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  1. You’re good to go with your stuff already on the portable... just eject it properly, and plug it straight into the ps5
  2. Likely to be availability of delivery slots... launches like this need to be coordinated with delivery partners, having both Xbox and ps5 launch a few days apart would have impacted networks quite heavily and caused issues with delivery. (I could be entirely wrong though )
  3. Make sure you’re using a USB 3.0 cable... I moved about 1.5tb over and have been running off the usb drive for the last few weeks. Feels easily as quick as the ssd I fitted into the ps4. (Although did use a random cable I had to start and had to order a decent one to get up to speed).
  4. Dualsense has arrived here courtesy of Amazon... charging up with the usb-c from my Anker charger. It feels so lovely
  5. Shop.to have changed from Pre-order to 'Order'...
  6. Just a little heads up for anyone in the same boat... I've been on PS4 disc version for many years and with my Digital only PS5 arriving next week, I had been debating what to do with RB (It's the only disc game I play anymore - and one of only 4 physical games I own on PS4 total!) I was going to just buy it again digitally when the PS5 arrived, but randomly noticed the Rivals bundle reduced to £12(ish) the other night... couldn't say no to that. So, deleted the disc version, purchased digital.. downloaded the game and went through re-downloading all my tracks through the add-ons section... booted up... and my saved game is still there. All my characters, the band, track history, everything So, TLDR... you can upgrade from disc to digital on PS without losing your saves.
  7. For those asking, Amazon only charge on despatch. That's standard practice for them.
  8. I was almost certain during one of the Sony presentations they said we could offload PS5 games to an external drive for storage purposes, but couldn’t run them from there. Already got my PS4 games on an external ssd (moved off my internal ssd ) and I’ve not noticed any difference in loading times. Purely speculation, but I’d also suggest it’s a day one patch, no reason review consoles would need it.
  9. Is it possible it's not linked to the account you're logging in as? Had it before when somethings ended up being checked out as a guest and not via my site login (not with smyths admittedly, but might explain the discrepancy)
  10. My PS5’s going to replace the PS4 above the amp. Have the option to drop the SkyQ onto the centre speaker off the shelf if I do need more width, but it looked like it would fit when I measured the space Obvs won’t be able to fit the question block/TenDoh/Pika on top, but they can find new homes.
  11. The teardown video showed the markings for where it should clip to, and it being pushed fairly firmly into place... guessing if it's not clipped on that exact spot, it'll wobble as it's not secure...
  12. Dimensions have been out for a while https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/ps5-dimensions-size/ PS5 size: Approximately 390mm x 104mm x 260mm, or 15.4" x 4.1" x 10.2" (width x height x depth) PS5 weight: 4.5kg or 9.9lbs
  13. PS4 saves are transferable to PS5, although only guaranteed if you're playing the same version of the game you had on PS4. And it's still not certain that they won't have that fixed to work on Ultimate Editions/Remasters/Upgraded Versions yet... Just that's how it works on PS4 currently.
  14. The quick resume was into Sackboy right at the beginning. When Destruction Allstars was loaded that was from scratch, as it hadn’t been paused to resume.
  15. DF addressed this.. they said most of that stuff is cached so it flashes up super quick, particularly compared to the PS4 equivalents that had to load in media
  16. Picked up the Crucial 2tb SSD in the prime day stuff... stashing it into a 3.1 case and jobs a good un. £134 seemed a decent deal for it (I know it’s slightly slower than a few of the others floating around (540mb/s opposed to 560ish), but I can take that for the price Crucial BX500 2TB CT2000BX500SSD1-Up to 540 MB/s (Internal SSD, 3D NAND, SATA, 2.5 Inch) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07YD5F561/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fab_SGAHFbSTG8EGN
  17. Mine still says that on the pre-order page - had to click into the pre-order details below to find the magic info... My pre-reg was 07/07 and confirmed the day after the presser (as I couldn't log in until then) so I'd assume you got in ahead of me in the queue.
  18. Hale-frickin-lulia Shopto finally confirmed
  19. So Shopto have moved their date for converting interest into a pre-order back to the 29th now (had been 24th since the Sony anouncement)... still no word from them on how many they'll have or where those who've pre-ordered (and already converted interest) are in the queue... starting to wish I'd tried harder with the other pre-order options.
  20. I’m still on my original 4, so jumping to a 5 gives me a little boost (and at worst means I can see the pro features that I’ve missed). I do already have a decent 4K set, and the ability to run Plex on there will mean I can use it as a 4K media centre too (my tv inexplicably doesn’t do surround audio return to my amp, which means the android Plex on it is mildly useless). I’m not overly fussed about the launch games at the moment, but destruction all stars looks my kind of bag, but only when the price drops... will be staying digital as the only disc game I have on PS4 is RockBand4, and I don’t mind picking that up digitally again.
  21. Has anyone heard from shopto regarding the pre-register/conversion to pre-order? Last date to convert to a pre-order was yesterday, but still haven’t heard if it’s guaranteed day one or what
  22. Nifty Lifty which came in a Currys bundled Speccy 128... Don't think I ever got past three lift shafts
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