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  1. I just finished La Belle Sauvage and am on Secret Commonwealth. I am enjoying/ed them both but they definitely are quite different and at times feels like there is little connecting them other than Daemons.
  2. I've been doing a rewatch of the first 2 seasons which I haven't quite finished yet. The positive comments above are very pleasing can't wait. Have only read the books in the last year, it will definitely be interesting how they manage to translate this one as things get quite out there in this book.
  3. Completely agree on some of Warwick comments, in the 1st episode really was bad. He does seem to be improving in the 2nd episode. Overall enjoyable - it's not too serious and it also doesn't have what I would describe as that young adult feel that we seem to have had a lot of fantasy doing in recent years. I wonder how it will go outside of those of us that remember the film.
  4. 2 seasons of 200 episodes sounds like about 2 years worth? With maybe slightly fewer episodes per year than the previous output?
  5. Storage is super cheap. Bandwidth is only relevant if people watch things. Also Neighbours had some real quality years in the 2000's. Will be nice if people create some edits focusing on certain characters.
  6. Well the farewell tour is Spring (UK) next year
  7. It's taken some time, sounds like none of the cast were aware until today other than Toadie,Susan,Karl,Paul. So I guess they are the only guaranteed returnees right now.
  8. Yes got a ticket at about 10.23 so about 23 minutes after the sold out tweet.
  9. It is more my appetite for the show once it is off ABC. I actually have disney at the moment.
  10. Yeah there is a good chance I just won't bother watching if it is no longer on ABC.
  11. Yes he had the weirdest shaped head. I've just completed the season, I think maybe other than 1 it might be the best to me. It didn't have long drawn out misunderstandings and lack of communication drawing out disagreements for more than 1-2 episodes max, things happened and then the plot moved on. Some spoilers across the season.
  12. Yes, not going to watch but very excited to see this.
  13. I watched from an official source, the lighting was really weird. I assumed it was my shit tv. Felt like maybe the Off that other fantasy show had blown in.
  14. Gommy


    Yeah around 2000-2002 Leeds had riot police onsite on the Sunday night with a shield wall. There were lots of sporadic outbursts and fires and lighting pulled down. I enjoyed the doc as it largely had skipped me by. I'm not sure it told the story very well - or maybe it did and it needed to do it the way it did to keep it interesting. It was presented somewhat chronologically with the heavy talking heads foreboding stuff about what was to come to keep you involved. But it by and large was confusing, no mention of what was going on between the highlight acts. At one point on the Saturday(?) night they seem to call to abandon the main stage middle tower and to mount a LOTR rescue of the occupants. But this is either overly exaggerated or they miss the story after that - i find it odd to believe if they had to abandon it they would just go back the next day? The festival had 250k people and from what I could tell 2 main stages and a late night dance hangar. That's crazy small for that amount of people. The organisation was atrocious, I cannot really see how someone steals a car and then drives it into a building without it being known about first. It could happen for sure, but any events would have people all over thar sort of thing (even if they were only calling it in) - it was definitely presented as if it happened without any general awareness. The lorries blowing up on the Sunday, i really am amazed there weren't more injuries.
  15. The ageing up is sort of weird, but it has to be said they did a great job with all of them.
  16. You walk through a door, all of a sudden you are falling some distance down a dark hole. Suddenly you are grabbed by some talking hands. It's dark you can't really see, they give you the decision to go up or down. You choose DOWN!!!! Labyrinth. Sarah choosing down. It's a fantasy film I get it. But to this day watching it I still hold out a slight hope she might make the only sensible choice and choose up one time.
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