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  1. Sent, but completely forgot to edit the base message - if you see a random request from sell73out, that'll be me! On a slightly related note, there is far too little affection for StarDunk - it is really rather good!
  2. Anyone else notice the Veedub camper at 53 secs?... :OMG:
  3. Anyone else found themselves involuntarily saying 'Puppy Power!' every time they get a Game Centre request?
  4. :OMG: :OMG: Oh, and I'm Sell73out on GameCenter. (Getting sick of updates failing and making me reorganise all my folders again!)
  5. I had similar problems - it's an issue with Plus+ not the game... my registration kept freezing (and returned an error at one point) but does go through if you leave it for a while. (Mine took over ten mins... not a very auspicious start). I reckon it's the plus+ servers that are the problem as the game runs perfectly once I was past that (and it does a LOT of online connecting). The game is worth it once you get through though.
  6. This is all kinds of awesome Followed a link in game to another one of theirs too.... Mr Aahh!! - a superb game of pure timing skill... all kinds of amaze.
  7. Can't recall ever seeing one, but there is DLC floating around iirc
  8. Sell73Out

    Rock Band!

    It is if you like SkaPunk! Also: Never expected the rest of the album! (wonder if we'll get some RBF or Save Ferris at some point?)
  9. I thought the same... Then I thought 'f*@! it'... Then I found out it's over 20meg and I can't get on the Wifi network at work... ...and iTunes won't let download it over 3g... No excuses to not do work now *debates going wifi cruising*
  10. Sell73Out

    Rock Band!

    You sir, are clinically insane (also that contradicts the earlier post - Dookie is WAAAAY older then Nimrod). Nimrod is good, but better than Dookie? All kinds of wrongness. Sucks they didn't drop in 86 or panic song from Insomniac though
  11. Sell73Out

    Rock Band!

    this may already have been answered, but I can't find it via search... when are we actually getting RBN on PS3? or are we actually getting it at all? last I heard it was 30 days after the 360 release... haven't we passed that already?
  12. End of NEXT month... ;p
  13. The secret island in Test Drive Unlimited was well hidden too... had to drive up a mountain and then randomly reverse around until you hit the invisible portal... The track you found was ace too - if a little excessive on the altitude changes I'll let someone else youtube it, as I'm stuck at work.
  14. Should have google'd first... they look like this...
  15. Shop.To order has just arrived I shall be online tonight! Anyone know what the extra outfits from the collectors edition look like yet?
  16. Snap! Looking forward to getting stuck in In the Beta there was still a lot of external organising to get the teams together - there was the clan screen to see who was online, but it was buggy as hell and therefore useless. I'm not sure it automatically joins up clan members, however there was an (admittedly not working at the time) option to join a clan member from the clan pages. I'll add some people to my friends list tonight anyhow.
  17. Fine by me - I loved SVER's style and characters, but the guns were plain awful. I much preferred being Raven when it came to shooting people
  18. I may be keen to jump in - I was knocking around with the Official Forums Raven squad for quite a while, but fancied trying out SVER once I'd hit the level cap... The key to this is definitely good teamwork and tactics, if you put that effort in the game really comes into it's own. Which faction are you planning on using?
  19. 5/6pm usually - can vary and be a few hours earlier/later though.
  20. Wild West Pinball is also free
  21. +1 here too... Also Auditorium (theres a flash version floating round t'interwebs somewhere), which is a lovely slightly musical light-direction-shifting puzzler type of affair... very addictive and beautifully simple - although the last update broke the dlc and now the game won't load... a new update is showing (which is supposed to fix it again), but not downloading properly (like Canabalt the other day).
  22. I managed fine... bought them on my PS3 and then transfered them over via USB. That was when the game came out though... haven't bought anything since. Oh, not sure if this will be relevant to you, but tracks are locked to the games region just like normal RB - US store tracks only work with a US copy of the game and the same for UK - I borked up when trying the game (prior to a legit purchase) and noted that the UK store tracks I had purchased didn't work with a US copy of the game... bought the UK game and it all worked perfectly. Also, the downloaded tracks save themselves in the same folder as the games... so when you scroll through your list you see a game named the same as your last track purchase... don't delete it or you'll have to re-download the lot!
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