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  1. In many ways it's the weakest season, no doubt, but there's some nuggets of pure joy in there. The soundtrack is as good as ever, especially in a certain scene in episode 4, and William is still the best grumpiest arsehole on the planet. I thought Bernard and Stubbs were a great double-act, too. Stubbs just seems to exist to get beaten up and shot to shit outside of the park. Poor bastard. There's also some great "what the fuck" moments too, two of which revolve around "Hale". Picard is literally bottom of the barrel in every single department you can possibly imagine, whereas Westworld just seems to be throwing shit at a wall, and sometimes things stick. Next season will be very interesting, I think, after that post-credits scene.
  2. Makes sense if they did. It feels like their kind of storytelling, whereas Eternal's story was completely fucking awful at every turn. 2016 won't win any awards in that department, or anything, but it was a smart and interesting reboot of the standard DEMONS ARE ON MARS storyline.
  3. I liked it. I wasn't entirely sold, and the budget definitely seems lower (though they hide it pretty well). It's a bit dumber, but it's still better than most drivel spewed out. Bernard and Stubbs were a great double-act too.
  4. Isn't it set in multiple decades?
  5. Yep, that was utterly class. I rewatched it all on BritBox recently, since I had nothing else to do and... that's all we could watch at work. It still holds up, but there's some massive issues with how season 3 of A2A just suddenly rams everything down your throat in the last episode (though half of it is easy to guess). If it was any other show, I'd be laughing at how little thought seems to be put into some plot developments, and I'd have given up - but LoM/A2A so utterly nails its central characters that you find yourself just... not minding, even on a re-watch. One thing that bothers me about the new series coming:
  6. Kurtzman is the obvious target, but he only really worked on the first episode apparently. These shows need better showrunners, as the ones they have are fucking awful beyond imagining.
  7. He has come back to us now, in our time of need.
  8. If they resist the urge to do galaxy-saving plots, it'll have a chance at being decent. So it won't be.
  9. So I thought I'd give it another try, and HOLY CHRIST it's impressive on the Samsung app on the other telly. It's a world away from the awful PS4 app, and the overly-dark picture the website gives.
  10. Apparently not, according to reddit.
  11. Meh

    Xbox Game Pass

    *Looks at Xbone S* Nah, I'm good.
  12. As well as just not loading whatsoever, the Game Pass version seemed to be causing my PC to freeze up - even when not being used.
  13. Meh

    Xbox Game Pass

    Oh rubbish, is it console only for that?
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