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  1. Bought this tonight. Expected a decent rogue-like. WAIT IT'S WHAT TIME IN THE MORNING? IT'S SO GOOD!
  2. Yay PC gaming. Big Picture'd it to my TV. Game thinks my TV is 720p. Force 1080p, and game zoooooooms in. Refunded, unfortunately, as I was looking forward to it.
  3. Pretty sure console settings are dialled way down in comparison to PC to actually reach those numbers, so that's something they can increase to start with. 120fps would be a nice option to have, too, and the people that can use it would surely appreciate it.
  4. I've just watched both seasons recently. I think it's great. Season 1 was a bit ehhhhh at times, but I was always interested where it'd take the plot next. The family were a bit irritating with each other, but S2 knocked it out of the park with fleshing them out and making them feel like an actual family who know each other. I checked the comics, and it seems that after a loose adaptation of the comic for S1, it just goes and does its entirely own thing after that.
  5. Remember, episode 2 of S2 was quite decent, then it all went to absolute shit.
  6. Don't watch the sequel, Meh, it's absolutely bloody awful. It's so bad. Like, holy shit, the first film wasn't perfect, but it had some cool set-ups for kills, and the idea itself was really fun. It almost feels as if Michael Bay wrote the sequel or something. Everyone acts like a parody of themselves (Which, considering the characters were already a bit ridiculous, is... yeah) and the end twist was the most eye-roll thing I've witnessed in years. It even does the KERAZY PARENTS thing he stuck in every Transformers movie. It has nothing. It even repeats the
  7. No, you just didn't pay anything for it. Are you paying for the stuff you watch on Youtube too, since they have ads?
  8. No, they can't show it on BBC anything, as it's not paid for by the licence fee.
  9. Like the writers have watched enough TNG to realise this. Hell, they could've looked at a wiki as research, but yeah.
  10. The Expanse definitely starts off a little rocky and "buh?" but once it settles in after a few episodes it becomes very addictive. It's not perfect by any means, but it's absolute crack once it gets its hooks into you.
  11. I cannot WAIT to binge this in 13 weeks' time. I've stopped caring and just treat this utter garbage as non-canon lunacy spat out by people who hate Star Trek.
  12. I'm a customer service pleb. It is a fucking NIGHTMARE right now lol.
  13. I don't like doing more work.
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