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  1. Glad to see they're trying to shift away from shield, shields, shields. The game is a mess of barriers at the moment.
  2. Meh

    Xbox Game Pass

    Plague Tale is absolutely fantastic. It doesn't set the world on fire for gameplay, but it's such a well put-together package, and it's absolutely gorgeous on PC.
  3. Meh

    NieR: Automata

    It takes a very long time to get good, and then it's over. Story and everything is great, but it's absolutely insane how over-rated it was.
  4. Could they just leave Sym alone? I'm sick of them fucking with her constantly.
  5. Days Gone, despite its jank, is indeed a massively superior game to this. Both have shite characters and a shite story, but Days Gone feels like something I want to keep playing. Tsushima is the most generic open-world game I've ever played in my entire life. The combat isn't terribly satisfying, the enemy AI is the usual complete garbage, the quests are so boring I sigh every time I'm about to start one... it's just such an under-cooked load of nothing. It looks lovely, and it sounds nice, but nah. It's a complete bimbo.
  6. I am bored to tears of this game. I don't hate it or anything... I just... I don't care about any of it.
  7. While Control is a lovely looking game and all that, especially with all the ray-tracing stuff, it's still designed with current-gen consoles in mind, and still demands a hell of a PC spec for literally everything switched on - even with DLSS. So I don't think it's unusual to say that, given how dramatically better the next-gen machines will be, that current cards aren't going to be as future-proof as, say, cards around the release of the PS4 were. Remember, the PS4/Bone were really middling hardware even for the time.
  8. Oh, sure, a 2070 Super at the moment will easily match the Series X, but most SX games will be 30fps, and PC gamers... well, we don't really like that kind of thing. Add in the additional effects that PC ports of games will inevitably provide, and DLSS can only take you so far.
  9. I genuinely don't think DLSS will future-proof the 20XX cards that much, if I'm honest. Once ray-tracing really ramps up on PC, and with the increased specs next-gen stuff will cause if you want those multi-platform games running at 60fps+, I think you'll find them struggling quite a bit.
  10. Here's what'll happen: technology will have become super super super shit, due to loads of wars and things (even though that generally makes technology improve and stuff but this is KurtzTrek) so that a ship from the 23rd century can be super powerful. Also, Burnham will cry. She might laugh once or twice. You know, for the trailers. Then she will become the founder of Federation 2: Electric Borgaloo.
  11. If they're flying around in a Miranda-class ship I'll watch it even if it's garbage. I fucking love those ships. Please be one of those.
  12. ... It's... it's a bit boring, isn't it? I was pretty hyped for this, but after eating my 50th human being and crawling around a bunch of similar-looking areas, I'm just not feeling it whatsoever.
  13. Oh, there's a thread for this! Anyone getting mad crashes on PC? It's like a memory leak that just sucks up everything and is so bad I need to restart the PC.
  14. Meh

    Xbox Game Pass

    I tried CrossCode on PC. Loved it. Then it crashed hard. Seems to be a common thing. Anyone who's played it got any fixes for it memory leaking so badly it takes 32gb of RAM with it? Game Pass version, obviously.
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