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  1. So disappointing when someone other than Dug posts in this thread right now
  2. I did the same thing. Finished 10 a few days ago as i've been trying to pace myself with it. Went to watch it and ... Really enjoyed the series. Will we get 5 end of this year?
  3. I enjoyed it. But was largely disappointed by it. Probably going to repeat a lot of the sentiments in here. What I can be bothered to type right now.
  4. Just finished this. Absolutely loved it. (Hup especially). I really loved the original film, but it is a bit basic and lumbering at times, this is a different level compared to that in terms of story telling, yet quite impressive that they tie the two together so well. I hope this sees success and we get more Henson-esque puppetry, more Dark Crystal and anything else. A Fraggle Rock movie has been rumoured on and off for years and considering climate change could be even more relevant today as it always had some great concepts in that space even back in the 80's.
  5. I really like Fresh Meat but once I saw that in this list I stopped looking.
  6. Saw this at SXSW. I enjoyed it but did not love it unfortunately. It does not feel a long way from just being a sort of Four Lions set in the USA and with more perspective from law enforcement. That's probably about all I can remember about it.
  7. Strange that people are begrudging Kylie performing she was due to play before and headline I guess around the spinning around era and pulled out because of breast cancer. Even without that she's obviously had a great career and deserved a slot. I only watched a bit of her, she was putting on a good show that people were loving, hard to complain about that.
  8. What I don't get about Endgame. (and maybe I haven't watched the movies recently enough) Tony is still pissed with Captain America and his complaint is talking about wanting to put a shield around the world or some such? But wasn't that Age of Ultron where Tony created a fanatically robot that wanted to wipe everyone out? (Captain America didn't really object to that as such) I thought the beef from Civil War was all about a difference of opinion on how earth based heros are monitored and the whole Bucky killing his dad thing?
  9. On Keanu films. The Matrix after the matrix it should have ended.
  10. How far is king's landing to winterfell? Cersei has been pregnant at least the length of time it takes from king's landing to winterfell and back. Jamie went to winterfell on horse but I guess they came back via boat albeit that got ambushed and half destroyed and then needed to reform themselves in some manner to then get to king's landing. They also had to prepare for the battle of winterfell, mop up the battle of winterfell and decide to leave. Ignoring fast travel in terms of storytelling but it seems like Cersei could have been pregnant a few months now.
  11. Happy Feet, Either 1- Mumble swimming hopelessly after the ship into the black Or 2. Mumble caged and banging his head in the zoo before zooming out to earth with the knocking sound continued and cut to black.
  12. He's more Lord Flashheart would be better played by Rik Mayall.
  13. It's actually pretty simple in this regard. Budgeting/pitching is done pretty much for the early seasons. Any season after that is based on having an audience, there will be budget there if there is an audience it's just what that budget is that changes. After the early seasons the timelines are relatively fixed and the budget based on revenue is relatively fixed so the aspect that ends up changing is quality.
  14. I'm enjoying it enough, but I am somewhat glad this is the last series.
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