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  1. +Highlight: Anytime anyone went and brought me a beer when I asked Cheers.
  2. My only picture (phone pic) from the lan is of Mayo cute.
  3. I think we were playing until about 7am (at which point I couldn't convince anyone to carry on playing and we played some poker), though that was only a few of us in the one room, I think we started to lose a lot of people at 4ish, but i'm not completely sure. I didn't play bad, but i'm pretty sure I wasn't as sharp by the end but not as bad as i often am after drinking/lack of sleep. I think in the future people should be invited to bring Fans, the projector room was hot, i hope it doesn't smell too bad now. Things I specifically remember: Going up against Biscuit on the train one (terminal) having just picked up a battle rifle and with him at the other side of the tracks getting shields shot down, my just picked up br running out of ammo and then *whoosh* a train goes past and I leg it. Being turreted from one side of the map by kerraig and sending a plasma high into the air to then land on his shoulder. I was dead before it landed but it was worth it. Watching Kerraig and his limp wristed master chief unable to beat down anyone for about 20 kills in a row. Sniping Icecold in the head in one of the really late/early matches where we only had 1 life each on sanctuary and it was just me and him, that was tense.
  4. It was a lot of fun:) Thanks particularly to kerraig for hosting and everyone that brought bits and was there. I'm knackered as I didn't sleep at all so maybe someone else might give some more specific details.
  5. Directions good, do you want me to bring a xbox and or any ethernet cable? or anything.
  6. So do you want me to bring anything other than pads?
  7. You gonna sort our next game Meer? I can't do Friday or Saturday, other days should be fine tho.
  8. Ok, put me down. Let me know what you need me to bring. Also I'll play poker but hold'em only none of this draw nonsense.
  9. I'm good to come if there's room ppl. I can bring - 1 xbox, halo 2. A tenish metre network cable. A ten metre crossover cable. A few pads. Jaffa cakes. Coming from Rayners Lane (Harrow ish). If anyone is passing my route to barnes and wants to give me a lift from any point i won't complain. Otherwise ill take tube to hammersmith and then the bus(yuck) i guess. If its cool for me to come can I have a pm of a mobile number please. Cheers
  10. Ideally, tonight anytime after 7pm UK is good by me, maybe worth adding me on msn if you use it - Gommy@one-spirit.org I'll prob be in halo2 menu all night and will check regularly. I can maybe do a lil tomorrow nite, but tonight would be best. I'm then away at glasto til a week today (monday).
  11. Yep, i can get there while logged in now. Thanks
  12. I can still only get to the halo 2 tourie folder on gamestyle if i'm logged out.
  13. No worries, i'll add you later when I finish work. Let me know if you want to meet up for a bit of double team, i'll prob be about a bit today and tom, and likely sunday afternoon/evening and monday evening, then prob not til i'm back from Glasto on the 27th/28th.
  14. I get this from the link now:- ' Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken.
  15. I'm sure i was in the folder about to post, and now i can't find it?
  16. So this gonna be played knockout style? Or with pools first? And what about maps e.t.c. Any chance assuming its gonna be best of 5 that its a set 5 throughout the tournament as opposed to these random ones ppl round here seem to like? I'll go along with anything really, tho if there's any chance its rdy to go before 10th July any reason, why it can't start sooner if those involved are happy to play their match/es? Gommy
  17. 1] Meerman 2] Adam1986 3] Peppysage 4] Smith77 5] Sack Man 64 6] Lothar Hex 7] Retrogamer 8] Mattb90 9] Daxside 10] srgbilco 11] Gommy
  18. Gamertag: Gommy Also can someone point me towards the gametypes :- forum post and page number please.
  19. I should be able to make that depending when im going food shopping. Will re-post this afternoon.
  20. I don't think I'm previously on this list, but I'm pretty certain I can make tonight ( as long as its not too late), Gamertag : Gommy E-mail me at Gommy@one-spirit.org is prob the best way to get in touch or send me a msg on live. I'm a decent player, but prob not the most Team orientated player, tho i do try.
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