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  1. My son (whose 5) and I have absolutely rinsed lego city undercover and he has shown some interest in this. The great thing with Lego City was that we could essentially complete it without any pressure on him not to die! Am I right in thinking the new mechanics they’ve implemented here might make this a bit advanced?
  2. I just beat Godric first time whilst playing remote play on an iPad. Might be my greatest ever gaming achievement.
  3. There’s a combo!? How do you execute it? I’m a few hours in and haven’t had a whiff of a new spell yet.
  4. Having young kids and not much time to game these days, one thing I really appreciate with this is just how little fat there is on this. I can whack this on for 30 minutes or so and have a really fulfilling gaming session with no hanging around for ponderous cut scenes or tedious side quests. It just seems to go out of its way to not frustrate you, even with its approach to things like collectibles appearing on the mini-map. And thank goodness for the new save mode. I’d never have been able to play it without it.
  5. I love a bad movie and The Diana Clone is quite something, in particular the scene when a panda inexplicably appears to stop someone killing a dog. Thank you for the recommendation!
  6. I’d love to do this. Was it a total nightmare to get done?
  7. Got my first clear on round 32 and a second straight away on 33. That’s the rail gun and the spear done. What a game! I still don’t seem to have unlocked any aspects though.
  8. By the way, if you haven’t seen the NoClip documentary series about the making of Hades it’s well worth catching. The game really is a phenomenal achievement given the size of the team.
  9. This! It’s also a great game if you only have limited time to game. It’s almost purely brilliant gameplay and ideal for quick blasts when you have the chance.
  10. I’m usually a scotch man but having heard Louis Theroux was lyrical about it on the Off Menu podcast a bought a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon. Ohh that’s a lovely whisky.
  11. GoblinUK

    Superhot VR

    Yep. Check your library. It was there and I just had to download it.
  12. What the hell do I play after this? I’d played a bit of Days Gone but I’m not sure I can face going back to it. I think this game might have broken gaming for me.
  13. Mine was noisy for the first hour or two of playing. I think that’s because more data was being transferred from the disk to the hard drive. It’s been super quiet since though.
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