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    Yeah around 2000-2002 Leeds had riot police onsite on the Sunday night with a shield wall. There were lots of sporadic outbursts and fires and lighting pulled down. I enjoyed the doc as it largely had skipped me by. I'm not sure it told the story very well - or maybe it did and it needed to do it the way it did to keep it interesting. It was presented somewhat chronologically with the heavy talking heads foreboding stuff about what was to come to keep you involved. But it by and large was confusing, no mention of what was going on between the highlight acts. At one point on the Saturday(?) night they seem to call to abandon the main stage middle tower and to mount a LOTR rescue of the occupants. But this is either overly exaggerated or they miss the story after that - i find it odd to believe if they had to abandon it they would just go back the next day? The festival had 250k people and from what I could tell 2 main stages and a late night dance hangar. That's crazy small for that amount of people. The organisation was atrocious, I cannot really see how someone steals a car and then drives it into a building without it being known about first. It could happen for sure, but any events would have people all over thar sort of thing (even if they were only calling it in) - it was definitely presented as if it happened without any general awareness. The lorries blowing up on the Sunday, i really am amazed there weren't more injuries.
  2. The ageing up is sort of weird, but it has to be said they did a great job with all of them.
  3. You walk through a door, all of a sudden you are falling some distance down a dark hole. Suddenly you are grabbed by some talking hands. It's dark you can't really see, they give you the decision to go up or down. You choose DOWN!!!! Labyrinth. Sarah choosing down. It's a fantasy film I get it. But to this day watching it I still hold out a slight hope she might make the only sensible choice and choose up one time.
  4. Him being a drip sort of works for this I thought. The book (written by the director) had Landslide by Fleetwood Mac as its tunnel song, which definitely seems more plausible to me as a vaguely niche song.
  5. Have just watched this short youtube series which I had not seen before is a bit campy but a lot of fun with some great cameos of characters going back a good few years. https://youtu.be/mLrNBRrNVl0 There is also a neighbours vs zombies which has its moments but is not quite as good. Main highlight being the theme tune version they use.
  6. Neighbours 4/5 Really had some ups and downs in terms of quality. Some ropey bits in the middle but pulled off a solid ending.
  7. Wish there was a higher quality version of this. Around 3.06 for Harold rapping.
  8. When the end was announced I would have taken who they got back in a heartbeat. Now it's happened I think because they managed to get so many high profile people back it makes some omissions look odd/probably more disappointing than they ought to be. Jim Robinson - odd mainly because he has turned up as a wing mirror ghost for Paul at least once in the last few years. Would have been easy to fit something into the Paul-Therese storyline. Lou Carpenter - they got Harold back for a nice little stint rather than just a snippet and in many ways he was the glue for the concept. Lou checking out Chez chez and playing off Harold would have been great.
  9. They would have known each other off screen(on screen is beyond my memory) Was regularly mentioned in terms of speaking to them on phone and things like visits happening.
  10. I think maybe Kylie was paid by the word. Can't believe they got Finn in and and a dead hendrix but no stingray who died in his chair out there.
  11. I always wanted Billy and Anne together, but the way they got together was weird. Abridged from: http://www.neighboursepisodes.com/index.php?year=1997&episode=2806 Anne comes out of relationship, rejects Billy’s advance. Injures self. Billy helps her home, she falls asleep on sofa (but is actually awake). Billy kisses her while he thinks she is asleep they fall in love and live happily ever after. Do I need to kiss all the girls that have ever rejected me while they are asleep (or pretending to be - how they I even gauge this), in case actually we were meant to be together?
  12. Well this third season was a slog. Only really completed because I downloaded it onto my ipad and have been travelling and have had time in that I needed to watch something. The entire lie about having been to new Eden was so poorly contrived. It stood up to 0 scrutiny and for most of the season they didn't seem to make it clear that there was any increased risk of checking out new eden so it would seem odd the train would vote against it, but even without that instead of downright lying all they had to do was put an optimistic spin on the risk level and no one else would have had the detail to scrutinise it and the truth coming out would have been a subjective issue rather than a downright lie. What shape is the train? I have no idea these days, but all the main characters can just jump between locations and barricades are basically just used at times for highlighting confrontation. Characters flip flop so much. But more importantly other characters trust is odd. Audrey who would trust her again and her and Bess came out of nowhere but suddenly she was trustworthy again which considering her previous heel turn is quite a stretch. Pike - in many ways he was right to distrust Layton but actually he had none of the information that would have validated his turn - and all they actually had to do to make this more plausible was to put him in the room and make him part of the lie and this would have made more sense. Oh well at least the last episode was improved and the resolution sort of different and explosion withstanding they could pretty much stop it at 3 seasons and it be somewhat satisfying.
  13. My hope for the last episode is everyone playing cricket in the street. Susan and Karl come out carrying the blue box for some reason then 1 of them stumbles spilling the depraved contents of the blue box for all to see. End.
  14. The blonde haired one was the weirdly sort of Scottish Andrew, who Chris Pappas confessed his love for. Chris has turned up (hairy guy-gets referred to as freckles by Paul) with some kid (can't remember if the kid was conceived on show). The murdering sons were two different Paul offspring. Actually triplets. The boys Rob and Cam. Cam got murdered by Rob. Rob is still in jail and has made a few appearances in recent years. Harlow (played by a Donovan) turned up as a child of his to add to the active Robinson clan in recent years.
  15. Connor. Haha that is one of the most bizarre things they have done. Completely left hanging. His wallet was found somewhere in Asia. Then maybe 10 years ago? He turned up and was 'shit you thought i was dead, i just went to do some more travelling and lost my wallet' Despite the last scene he was in was him figuring out Pauls son was the murdering one and not the none-murdering twin or similar. Him and Toadie were.really good mates at the time.
  16. Joel Samuels, he had very different hair when he was on the show which prob was post 95 https://images.app.goo.gl/Tc5XhNt7o6ZJUA6L7
  17. It's pretty simple in the Neighbours universe, almost all characters are related or in a relationship with one another so bringing characters back is quite straightforward, if anything the peculiarity is that some of these people have not visited their family in the last 20 odd years. It's most rare for new characters to turn up/move in that do not have any connection to someone.
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