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  1. So... thought I'd take the plunge with the upcoming price bump. Ordered one from Amazon, which was delivered today, only to find this inside the box:- Hadn't told the kids as it was going to be surprise, oh well. Amazon were very apologetic and refunded the money as soon as I told them. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, and was attempted apparently, which was a bit suspicious as I work from home and am pretty sure it wasn't. Also the box was wrapped in clear, not brown tape. So anyway here ends my abortive start to VR.
  2. Reviews: Hype: The Wolf Among Us 2 A Highland Song Neon White The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story Nintendo Switch Sports Animal Well Features: Lock and Load (Flintlock) Wanderlust (Walking simulators) Collected Works (Ed Rotberg) The Making Of... (Tales of Arise) Studio Profile (Uppercut Games) The Long Game (Hunt: Showdown) Time Extend: De Blob
  3. Well this is amazing, thanks for the heads up! Familiar face in s2e3 (if you're old like me)
  4. Just started to watch the E4 broadcast with 9yo. There's "strong language" according to the announcer?
  5. I'm going to have buy a new PC aren't I.
  6. Well this is exciting! A little break from the real world stuff for a bit...
  7. First couple of episodes felt like that Mass Effect 3 DLC. Just me?
  8. The song from the latest ep's closing credits is fantastic.
  9. Fortnite's going to shift a few Switch's over the summer.
  10. Watched TLJ the other night and loved it. Definitely checking out the novelisation then as the film really got me interested in the franchise again - TFA was a bit of a let down imho. I read the Thrawn trilogy a long time ago and enjoyed them, so it's great to see that character surviving the canon reboot. Anyway, cheers for the reviews Darren.
  11. I still have mine, binders and all. Couldn't bear to get rid of them! What about ebaying them or posting in a few retro FB groups? Some one surely will snap them up.
  12. Season Pass is £12 on the Xbox store.
  13. Tempted - what's the player count like on PS4 nowadays?
  14. Got mine this morning, and it's beautiful
  15. I'm sad that The Talos Principle didn't make the list at all
  16. Great issue as usual, but RON Hubbard???
  17. Cheers @Cosmic_Guru, I'm going in!
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