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  1. Ep 6 spoilers if you hadn't guessed.
  2. Yeah, I think that was a pretty satisfying ending.
  3. Nice to have this back but found this a bit disappointing to be honest. Not quite sure I can put my finger on it but just didn't seem to land the right way. Ep 6 Spoiler
  4. Enjoyable episode, but can’t see how if next weeks is the last episode (and films don’t happen) that it will be satisfying.
  5. You can grapple onto a team mate, has anyone got any vids of a team mate grappling onto a team mate onto a team mate?
  6. Fiesta is fun time to time but, why no grenade variety or on map grenades, seems such an odd decision.
  7. Marketing not being in line with other departments is pretty standard in my experience
  8. I didn't mind the annoying access to shield/grapple/thrusters. But I can't understand for 1 second how they had the option with that setup to put in thrusters or the repulsor and they chose thrusters. My go to was basically not to use other things that much, and to always switch back straight away to the grapple.
  9. This actually happened to me and my nephew on the Switch version. Not happened on the XBX to me though.
  10. Minor gripes - The one thing I really dislike about this is the overshield effect, just don't like it.
  11. Last series of Toast came out end of 2015, notable how much shitter things have been going since then. Glad it's back!
  12. I can't even remember if it was any good but they should have focussed on 'boss' set pieces like the big crawler in H2 and the 2 hunters when you grav up in CE
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