time Crisis-style shooter. Hard as nails though. I ordered through Oculus and got a shipping email from Yodel earlier. Estimated delivery on Weds, although I'm hoping it's tomorrow as the status does say it's already at the depot.
  17. Sorry, I had it up on ebay and it went not long after I posted. Your plan of Rift S as a stopgap is a good idea though, I'm guessing they'll be pretty cheap at the moment. I'm another one who didn't really notice the SDE on the Rift S. Definitely steer clear of the first Quest though, it's really noticeable on that!
  18. The G2 release will be sometime in November for those who have already preordered, I think December was quoted for more recent orders. Sweet spot is the point on the lenses where everything is sharp and in focus. I had to fiddle around with the headstrap a lot to get it where I felt it was in the best position, but even then I wasn't 100% happy with it. God rays is the effect where you have a bright object on a black background, e.g. a logo or loading screen, and the object appears to have light rays coming from it. Oculus seem to have this under control, but on the Index it's a lo
  19. The Reverb G2 looks to have the clearest/sharpest display of them all, judging on all the youtube comparisons (MRTV channel). I think the Quest 2 will probably be good enough for me, seeing as I preferred the original Quest over the Valve Index just for wireless gaming and better lenses. Personally I was disappointed with the Index and currently selling it, as it didn't meet the hype for me. I found the lenses to have a very small sweet spot, with pretty bad god rays. Also the base stations make a horrible whining noise which was quite irritating. Comfort was generally good, althou
  20. It looks really good, my only concern is how the controllers will be. I don't really care about full finger tracking, but the partial tracking from the Oculus controllers is handy to have.
  21. Yeah they are the 2.0 versions, I got the full Index kit. I don't know if I'm getting used to them or if they are quietening down but I find them less obnoxious than I first did. I still turn them off once I've finished though. One other thing I've noticed is that the headset gets pretty hot after a while. I definitely noticed it earlier playing Beat Saber. I'm interested to see what the HP Reverb G2 is like when that comes out. It takes the speakers and comfort from the Index, but adds more resolution and hopefully gets rid of the glare. It uses inside out tracking so
  22. So I got my Valve Index yesterday and have been testing it out today. TBH I've been a little underwhelmed by it so far. Here's a few early impressions: Great build quality, apart from the right controller thumbstick click is a little faint compared to the left one. Steam VR setup is clunky compared to the Oculus process. With my Rift S/Quest I can be up and running in seconds, and all done from the headset. Steam requires you to switch between PC and Index, which is a pain when your PC is upstairs and the Index is in the lounge below! I also misunderstood the roomscale part
  23. Not too long, I think it took a bit less than a week. I had to wait longer for the DAS to show up!
  24. I just upgraded my Quest with the Vive DAS and I'm pretty impressed with it so far. It was very easy to remove the stock strap, and with the 3D printed adapters I got (from NinjaPrint3D on etsy), it looks pretty good. Comfort is better, and the headphones are a nice audio upgrade. The adjustment dial will be better for passing it around to other people, when we are eventually allowed to do that again!
  25. Yeah the Rift S was super comfortable. It's definitely the best PC VR headset in terms of comfort/performance/value. I'd get another one but my original one only cost me £200 and there's no chance of getting one for less than RRP these days!
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