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  1. Storage is super cheap.  Bandwidth is only relevant if people watch things.


    Also Neighbours had some real quality years in the 2000's.


    Will be nice if people create some edits focusing on certain characters.

  2. 12 hours ago, Mikes said:


    No need to do that to yourself. I don't have a Disney sub and never will and have never missed an ep of any star wars show and won't miss any Dr Who shows either.


    It is more my appetite for the show once it is off ABC.  I actually have disney at the moment.

  3. Thought it was great.



    I didn't like one-eye killing the kid because he's a dick but it worked and it was pretty tense from the Baratheon arrival onwards.  He would have known whose dragon that was right?  I would have got back on the dragon at that point, but I guess Westeros customs/rules e.t.c.  

    The one thing that I didn't get was Rhaenyra's insistence on propping herself up in the most uncomfortable position to self deliver the baby -not that I have a clue about child birth.  Can they please only be allowed maximum 1 horrific child birth next season.


  4. 11 minutes ago, Popo said:


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    You don’t think she was poisoned do you? I thought it was abortion tea. :wacko:




    It was left ambiguous but the fact it was used earlier in the season would make sense for it to be that again.


    Her being missing doesn't mean much, by all accounts it is a poison of sorts that makes you pretty ill.


    Seems weird that Aegon got married to his sister, the incest thing back when Daemon wanted to marry his niece was still viewed by Viserys as pretty much an out of date practice.

    Otherwise why not just marry Rhanerys to her new half brother which would be an obvious fix to most of the squabbles.


    The names can be confusing in this, the dinner party,  they seemed to mention 3 of her kids, which I guess is because they are the 3 Strong offspring, but only 2 of them were there, but keeping track of them especially when they are not onscreen is a lot.


    Not sure I like the deathbed misunderstanding.  It seems that all of what is to come could happen without it, sticking in a tropey deathbed last words confusion, doesn't feel necessary.


    Very enjoyable episode, despite the narrow focus to GOT it has made it work.


  5. On 10/09/2022 at 20:30, ckny said:

    The guy in episode 2 in the chilli eating contest… he was CGI, right? Why did he look so weird?!


    Yes he had the weirdest shaped head.


    I've just completed the season, I think maybe other than 1 it might be the best to me.  It didn't have long drawn out misunderstandings and lack of communication drawing out disagreements for more than 1-2 episodes max, things happened and then the plot moved on.


    Some spoilers across the season.



    I thought they were going to go down the route of having Miguels Dad come out with gun and see the FBI shirts and peril happens.  But they didn't it was fun but not drawn out.


    Similarly with Mrs Larusso pissing off, it was a thing and it was resolved without underpinning the series.


    There was a weird bit in the 3rd or 4th episode where they show Robbie talking from the back of his head for some reason, must have been some sort of post filming script change.


    Slightly disappointed they made the big showdown with them all hammered.  Sort of devalued that fight.  Wish they could have made that decision and then not been able to find his house or something.


    Is Topango Dojo a boy meets world reference?


    I did slightly want Silvers evil plan to be slightly more than entering a bigger karate competition, all his excellent moustache twirling evilness deserved it.


    Stingray had been one of the worst characters before but he worked well in this season.


    In a way this could have been a perfect ending to the show, i wouldn't have minded Kreese actually getting shanked, but they sign posted that pretty heavily.


  6. I watched from an official source, the lighting was really weird. I assumed it was my shit tv.


    Felt like maybe the 



    Off that other fantasy show had blown in.



    The dragon riding bit felt like it was going a bit flight of the navigator at one point.


    Still a great episode and I am glad the little prick lost his eye.



  7. 7 hours ago, klargon said:

    I really enjoyed it, but predominantly because of how it reminded me of my festival days. It’s a stretch to say it’s the norm, and comparing it to Reading is fairly ludicrous, but there are definitely parts of it that reminded me of Leeds. I think things were markedly worse at Woodstock, but it’s not as far from some standard festival behaviour as you might think. I remember toilet blocks being burned down at Leeds, and lots of gas canisters being thrown into fires before they got banned. Whilst they played it down, I didn’t really think the organisers were way off the mark with some of their messaging. The attempt to somehow hold the bands to account for the crowd behaviour was crazy, though.


    Yeah around 2000-2002 Leeds had riot police onsite on the Sunday night with a shield wall.  There were lots of sporadic outbursts and fires and lighting pulled down.


    I enjoyed the doc as it largely had skipped me by.  I'm not sure it told the story very well - or maybe it did and it needed to do it the way it did to keep it interesting.


    It was presented somewhat chronologically with the heavy talking heads foreboding stuff about what was to come to keep you involved.  But it by and large was confusing, no mention of what was going on between the highlight acts.  


    At one point on the Saturday(?) night they seem to call to abandon the main stage middle tower and to mount a LOTR rescue of the occupants.  But this is either overly exaggerated or they miss the story after that - i find it odd to believe if they had to abandon it they would just go back the next day?


    The festival had 250k people and from what I could tell 2 main stages and a late night dance hangar.  That's crazy small for that amount of people.


    The organisation was atrocious, I cannot really see how someone steals a car and then drives it into a building without it being known about first.  It could happen for sure, but any events would have people all over thar sort of thing (even if they were only calling it in) - it was definitely presented as if it happened without any general awareness.


    The lorries blowing up on the Sunday, i really am amazed there weren't more injuries.  

  8. The ageing up is sort of weird, but it has to be said they did a great job with all of them.



    Assuming I have it right Daemon was married to the little girl that Viserys almost wed? and Rhaenyra her brother.


    So in many ways the ageing up was needed for those two as they were way too young in episode 1 to really work for what they got to here.


    But it does make for some weirdness as the characters relative ages all feel jumped about.


  9. 2 hours ago, scottcr said:


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    It wasn't entirely clear - I just figured he snapped with Joffrey being the catalyst by basically threatening to release his secret, one that he expected to lose his life for anyway.  He wasn't arrested because he was the sworn protector... like the Mountain wouldn't have been arrested if he'd cut some random person no-one had seen before in half during a ceremony... he must've had a reason.




    Seemed odd for the new future King consort to be twatted about so roughly amongst it with no-one caring.


    Good episode. Daemon at the beginning was shit for a number of reasons.


    Nothing we have seen about Daemon so far suggests he would kill someone one on one without being a dick and talking shit to inflate his ego first.


    She knew who he was straight away but let him get close enough that he could startle her horse well enough to as good as kill her.


    She was a proficient rider and hunter on her horse.  Daemon who probably rides dragons more than horses.  He startled her horse enough to jolt her off it, in a way that the horse landed on her and incapacitated her completely.  It feels like nitpicking in a show with dragons but the thing that really annoyed about that scene was how it was filmed, and there was also no reason not to have Daemon have a way to kill her (and it even to look like she came off a horse) that could have been done better.



  10. You walk through a door, all of a sudden you are falling some distance down a dark hole.  Suddenly you are grabbed by some talking hands.  


    It's dark you can't really see, they give you the decision to go up or down.


    You choose DOWN!!!!


    Labyrinth.  Sarah choosing down.  It's a fantasy film I get it.


    But to this day watching it I still hold out a slight hope she might make the only sensible choice and choose up one time.


  11. Minor ep3 spoilers



    They skipped forward at least 3 years, didn't even bother with the wedding.


    But most of all the 2 friends talking after last week, seems like the most interesting bit them arguing after the big reveal was skipped over and now after 3 years it's like they haven't had a conversation together in that time.


    The episodes are basically the same lengths as GOT except that generally had a lot more going, such that sometimes it was annoying when they dropped a storyline for a few episodes.


    In this we have Viserys and daughter who are heavily intertwined anyway and then Matt Smith. It's definitely feels like one more bit of adajcent focus character/story would help a bit.


    I hope that isn't the end of the crab empire and that was just some weird underling general who got minced off screen.


  12. Spoiler

    Very convenient for them to forget that Matt who is already happily disobeying the crown has a massive dragon.  I can imagine Mitchell and Webb among the ranks talking to each on the way there saying 'should we remind them he has a dragon, no they won't have forgotten that'


    Is the crab guy meant to be mystical I have just taken it so far as he likes to leave the dying on those crab heavy beaches, rather than him necessarily having super powers.


    Really don't like Matts wig, makes him look very much like he's a lotr elf, i guess somewhat inescapable sometimes but it really gives him an elven look.


    First episode- shit the hand is sending his young daughter to 'comfort' the king.

    Second episode - thank fuck the king chose her instead of the 12 (did they really say 12 she looked even younger).


    Overall though I think it's been really enjoyable and yeah I guess it is still very much gotr but so far it seems at decent level gotr and you probably don't make an expensive spinoff to appeal to people who want something a bit different.

    Minor ep2 spoilers.

  13. On 18/07/2022 at 22:07, Silent Runner said:

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower


    An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world.


    Set in the early 90's a nerdy kid is taken under the wing of some much cooler, older kids in their last year of high school. They look out for each other, teach each other about books, music and films (The Smiths!, Catcher in The Rye!, The Rocky Horror Picture Show!) and all learn some life lessons. 


    Not sure how this one passed me by back in the day but watched it this evening and thought it was pretty good. The leads are mostly excellent - Emma Watson and Erza Miller - in particular but the lead kid is a bit of a drip. There's a good support cast including cousin Greg from Succession and Paul Rudd. It plays out quite predictably apart from a slightly pointless reveal near the end. 


    There was a plot strand in it that I found kind of funny though. The 3 main kids hear Heroes by David Bowie on the radio and none of them know what it is. I just thought it was a little far-fetched that 3 hipsters wouldn't know one of Bowies biggest songs for a plot bit. 


    Also it's kind of sad seeing how good Miller is here and how off the rails they've gone in recent months. 


    Good 90's American time-capsule.



    Him being a drip sort of works for this I thought.


    The book (written by the director) had Landslide by Fleetwood Mac as its tunnel song, which definitely seems more plausible to me as a vaguely niche song.

  14. Have just watched this short youtube series which I had not seen before is a bit campy but a lot of fun with some great cameos of characters going back a good few years.




    There is also a neighbours vs zombies which has its moments but is not quite as good. Main highlight being the theme tune version they use.


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