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  1. Was it really the Snyder Cut? Seems more like all the films just got put together.
  2. The man who plays Grandpa in my pocket can't see himself as that serious an actor.
  3. I'm still confused that they made the kid from Even Stevens into an action star.
  4. Episode 8 i'm loving this series but i am already anxious there are only 2 episodes left that is my main problem.
  5. Having just watched it that review is pretty spot on.
  6. Fyi there is a small bit after the credits to watch. Enjoyable but definitely disappointing at the same time.
  7. The original outfit didn't seem like it would be that out of place.
  8. Maybe the solution needs to be that Burnham is the cause of everything and she needs to wipe herself from existence to fix it all? I can't really remember last season but most of the reveals seemed pretty flat. Also why are they all so obsessed with the federation? I don't know much about Star Trek lore but It's in theory at best , what a galactic trading empire with a focus on peace and knowledge? This season they talk about it like it's a cult and despite most people having lost their families and everyone they ever knew they seemed most gutted that the
  9. Gommy


    I rewatched all of Veep recently over a relatively small timespan and noticed that bit. The end-
  10. Don't know the books and although I'd guess I've half watched the film at some point I can't recall it. Really enjoying this, the great cast helps and there is a reasonable amount going on in the story but the story just seems that bit more relaxing than other shows I've watched recently. It has multiple characters but it is largely following Lyra and I think this helps.
  11. Gommy


    I think it was very hard to replace the original lot, but it has to be said I can't think of many shows that have cycled characters as much but done such a good job with it. They didn't really try and carbon copy the characters at all but still ended up with very memorable characters beyond the initial cast.
  12. The Greta clip above is atrocious, even before the issue of taste it's not even vaguely amusing. Boris Johnson should be a Harvey Dent- two face caricature, forward rolling like Wonka for the baying crowds and then suave and sophisticated plotting with knowing contempt against their best interests.
  13. Well I'm not hopeful but, petition. https://www.change.org/p/netflix-show-netflix-that-people-would-watch-the-dark-crystal-age-of-resistance-season-2
  14. Just finished Euphoria myself. I really enjoyed it, but I think you're probably right story-wise. It had a blistering pace for the first half and then it seemed to really slow down and meander about somewhat. I get it's maybe not the done thing especially with a show like this, but closing off a storyline would have felt more satisfying come the end. It does look absolutely amazing, it feels like a cross between Kids and the Virgin Suicides and the soundtrack is well used.
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