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  1. I ended up running a little experiment in the splat zones last night and dropped my roller for a .52 gal Deco... Ended up with a much higher win ratio by hiding in ink and spamming seekers out into the zones. I did feel a little guilty and camper-esque, but I needed some cash for my three star kit from Spike ????
  2. I was mostly sucking in my ranked games tonight... Barely kept my rating at C Had a couple of fights in Mackerel where the odd teammate forgot how to play and went off painting the map as if it was turf war
  3. Two random numbers that I picked in 1996, that ensure I get SellOut as a username wherever I go
  4. Haha! I was actually in Norfolk last week, but only on a quick holiday to see the missus' old man... And I'm only 35
  5. I'm finally back from my apparently ill-timed holibobs, and now getting well into the online side after finally getting a go on the game. Absolutely loving it so far, and well up for some multiplayer with any fellow muk'ers... NNID is Sell73out
  6. Kinda agree with you there.. Don't mind them so much in free games, but paying for something to then find a limited plays per day or similar...
  7. Another vote for NFS Most Wanted... Very enjoyable racer
  8. Is it weird that in my head I read that Cerny speech in a Cerny voice?
  9. Is Jet Set not a trial and unlock two part download? Have you downloaded the unlock part? Check your purchase history and see if its in there maybe?
  10. From the perspective that the screen isn't big enough for my fat fingers on the bigger levels, it gets VERY challenging later on - particularly when trying to perfect everything (not so much of an issue if using an iPad). The early levels with a couple of colours are really far too easy, but they do coax you into some of the thinking you'll need later on when you get to 8x8 and 9x9. There's also Flow Bridges which is basically the same but gives you 'bridges' in certain places where you can cross over colours. Does add an interesting element to the original.
  11. Got it! Ossums! I'd already searched on the main SEN site, but not with the Vita...
  12. I can't see it on there yet either... if anyone happens to have a link handy that'd be ossums
  13. I've just taken a punt on MotoGP '13... hopefully should kill a few hours while I'm working away While I was in the store I noticed that the HD vita remake of OMG Zombies is now available too
  14. My unboxed CEX unit came with everything... including a box Was in really good nick too, no marks/scratches at all
  15. Sell73out and I have PSN+ (and a vita)... nice to see everyone coming back
  16. Jerry Cantrell grunge legend (who's chopped all his hair off) innit shouldn't her tshirt say #sploosh
  17. I think I may... my flight to Dubai isn't till 2pm so I technically get a lie in tomorrow
  18. Another one for the psn list... Sell73out
  19. Um.. it's taken over my life in less than a day... it's sooooooo good I'm actually looking forward to soccer practice and random school knowledge quizes By rights I really shouldn't like this game, it really shouldn't be my cup of tea, and yet I'm addicted to the story and I'm genuinely enjoying every aspect of the game. Tis a revelation
  20. I've just done the same... Downloading from the PS store now. If I hadn't been flying to the states on Monday I'd probably have waited for it, but I kinda wanted it for the flight.
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