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  1. From what I've seen on mine, it's mostly download cache for the PS4 games updating onto the external SSD. Size of it fluctuates when I have updates under way for PS4 games.
  2. I ordered mine through Amazon DE before christmas, not sure if they have any still but it was pretty much the same price as getting one from the UK. (obvs that may not be the case now depending on customs, etc)
  3. Iirc, the vibrations are reduced when the mic isn't muted... that might help?
  4. Just tested on PS5... guitar works well, as does mic - copied the whole game over on my usb hard drive, which also brought all my dlc with it. Intriguingly, if you have the pad mic muted, the usb mic is also muted... and, if you feel inclined, you can also use the pad mic instead of a main one Oh, and the colour strip on the pad colour cycles like stage lights during songs
  5. Used the card guides earlier to pick up a few artefacts and jigsaw pieces in Astrobot... really useful feature and well implemented... I’d have only trawled YouTube for the same info, so it really saves some effort. Being able to jump straight into that section really sped the process up too. Really hope this stuff gets put into games regularly, it’s a really nice feature.
  6. Been playing Astro today, had a quick blast in CoD Cold War and restarted from scratch in NMS... then went for a few laps in GT and instantly missed the resistance in the triggers Weird how quickly you get used to something.
  7. Any of the DPD crew got the tracking map on theirs yet? haven’t had it on mine
  8. this never works. mostly because Christmas Eve is my birthday!
  9. My final act before bedtime... pull out the PS4 and take her upstairs to her new home behind the bedroom tv (to replace the VitaTV)... there’s a big hole left that’s the perfect size for a Ps5 that will be here tomorrow morning (but hopefully before/after and not during the school run )
  10. Nope, only announcements have been when you can claim them from and which games are included. No mentions of limited availability or anything else... just double checked the Sony posts and can’t see anything about that either... ps5 owners with PsPlus can add them to their library the day they get their console, that’s all that’s been said.
  11. track it, select delivery options and you can pick a day/time
  12. Don’t think they’ve actually put a timeframe on them... BUT! don’t need to download them, as long as ps5 is registered on your account, they should show on the website and you can just ‘add to library’ the same as psplus. (Incidentally, they’re only available to psplus members, so they can’t add or download without that anyway).
  13. Didn’t realise you could request a certain time on DPD... just paid a tenner to guarantee it before 10:30
  14. Aaaand now a lovely ‘it’s shipped’ email from ShopTo to compliment the website update “PLEASE NOTE Tracking details will most likely not begin to update until 8pm this evening. ”
  15. Guessing mine is still somewhere in ShopTo’s warehouse... haven’t seen anything from them since their email last week.
  16. Mines showing as a 1 in the quantity... but still showing processing on the main orders page
  17. I’ve been on the lookout for a few weeks now and haven’t seen any anywhere (except for the random arsehole reseller on Amazon who though £79 was a reasonable price). Was hoping the supermarkets might get a few when they switch their displays up (local Tesco still makes no mention of any next gen consoles or games yet tho)
  18. Not sure if anyone’s mentioned before, but the upgraded ps5 versions of Maneater and No Mans Sky are available to add to your library from the ps5 section of the store.
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